Will Ferrell & Kristen Wiig hilarious presenting speech @ 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards 2013

Will FerrellKristen WiigHilariouspresenting speech70th AnnualGolden GlobeAwards2013jennifer lawrence

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Crowded House
Tommy Lee Jones is PRICELESS!!!!
the solder H01
Smret Burhan
Anna Rebstock
you getttt outtttt
Mkj Martin
This is me and my friends doing a report in front of class.
Michael Pulice
Shi Bu
This is actually genius
Erika Wilkins
Poor Tommy Lee forgot how to have fun.
Tommy Lee stays in character... Which character - thats the question... MIB?
Mr Smooth
what is the song called that played when J. Lawrence won?
Alican Guzel
3:37 - I shit myself.
Lau Va
Why is nobody talking about how HOT Kristen is?! Like damn.
Tanis Macinsky
the movies they described in jest sound WAY better than the actual "art" that they presented real thinking people with. LOL
Michelle Rachal
I love Tommy Lee Jones! His expression is hilarious!
Erik Lerström
Feels alot like Wiigs stuff with Armisen on SNL. Always thought that was more fred (just his kinda weird somehow) but maybe it was more Kristen in it. Cool that Ferrell would "tag along". or is this some really classic old school american comedy style?
Seems like Agent K is on the mission!!! which means the presenters are the aliens
ted cook
3:38 thats not funny whatever happened to BoB Hope CRIMINY CRIMINY!!!
Alternative Headlines
Funny routine ruined by Jlaw winning for overrated overacted mediocre piece of garbage movie fed up with seeing her fat face everywhere.
Let's be honest, is Tommy Lee Jones ever amused?
ugh i always think it looks terrible when women with small boobs wear dresses that have cleavage it just looks bad and is not very flattering at all. seriously wear the clothes that suit you best....... or either that or get a decent bra.
David Makous
This is brilliant.!
killem all
why i hate will ferrell...just cannot look on him :)
Henry Xiaohui Xu
jlo with ex young bf no 24393
Christopher J. Sikora
Sounds like every Donald Trump speech...
Jacob Galloway
How is Kristin Wig a professional. I know it's hard but she is a professional break machine.
Smoochy Poochy
Every time this video pops up in my rec list I watch it and I laugh my ass off.
i'm seriously in love with this clip
Carlos Paz Despierta
They should do this every year! Hahahahahaha
herrbetto 55
TMLJ Nope, that wont work on me
Sit your ass down Taylor swift.
홍양하 홍양하
kristen is so sexy
Jace Carsonne
I love how Hugh Jackman was just dying of laughter.
bijou bijoux
Standing next to will ferrell still doesn't make that feminazi cunt funny.....
J Law hahahahahahahahaha
Menthol Kratom
What the fuck is wrong with this dude @ 3:37!!!!
Someonez Mom
Look up resting bitch face in the dictionary.....Tommy Lee Jones' mug
Garth and Kat feelings <3
Tommy Lee Jones thinking: "I need to get out of here"
I nearly freaking blew out the back of my head, laughing so hard at this. Those two freaking KILLED IT.
Franz Munoz
yuck Taylor!!! joiners!!!
Tommy Lee Jones looks like he's shat himself
tommy lee jones is super serious right here lol
"She means it!"

so funny
I lost all control of my body as soon as it cut to Tommy Lee Jones. Possibly the funniest thing on YouTube to date.
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