WOW! Man Violently Thrown Off Plane Because United Overbooked Flight.

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Philip DeFranco
The more footage that comes out from the first story, the angrier I get. Bleh.
Note: For those that don't make it to the end of the video, no this is not my new set, just a temporary one for this week.
i think some people want to book a ticket from united airline is because they want to see id anyone gonna get kicked off so they can record it -.-
iRuffy :D
Who came from caseys video?
Rasheed Ahmad
these people are disgusting
I'm taking Southwest and Delta from now on.
"Nobody can create a worse PR situation than Pepsi just did!"
United: "Hold my beer"
Unoriginal Username
United airlines

They send the doctors to hospitals
Tom McDonough
Justifiable homicide if the cops shot him for screaming like a little sissy, lol.
Paul Robinson
Has anyone who flies on United forgotten "United Breaks Guitars?" When they manhandle someone's equipment then refuse to compensate him for the damage (until his music video on YouTube got millions of views), how much of a stretch is it for them next to start to manhandle paying passengers? When you don't care it isn't hard to become callous and treat people cavalierly.
Nassy_06- thedestroyer man
people are mean these days I feel sad for that doc

Fallout Fan
This poor passenger should of flown Southwest because they're are better as hell while they roast the shit out of United Airlines.
Ahbabur Rahman
1:45 i have have to go home😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lauren Clark
I live in Louisville and I personally know a lot of the people who were present on this flight and I was disturbed by this story I understand these situations and even though I don't know what they were supposed to do I still don't think that it was handled anywhere near how it should have
Dr Dao got 3M in the settlement with United.
I cracked up at that GTA-style re-accomadated scene.
BossGaming HD
We beat our competition, not our customers
Rebekah Lavy
so America what good airlines do u have left? Delta and United look pretty bad to me
Sachin Wise
Well United Airlines is More Like UnUnited Airlines
I have a flight w united next month with my sister I am honestly frustrated and scared of getting on the plane. also I am insanely upset that I have spent money on a scummy airline. please pray for my safety. thank you.
ReddFoxx Gaming
Don't blame the offices, blame the airline
Tyler Hodgson
I honestly thought all the details would be given in this video and people in the comments would be educated on it and know their facts , but no - that requires effort and giving two craps about real facts
I hate over booking airlines. Last time I flew they over booked by 20 people. I had so much money tied with my car rental and cabin reservations I would have lost thousands of dollars if they kicked me off. I also planned the trip for over a year. I would have refused to get off the plane too. It doesn't matter if the guy was a doctor or not he bought a ticket. They got about 15 people to give up their seat for hotel and $500. The rest they got some parents let their kids sit on their laps. It was over a 8 hour flight and I felt so sorry for the lady a row a head of me because not only was her 2 year old on her lap but her husband had their 4 year old on his lap next to her. My boyfriend said we will never fly that air line ever again after we landed.
Kyle Greenwood
"No one can possibly create a worse PR situation than Pepsi just did" United: "Hold my beer"United: If we can't beat our competition, we beat our customers.
Some Guy
I'm sticking with jetblue
I love how the people just pull out their phones instead of volunteering to step off the flight and take the money instead. There has to be at least one of those people who could have been a bit later
Brenden cline
if he refused to leave VOLUNTARILY why does it matter? HE DIDNT FREAKING VOLUNTEER
Udy Kumra
"I have to go home. I have to go home."

