Guillermo Tries the Terrifying Skyslide

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Guillermo faces his fear of heights by riding The Skyslide, a glass slide that juts out of the 70th floor of a building in downtown LA.

Guillermo at 2016 NBA Media Day

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Guillermo Tries the Terrifying Skyslide

Jalen Mitchell
Doesn't even look that scary
ininj4killer gaming
if u play gta 5 maze bank
I was like no way in hell I'm going down a skyscraper worth slide...then it's just that
ButterCups :3
My sister was going to make me go on that slide, thank god she didnt
Wuzz Buzz
Who subscribed only for the invisible hamster.
Makayla Watson
I was scared for him😂😂 i was debating to watch or not lol
Krissy Spain
Love this guy
AndreTheGamer5000 Plushies!
3:01 It's Only 1,000 Feet Above LA! Oh F*ck Don't Tell Me That Again!
JaimeLynne Sachi
WHAT THATS IT! I thought it would go from the top to the bottom! I'm disappointed
Maria Nash
We're So Funtastics Offical
I have a Hamster
LighTning JaK
Logan Paul did it
I saw Logan Paul do this and I thought it was really long but it wasn't so I already know it was a small slide
FatalKev505 1
Wasn't Logan Paul there at one of those slides?
That was Anti-Climatic 😂😂
Jbalvin304 Roblox player
It make it funny when he get scared
ItsPrincess Lisa
Who else came from Logan Paul vlogs #Logang 😘
is it bad that I'm scared of the dark and I'm 12
Simon B
4:00 lmao
Ozzy world
Logan did this
Poor hamster died
Lindsey Roses
Logan Paul did that today
London bless
Bruh logan slide on that today
Sorry invisible hamster but you might have to die
Itz JmHd
Who here's from Logan's video?
Maliah Thompson
Who else got the Jimmy Kimmel one after Logan’s vlog ended?
Omeilia Johnson
I came from Logan channel
Fifty four?
3:58 there you go
slicklion 1
Ain't that the dude from the McDonalds commercial
Behind The Tree
This is a white man idea!!lol😂😂😂
Jacey Stephens
I was like oh crap NOO but then it was only like 6 ferry lol I thought it went alli the way down that would be so much fun
3:01 ONLY 1,000 FEET ABOVE L.A!!!!
looks like Jimmy threatened Guillermo to do that or he will loose his job, because Jimmy is such a pussy who can't do it by him self? :D C'mon Jimmy!!
LOLOL he's so adorable
Is the laughing fake?
Maze bank
Maze Bank GTA 5
Mike Blarney
bullet proof.thats thick glass.
Wuzz Gucci
Those 4k dislikes are from trump supporters
I wanna go on that silde.
Dollarhz Boss
No matter how sad you are if you watch guillermo your mood changes to being happy.. stay blessed g
Who was the poor guy that had to mount a GoPro there?
Awh haha I love Guillermo 😂😂😄👍🏾💕💕
Alejandra Brito
" I hope this thing is like sex, real fast" that killed me lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cooper 701
I feel as the us bank is the maze bank in gta v
Caveman Gaming
"I hope this thing is like sex, real fast"😂😂😂😂
Tell him to go on the edge walk in Toronto!!!!
Deja vu I ain't ever been to space before
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