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yea. hell is cool, PewDiePie u fucking idiot
2 years of no prqfie, come back, has masonic eye behind him...all respect list wrong ever watch again. f.u.
If this is hell, what is heaven, even more naked women?
Candykicker07 Gaming
wheres the full gameplay :(
Alpha build v0.666
Peanut B
The new game he uploaded Skorm kinda reminds me of this game
Madison Stephens
HOW. How did I go from the first ten seconds of the video, click randomly down the timeline and end at the EXACT same spot as the intro?
Earnest McDade
Ghostiesw Wulf
Nick Morgan
When does it come out
Nick Morgan
Lol your way to fucking funny lmfao no really tho
_Whoa_Txchnology_ :3
Nipple Nipple
Vanzara Ashwin
xxx ××
[ MW Aqmal ]
Hell yeah😂
Enseñanza y algo mas Mario R.
Alguien que hable español y me cuente, por favor, como obtuvo el demo de este juego?
Zombie V4 [ Tiến Xinh Trai ]
Pruthvi PrO
u fking pu$$y u cant even play a game
krampus darkside
damn it pewdiepie, dont censore those tities. WE LIKE TO SEE THAT DAMN RAISINS
I want more
Yolo Baggins
what the actual fuck theres dead ppl everywhere and he have to censor nipples and ass ?!!!
i love jacob sartorius and justin bieber SM
Erik Garcia
LOL i thought you got weapons in this game
Daniel Iacovantuono
The scorn alpha demo is out go play it
Haris Gaming
At 14:44 you could see felix pause it like video which mean he is not playing it
Burner Finger One
am I the only one who would smash that demon with the big tits? she thicc asf
Anime Vinex
8:41 The name of the game is "Scorn" I think its released now? im not sure it looks awesome
Kaden Smidt
Have you guys read the comic Colder by Dark Horse? I really recommend it. This is roughly how I imagine the “crazy world” (whatever it’s called) from that series would look like.
Open you fucking asss xaxaxaxa made my day man
This and dantes inferno terrified me of going to hell.... :(
demonetization intensifies
Omg those titeis 😁
how to Urdu
Whixh game?
Jonathan Alain Palella
love u brah
"Am I crying? I guess I'm a bitch in hell.. And real life." lol
Otaku Safadu
U better pray kids ;)
The Future meme
you need to play "scorn"
Best jumpscare ever
Mel Newman
Full game came out. Try it
The 10th Class
not my proudest fap
demon tities well.... i can die now
Kolumbus Deroil
I like how you censored the ass with the word "ass". Almost making the censorship pointless. lol
Valentin Gjorgjiovski
PEWDS, Sup Btw The Scorn Demo Is Out And You Should Play It.
s p a R k 505
* That intro expecting hell is more worst and it's like JB moist wont last longer. Pooooodipie get rekt...!!
PistonIs Lush
Is This Content in 2017?
BlikeBud TV
he said Niggar a few vids bakk
Christian Asbury
At the end it goes into a 1st person view of the big demon we saw on the bridge. It checks to see if the guy is alive. Then when he starts to wake up the demon bashes his head in. I think it was freeing his astral body by killing him.
Brian M
You found my ex LOL.
Preston Johnson
Piwdipie: a fabulous baby
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