Falling in Love with a Tree (Dear Ryan)

nigahigadear ryanryan higatreefalling in love with a treesand poopernaruto

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Storm Lessa
I didn't come out of my morthers cough she had a C section
Iman Zahra
Dear Ryan can you make a dramatic short film of The Life of Marley
Jed Weir
Ryan Ur videos r awesome and don't worry about being off Ur timetable
Zaman productions
I love how u straight up said where babies come from
Savanna S
No, Ka-TREE-na is going through puberTREE (get it? puberty?)
Watermelon Popsicles
2:50 * realizes that she is eating Nutella * 😐
Popcorn Puppy
Dear Ryan, what?
madhukar kurimilla
Even if others upload daily it probably takes less effort
Stinger Clash
How to make this video better:
1. Don't make it cheesy
2.Shut rock up
3."Cut" bush out
Dear Ryan r u gonna get another pet. Like another dog because cats r dumb
Lps Fire Fox
Dear Ryan, can you kiss a dog?
crappyMiner 901
I remember Rustin Heiber
Mother of the Universe
Dear Ryan, can you beat up Edward Cullen?
#dearryan can you eat an apple?
Prithvi Sundar
I am gonna stop eating nutella from now after watching this vid
Prithvi Sundar
are you allowed to say the word vagina on your PG?
Ammy With .A.
dear ryan i love you πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
Sydney Ikemefuna-Amaechi
can you sing
Shadow Craft
I speak pigden when I have to! (I live on Maui)
Grayson McDonald
Quality over quantity
Brian Martinez
Dear Ryan do a Donald Trump impression
Sophie& Bob
I understood every word you said when you were speaking fast and I'm from the UK (but I didn't understand the HawaiianπŸ˜‚)
Janki Namboodiripad
Dear Ryan
Can u kiss an onion
You should of said you must love me because we are closer than bark on a tree
King Edron
#DearRyan can u freestyle also can u do a public prank
gaming freak
ha i got the "i will never say never " reference
Xx video Gaming
Dear Ryan wax your butt then dance in high heels go down the street and yell potato potato
Ching Shimizu
3:36 – 3:55
Windsor T
At the end, you should have said "Tree Hee"
Dear Ryan can u make a rap about a guy named Ryan who is making a rap about a guy named Ryan who isn't good at rapping
Brady Cerrato
Dear ryan can you talk to a random person in puns
Binder Jawanda
dear ryan can u show how u looked like when u were a baby
Nigahiga is so good!!! Like if you agree
Dear Ryan, do u like harambe?
Dear Ryan, can you and the RHPC do a we are number one meme?
Tali Regev
Air Marshal Slayer
Best YouTuber nigahiga/ryanhiga
Jaiden Misoni Osborne
Can you make a tee shirt with poo emojis
Red Shirts
Dear Ryan, can you do a 1 hand clap
And by that I mean is it possible
Ryan idc if your a little slower at writing editing and filming then other youtubers your still just as awesome.
Galaxy_ Stone
Adan Alvarez
corgi lover
your artistic skills are great
Adriana Perez
Dear Ryan can you please say the letter "F" without touching lips or teeth
Squish6jj Gaming & vlogs
I need sand pooper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Conveit Lulu
dear Ryan. can you go into a black hole
meme ichigo
Dear Ryan, can you shave Will?
Bethel Ng
4:44 "What's it gonna be" πŸ˜‚πŸ’―
Megan Tang
Dear Ryan you probably also won't read this because no one ever reads my comments but. Can you poop a mini Ryan #DearRyan
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