Will Ferrell & Kristen Wiig hilarious presenting speech @ 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards 2013

Will FerrellKristen WiigHilariouspresenting speech70th AnnualGolden GlobeAwards2013jennifer lawrence

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Tim Scrivener
Tommy Lee Jones didn't seem amused at all. I think he was thinking, You get out of here.
Ragnar sanriver
tommy killed the whole fucking segment
Jashon Chang
At 1:19. Who's that short hair hot chick? She is so cute
Jashon Chang
" what does it say? Merriyio Streep ? " I cried
Jashon Chang
Taylor swift looks stunningly pretty!!!!!
Edmond Donlan
funny af
Paolo Marmita
i kid you not. last time i saw Tommy Lee Jones laugh was in Batman.
Mad Max
emily blunt = hot
emily blunt with smokey eyes = super hot
Dee Jay
It's always gotta be with Kristen Wiig! 😂
Mobley Hernandez
Pretty incredible that people actually think Tommy Lee Jones was upset by this
Kristen is so cute! Love when she cracks and smiles!
Taťána Činovcová
Hugh Jackman's laugh gives me life
Guachito 1984
I've been going back and forth between this video and the one with Steve Carell! Lol.
Kristen Wiig said on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee that they only knew they would say the "You get out of here" part. Everything else was improvised.
Alexandre Beaudry
Who thought it was a good idea to film Tommy Lee Jones???
Latina Aotearoa (LatinaChanelXO)
then there's tommy...
Holy Shit @ 4:48 Chris Tucker! Where in the fug has he been hiding? Who was kind enough to invite him? Why would he attend after being invisible for so long? What are his plans for Friday 2? Not the shitty sequels with Ice Cube.
B Diaz
Tommy Lee Jones needs to lighten up!
Ain Nur
Jlo is so cute!!!!!
Dave Bryan
that song at the end was uncensored and said "shit". not that it matters, i just think it's funny because obviously the network would not want that.
3:38 Tommy Lee Jones is such a dick. Can he use some of his acting skills he has by faking a smile?
Omar Stone
Wow tommy lee jones face lol
the yankee clipper
Why haven't these two been asked to host every award show. they have awesome chemistry and they would rock any and every award show they host. I know this might sound stupid but where exactly does that line " you get outa here" come from?
Phillip McConnochie
3:38 resident mr grumpy tommy lee jones thinkin- u little fukn bastards!
Phillip McConnochie
oh they were real movies lol never new
Zenith Daliah
Tommy Lee. NOT impressed.
I've had a HUGE crush on Kristin Wigg for many many years. So gorgeous!
Tommy Lee Jones wants nothing to do with this skit.
Dias Amreé
so I guess Jennifer Lawrence won the prize coz she was the only one who meant it (the "you get out of here" line). the other contestants probably delivered it weaker than J Law
Dylan Chapin
Tommy Lee Jones is awesome!
4:44 Taylor swift, do you mind fucking the fuck off please? Cheers.
emman castro
funny all the comments are about tommy lee lol
why is daniel day-lewis clapping like a retard
The Sarcastic Legawa
Reprovo a (Reprovoid)
Tommy Lee Jones just wishes thet were both fugitives he could hunt down.
Mills J
Tommy Lee Jones 😑
Adriana Carpanzano (awadri)
RuuunnMarkrUunN Ruuun
Wiig and Steve Carell brought me back here , she's awesome
Scott Russell
Tommy Lee Jones has murder in his eyes hahahaha
cristina solano
The Taylor Swift's impression
Maximillian Osaben
The cameraman who filmed Tommy Lee Jones deserves a nomination.
Gemo Mo
Tommy Lee ......... have a drink man......loosen up a lil !!!
Georgina B
5:06 Tommy lee Jones is not amused! lol
Andrew Burley
tommy lee jones loved that so much.
Forty-Five Random People
The borat speech was funnier
Johnny CincoCero
TLJ had bitch face.
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