Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson: Raw, April 17, 2017

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After The Golden Truth are assaulted by Braun Strowman, Enzo Amore & Big Cass step in to battle Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson.


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Besrat Addis
Pause at 0:47
Tione Hill
Big Cass you are the man.
Tronn Camua
well enzo weak
Tronn Camua
probably a couple of times
I love. Big cass and enzo
Gabriela Fernandez
alguien me puede decir como se llaman sus nike de etzon amore
Andrew Hyman
I love enzo and cass
Dean Ambrose
The Crowd are dead asf
enzo amore is S A W F T always
Simon Hoey
Read this very fast........... I'm a dab rite in front of yo face how you doin?
mr wasif
comeon big cass is not 7
feet at all
Kevin Salinas
Haters Hate
It's so sad creativeteam is stumbling with Enzo and cass they are such a polarizing team, crowd favorites but week in and week out all we see is how weak Enzo is at wrestling, great on the mic but can't back it up and big brother cass always gotta suffer the L with him.. I think if cass went as a singles star he'd be in the hunt for a title but his speech on the mic lacks..
Every time we see the same match over and over again, the crowd should chant "Why this agaaaaiiinn" like drag out the again like Jericho does.
Amadou Ndiaye
1:06 "heeeeeeyaaaaaahhhhh" lmfao karl anderson
Finn heel turn. The Club reunion vs. The Shield reunion. Hopefully.
Lena Jester
Enzo and cass should of won
I feel bad for Enzo
Sinan Cenk
Once in a Lifetime 😂😂😂
YoMan Legend
That voice crack on the count though at 2:12
Bruce Rodriguez
The same moves big cass its bored
I love Enzo❤️❤️❤️
Jeremiahjayjoseph 1234
Danm now everybody saying enzo vs Ellsworth does enzo really suck that much in a match?
IceMan India
Its official...enzo and cass are jobbers
Zach Sayevskiy
When the hell are we gonna see a tag team have a long reign again? Other than the hardys. Bc God knows that they left their imprint already in History. We have a bunch of 1 month champs recently
Vtgkhgg 0Xgycyfyfyf
How you doing
Jevaun Playz
Give enzo and big cass one a try
what a botch fest
Brando Diaz
Hitman Tibbs
Pretty sure enzo and cass are cheated out all of their matches, enzo had shoulders up ref doesn't see of wwe made it that way same as previous matches as he had arms on ropes but nothing.. Just anoying they deserve titles!
Jadyn Burks
To be honest I think the shine has worn off the apple with Enzo & cass. I remember a time when they would get the loudest response on the card. And despite what people think now they had some pretty good matches because of that great big man little man dynamic. But the problem is is that they are always the bridesmaid. Never the bride. They have been on the main roster for a year now and they have not had a meaningful rivalry yet. Just components of others rivalries. And it was roped over the edge at wrestlemania
Wanna be Rollins
Enzo must stop with wrestling my own sister off 5 years old wil beat him in a minute! And NXT is to difficult for him
Marc Cepelkin
Come on Case ,Turn heel
Lucky Singh
Santino had more wrestling skills than Enzo
Eduardo Massing
Watch this with out sound 😂
Farhan Humoud
0:02,That punch sounded like a gunshot.
AJ Jerem
1:05 Haaayyyaaaaaaaaah 😂😂😂 #DudeWhatTheFuck!!!
Sanjay Jayanth
I see Enzo wrestling, I put my finger in my eyes.
I'm sick of seeing enzo and cass being buried
Caio Vilela
01:20 noob
Karthik S
im bored watchin enzo amore........
pm gh
Booker t is back
Daniel Lp
Enzo is so shot, Big guy does all the winning till he tags him in SMH!
Raw was awesome the last weeks but now it's actually becoming boring again.
Derp Goku
Why the club is in raw? To make them Jobbers against Enzo botch and Test cass? I want a reunion of The Bullet Club Prince Devitt Doc Gallows and the machine gun Karl Anderson or maybe they can join The Revival
Joel Lee
Either WWE #push The Club or they tryna make Big Cass turn on Enzo Amore or something
Toxic Shooter
Face at 48 seconds was like a hamster for food
Abdulrahman Nasralla
enzo and Cass need to move to SDLive
enzo and cass need to be the tag champs
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