That clip was heartbreaking.
Omq_Unicorns 145
The doctor bashes his head on the seat
Docter: I AM RICH!!!!!
Untied: And we are not..... 😂
Here is the things that told me... That united stinks!
First of all, that you need to pay 20 to your trip for anything you get on the flight. Second, There seats are a piece of brick. And Third of all, IF YOU OVER BOOK A PLANE THE OTHER PEOPLE NEED TO WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE BECAUSE YOUR ON THE PLANE ALREADY AND YOU PAYED A LOT! Please don't think I'm a spoiled child.... #LetUnitedLoseThereMoney
his scream should become the new Wilhelm scream
I'm glad that didn't happen to me MY GOD😰😰😰😰😰Some people are jerks👎👎👎👎😖😨😨😨
This is like if you were getting lunch, and they announced that employees needed your sandwich. You were going to feed it to your starving daughter. You then get your sandwich taken away from you and you get another sandwich from the kitchen
Andreas cool
United states all shitty not just united Airlines!!
haley smith
well let's think of this for a moment. all airlines overbooks it makes cause people are bloody stupid the book a flight them don't show up not the airlines fault no it's your fault the passenger. and final point it's either someone get off or no one is going anywhere so put yourself in their shoes with a tight schedule to reach what would you do.
Random thought.... I love the outraged woman in the video footage of this. Everyone was upset but she was the only one who blatantly was calling them out on what they did to that man instead of staying in shocked silence. Sometimes when you're in a situation you don't agree with its hard to say something in fear of what will happen but that woman let them know they were wrong
Edward Huynh
Very well said, DeFranco. I would stay away from United Airlines forever after seeing how they treat their customers. What a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No excuses whatsoever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this issue is so stupid, what happened was that this man was allowed to be compensated and refused to do so, and everyone does not understand the fact that United Airlines is trying to do their best for you and their business, and that needs staff, and staff needs to be at a specific location at a specific place ON TIME to do their job and keep their airline running. Saying that the staff could have taken a car.bus etc.. doesn't make sense because it is an Airline and not a road vehicle operator. Also, I understand the issue of overbooking but this is such a rare case and this was just pure bad luck. This does not mean to go crazy and not fly united (just like the stupid behavior after the DEMOCRATIC us elections) because you are all overreacting and taking these tiny risks too far. I mean, when is the last time you heard something about this? huh?
OuterBox Thinker
To all who agree to boycott United Airline: If each person who saw the video, sold (shorted) 1 share of UAL, I could almost guarantee everyone of them could make at the least 25-50% on investment in 3 months. UAL will lose customers, lose money on lawsuits and compensations; hence, miss earnings. Let's teach them a lesson and make some money while at it, folks.
Szlius Fruse
I have to side with the airlines with this. More than likely when this doctor purchased his ticket, some where in the agreement that the doctor signed has to be a clause that gives the airline the right to remove a passagener in in this situation.
Steven Joyner
Are you related to Tony DeFranco of the DeFranco Family?
Tom McDonough
How can ANYONE believe this staged nonsense is real? What, he killed the police officers, escaped and was allowed back on the plane with no one in pursuit? "I got to go home, I got to go home" like a broken Energizer Bunny, lol? Are you kidding me?
You people guzzling glasses of fluoride or something? Smh.
This is sickening. They should have offered the guy a solution, not a bloody mouth.
because it's not cool don't be a fucking racist
fuck white people
idiot number3
now philip, I think it's pretty obvious someone already got reaccommodated in the face...
I agree, airlines to avoid such awkward situations in the future SHOULD NOT OVERBOOK FLIGHTS, absolutely.
yeah that behavior was disgusting and appalling
Alex Mann
FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS PEOPLE. People are dying of starvation in Africa at a rate of 10k+ a day and we care about someone getting dragged off a plane.
Diana Flores
i literally love you so muchhhh
Dante steve
I just saw a little African girl get killed by hitting her head with rock because they want to sell her body parts
Seeing to me is not that bad and if someone want to see it i will post the link
Yvie Dimitrov
If you believe this is real, you're a sucker. Listen to how fake his
screams are. Although he was "beaten" into "unconsciousness", he held
onto his iPhone the entire time. Then, he recovered instantly and ran
back onto the plane. What absolute bush-league bullshit. If that had
been me and I started muttering ,"Just kill me". a cop would have pulled out his Glock as he asked, "Are you sure you want that?" The takeaways here: NEVER resist a cop and don't argue your rights unless you're in front of a judge.
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