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Minecraft and Roblox are both very popular games that are similar in many ways... but ExplodingTNT has never played it. After getting many requests, ExplodingTNT finally decides to play a game of Roblox with the help of Pink Sheep. 

Thanks for watching! First time on my channel really playing a game outside of Minecraft, let me know what you think! Do you guys like or hate Roblox? Minecraft vs Roblox has always been a pretty hot discussion

To those of you wondering why I made a Roblox video, it's been the most suggested video idea for the past couple months, so I decided this video might be something people enjoy

The Roblox game played in this video (Natural Disaster Survival): https://www.roblox.com/games/189707/Natural-Disaster-Survival

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►PurpleShep: http://bit.ly/1TXKUqh

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if there didn't exist bullies please!!
Nurul Aliyah
Pinksheep,explodingtnt,purple shep. We know that pink sheep hate explodingtnt but why there are friend together. And tnt and sheep hate purple shep and why they are friend each other? Its weird right? Can't understand.
keyo.bitch baby
I like roblox to tnt because i like your video
Safwan Syed
Why most people like ROBLOX: Its free and also, It's free. And lets you do waayyy more stuff.

Why most people like Minecraft: IDK I play Minecraft I think its only popular for its Multiplayer servers with minigames and Survival, Survival can just be remade in ROBLOX honestly.
Danny Hernandez
I saw me on the roblox
Teal nexxia
I love how his facecam is blocking all the chat that's probably saying "explodingTNT ur fake"
Daniel Olsen
On the Minecraft planet not this planet
zion x
roblox is cool as minecraft
shielamae manalo
if explodingTNT plays roblox part2 pls do it
Alexandra Salamanca
This is exploding TNT 🐁 he is a baby une like une year for him
Play more roblox explodingtnt
Maximhann Awesome
Well we heard exploding tnt voice
Donatas Bertašius
If cobweb tools exist minecraft
5:18 he has tears but look at his mouth still happy🤣🤣🤣
Kyle_ Vids
U should try Pokemon brick bronze
Bendy The Demond
YT LavaGamer
tnt Play roblox Hide and Seek
Ha Ha
Make If Exploding TNT wore cologne
Hidaku ConoreKaze
Hidaku ConoreKaze
nerdy swag
Play more Roblox tnt like if you agree
Kim Le
Expoldingtnt I saw you in roblox can you friend me pls?!
Ethan Jerby
explodingtnt can you make more roblox videos pls
Loco Roco
roblox ness
BosRaven Gaming
if exploding tnt playing horror games
Peter louis
Yeah we want more videos like this one
Nayson TEM Vlog
If Exploding TNT Took over minecraft
the killer fox
Pls do more Roblox like if you agree
Michael Toback
Make a video if ther tv in minecraft
joereniel santos
Told u explodingtnt roblox is fun
Alvin Kurniawan
ExplodingTNT so sad (lol<3)
ToxicHackerGuy THG12
If Exploding TNT plays terraria
Anton Nokka
pinksheep roblox name is MustacheSheepYT purpleshep is fakepurpleshep and ExplodingTNT is ExplodingTNTpls
omar loai
roblox to losers
Tina Hymers
Pink sheep is a pro
Tashreek rahid
well ExplodingTNT may be annoyed by a noob roblox player stepping on mouse's head how does roblox players step on mouse's
l games. com
exploding tnt do: Steve vs herobrine 3 🐩🐩🐑👊👌👍👎👍👍
Matas Burneika
Hehe roblox are better than Minecraft
Louise Gabrielle
Explodingtnt Why don't you talk!!!!!
Chris tan
ExplodingTNT play something else that game is a bit boring
Xeno_ SpeedsterG
Hey TNT plz except my friend request
Vien NguyenTrong
do you guys want to kill guest 666
Wklwwkwksksl Slwlwlwlwlw
I love roblox too
Raffasya Aqila
Yo tnt play jailbreak
yas facecam lol
lenny the lenny 6382
i hate u pink sheep i will call ugly to your mustache and your face ugly
Gamer Kiddy
Pink sheep stop bullying him he is cool and not lam
Maria Dee
But I still liked it
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