Will Ferrell & Kristen Wiig hilarious presenting speech @ 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards 2013

Will FerrellKristen WiigHilariouspresenting speech70th AnnualGolden GlobeAwards2013jennifer lawrence

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bijou bijoux
Standing next to will ferrell still doesn't make that feminazi cunt funny.....
J Law hahahahahahahahaha
Menthol Kratom
What the fuck is wrong with this dude @ 3:37!!!!
Someonez Mom
Look up resting bitch face in the dictionary.....Tommy Lee Jones' mug
Garth and Kat feelings <3
Tommy Lee Jones thinking: "I need to get out of here"
I nearly freaking blew out the back of my head, laughing so hard at this. Those two freaking KILLED IT.
Franz Munoz
yuck Taylor!!! joiners!!!
Tommy Lee Jones looks like he's shat himself
tommy lee jones is super serious right here lol
"She means it!"

so funny
I lost all control of my body as soon as it cut to Tommy Lee Jones. Possibly the funniest thing on YouTube to date.
Justine Pepito
How did I not notice Alyssa Milano before?
Barry Barry
Tommy Lee Jones... peoples comments only confirm my belief that Atomic Bombs should be deployed to wipe out humanity... a humanity that's become so cynical and harsh, so judgmental and immoral, so fucking pretentious, so fucking shallow, and, so fucking self centered!... When all is said and done people are basically just filth (and yes the truth hurts, now please stop your fucking whining)!!!
i saw j lo with her new fetus, i mean , boyfriend
Mario Antonio
Tommy Lee. Not one fuck given.
Angarag Tumur-Ochir
0:58 Mila Kunis. Wow. Very cute. I love her.
Tommy Lee Jones though. lol
Another One
this guy is a show :)))
Lol I don't get the "you get out of here" part of their act, is it some kind of inside joke?
Alia Samsara
JUST read the Jewish Book called : TALMUD befroe talk shit !!!

Adolf Heusinger was Hitlers Chief Of Staff
later he bevcame the chief of staf of the NATO !!!
dont forget werner von braun
and Ratzinger the NAZI POPE !!!
and and and....

Poland president Tusk is jew BUT his granfather was NAZI ?
not a big gap in generation plz explain ?


BTW jews are NO SEMITS !!!
2 ez


ben stiller a creep
a fugly lowlife
ofc the onle roles he fits in are commedy becaus u can laugh about this
fulltime loser only


u should suck more rothschilds dick mb u get better buged !!!
this show is cheap as a hobo fest
Alix Raphaelson
How come in the beginning she pronounced it "wihg" and why is he wearing a mustache?
tommy lee........he is definitely playing a part right there....a serious guy part
And Judi Dench..................Where did she come from?
Chris tucker... only person clapping in time...
Гаврило Принцип
Tommy Lee Jones didn't liked it.
Shaun Holmes
Tommy Lee Jones looks like he had an earpiece in his right ear broadcasting future news and just heard Trump was pres.. Kept his cool well I though
Enrique Montalvo
Kristen Wiig is hot in this.
wow. hilarious. can't contain myself.
Bilal C
I wonder if it was improvised or scripted! Either way it was funny, but if it was improvised, Brilliant with a capital B.
d low
Can't stand Jennifer Lawrence and her fake "I'm just a cool dude" persona. You penisless bitch!
3:18 lol Drunk Jack Black... or as Jack calls it, Sunday night.
Oreos For Lunch
I just need 90 seconds alone with Kristen Wiig.
Aut Otoña
it's funny cuz you can tell they didn't really watch the films, they gave it a good try though. they're not very good bullshitters.
Tommy lee was the best reaction!lol :P
Nicolás García
Tommy Lee Jones was about to explode of laugh
Waste of 5 minutes soo not funny! the american "humour" is dumb as fk!
Zedekiah Diaz
whos that girl in white dress? 0:12
Ethan Rummel
I think they might have improvised this whole thing
Jeff Merritt
++Im in LLooVVVVe++
Salah Al-Bloushi
They fucking killed it! Holy shit. 😂

Tommy Lee Jones's face tho!
Tim Scrivener
Tommy Lee Jones didn't seem amused at all. I think he was thinking, You get out of here.
Ragnar river
tommy killed the whole fucking segment
Jashon Chang
At 1:19. Who's that short hair hot chick? She is so cute
Jashon Chang
" what does it say? Merriyio Streep ? " I cried
Jashon Chang
Taylor swift looks stunningly pretty!!!!!
Edmond Donlan
funny af
Paolo Marmita
i kid you not. last time i saw Tommy Lee Jones laugh was in Batman.
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