Falling in Love with a Tree (Dear Ryan)

nigahigadear ryanryan higatreefalling in love with a treesand poopernaruto

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Manaswin Sah
dear ryan can u do a icecream love story
Russell Wallace
dear ryan can you dye your armpit hair pink
Austin Betts
Dear Ryan, make a conspiracy of lava lamps, and or fans
Erin Grace Grace
Dear Ryan,can you eat two jars of Nuttela in twenty minutes(I could not find the question mark)
Mawahib Musa
when i was watching this i was eating nutela i feel sick uuuuh
What do you call you call a man with no body no nose

No body noes! Lol
King Kiran
Time Watched: 59 Years
ιм α σяєσ
Dear Ryan go to your neighbor's house and ask for a banana.
Lord LOL
i dont know pidgin but i understand what you say without the sub
Ozan Toker
that poor tree
Dan The Fire
Marshmallow Dinosaurs
Who's watching this in 2017 cuz I am
Rasheda Islam
poop on your friends mouth
Ahh, I've always loved your puns!
Aaron KBS
Dear Ryan, Collab with smosh
Aaron KBS
Dear Ryan, collar with smosh
Jayna Plays
I'm from Hawaii so I understood. Btw the big island seems like the countryside of Hawaii compared to oahu
Eloise Cunneen
I remember but you probably wont see this
Davira Chanvuth
Dear Ryan can you do a Tokyo Ghoul trailer
The R/C Dude
Dear Ryan,
What's your favorite color
pgo 2003
Ryan: ... so who's it gonna be?

2 years later

Ryan in BgA: 🎶Who's it gonna be, who's it gonna be🎶
Charlie Fistonich
Dear Ryan can you make the life of coffee
Sam Lee
go around do a vlog, but do a stich voice the whole time.
Alan Mostafà
dear ryan... harry potter if u didn' t do it
Shaurya Thakur
Dear can u be a zombie
dear ryan can you do dubstep dance in your dogstep song 😂😂😂
Basanta Magar
dear,ryan can you be magicen
Chelsea krause
Dear Ryan can you make Adel's song hello from the other side a awesome rap song?
Iwizayk Aiman
Is that the Rock from The Last Skitzo
Iwizayk Aiman
Dear Ryan can u find Maldives in the map... a normal paper map...
Still do the same Videos
I speak hawian
the pink crafter
dear ryan
can you go to Myanmar
Vanaja Nagaraj
dear Ryan can u eat a spicy Indian dish.
Omg.. at 2:14 u sound like annoying orange??
VortexX The JK
Zo Kashif
I lowkey ship Ryan and the tree.
Zo Kashif
2014: Sand poopers
2017: K poopers
T Chop
Am I the only non-Hawaiien person who understood the pidgin?
Uttank Jha
The Fat Lemon
Dear Ryan,
Can you solve the mystery of Habeeb Cisse (9+10 = 21)
Drink Bleach
Dear,Ryan who is stronger one punch man or Naruto?
Ian Murphy
dear ryan,try to make stupid puns while not making you laugh and greg shoving nutella in your mouth
Gelie Semanaz
Grace Stafford
Dear Ryan, you probably won't pic this, but can you make a video of why you shouldn't pee in a pool?
Axly 56
Dear Ryan ho
Momo Man
Hi I
Jesse S
Dear Ryan, if you respond to this comment you have to fall in love with a potato
The No Life Gamer
I understood but it was hard
Blockuz Warrior
dear ryan can you show me your dick
Amir Paridari
Omg at 0:30 sec when he said struggle is real, I noticed that's what my shirt said.
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