WOW! Man Violently Thrown Off Plane Because United Overbooked Flight.

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Philip DeFranco
The more footage that comes out from the first story, the angrier I get. Bleh.
Note: For those that don't make it to the end of the video, no this is not my new set, just a temporary one for this week.
Alex Mann
FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS PEOPLE. People are dying of starvation in Africa at a rate of 10k+ a day and we care about someone getting dragged off a plane.
Diana Flores
i literally love you so muchhhh
Dante steve
I just saw a little African girl get killed by hitting her head with rock because they want to sell her body parts
Seeing to me is not that bad and if someone want to see it i will post the link
Yvie Dimitrov
If you believe this is real, you're a sucker. Listen to how fake his
screams are. Although he was "beaten" into "unconsciousness", he held
onto his iPhone the entire time. Then, he recovered instantly and ran
back onto the plane. What absolute bush-league bullshit. If that had
been me and I started muttering ,"Just kill me". a cop would have pulled out his Glock as he asked, "Are you sure you want that?" The takeaways here: NEVER resist a cop and don't argue your rights unless you're in front of a judge.
miner gaming
No, why drag the vietnamese off the plane
Sugar Plum
The flight wasn't "overbooked" if the room they needed to make was for employees on "stand by". The whole POINT of stand by is that employees can fly for FREE but they have to wait around for a flight that IS NOT FULL. If you have a FULL FLIGHT then people who are on stand by don't get on, period. Stand by is 100% depending on a flight not being full. If they wanted to be sure they could board they should have purchased seats while there was still room on the flight.
Tripp Trevisan
Hand print on bed gets me everytime
Kieran Saul
I really hope that doctor sues. I'm sure that the bad PR will hurt United Airlines more than a lawsuit or settlement ever could, but I won't object to a little more suffering on their part.
Ang badang
I don't avoid eye contact because I hate black people, I do it because I hate all people.
Fuck you United airlines
James Barton
Agree with everything you said. b( ^_^)b If more people start recording these incidents then airline staff will begin to think twice before doing stupid shit.
poopinabucket gaming
You idiot I'll book anyways. I'm a cheapskate their cheap I am cheap
Rose Bloom
I also heard united didn't let a 10 year old little girl on a plane because she wearing leggings.
blacksheep shepherd
United Airlines can keep their flights to fly whoever or whatever employees to anywhere, cos that how the consumers will chose not to buy their tickets.
Kaelyn Pontes
Wouldn't the people who dragged the people out of the plane have worked for the airport, i.e. The federal government? I still don't believe that the response from the CEO was at all appropriate and I am definitely not at all defending the people that did it.
Jordan Stroup
I guess United had another "incident"
They were racist, you can obvious tell that he was asian
CoolCat Carolena
MyOpinion DontDis
im really glad you talk about the stuff in the title first (or have in the last few videos ive seen) cause i was watching old videos and the title story wasnt mentioned til right at the end and it was bugging me
I sincerely hope someone buys the piece of road in front of the house of one of those United fuckers and shoots him in the face as soon as he attempts to set foot on the road. Let's see how well the "well, technically, he was criminally trespassing and I was within my rights to brutally murder him" argument flies then.
nice hair bruh
Chris Is shark b8
Its not uniteds fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😲😠😬
light saberAddiCt
First Phil, always stick with Delta. But you forgot to mention the fact that THEN United tried to use character assassination on the doctor, because in some way in their twisted minds they think they could justify their actions by saying that he was not a perfect person.
Laura C
IMPORTANT NEWS FLASH -- They've just announced what actually happened with this United flight. It turns out that a week before this happened, Tony Sopranno had taken over the airline.......... (OK, I'm kidding....= Bob)
Mimi D
What I don't get is the 'voluntary' part, I mean isn't that to take action of your own will? So if he doesn't wish to voluntarily relinquish his seat (that has been paid for) I don't understand why he should be removed. Just because others were willing enough to do so, doesn't mean you 'have' to. Therefore it's no longer voluntary its' aggressively acquired removal. OK, so those pilots or whatever had to work tomorrow - old mate's a doctor, he also has to work tomorrow...I hope he sues the shit out of United...
i don't see what the big deal is. It only became violent because he resisted. What could he possibly hope to gain from resisting. Any injuries he sustained are 100% his own fault.
Oz Games
Well done phill, greatly handled
Sir Tachyon
I don't think enough people understand the laws airlines and passengers alike are force to comply to. United Airlines had to get their employees to that destination due to laws they're not going to send them on a bus they're a fucking airline. Also side note overbooking is a fairly common practice because some people don't show up and empty seats means lost revenue the cap meant could have made. If you don't like the company maximizing profits then drive their yourself you would have made it in time anyway. Also flight wasn't overbooked they just had this occur out of the blue they weren't aware of these crew members needing to be on that flight. Now the reason he was dragged off the plane. He didn't follow instructions from flight crew or from police. Now when a plane you are required by law to follow all of their directions because I don't know about you but most of us like to get home safely. As a result this person not following instructions was committing a felony. Which brings to my last point the lawsuit isn't going to work because he was committing a felony. The passenger may have won in the court of public opinion but in a court of law it's clear he chose force to be the only way of getting him off the plane and when someone is resisting especially in small cramped spaces with lots of things in the way it's pretty hard to be gentle when forcing someone out of a chair that's bolted to the ground.
I agree with you they are scum!
Sylvain Lemire
Too bad you are ultimately putting the blame on UA and the cops. There is the overbooking thing, ok, it's bad, but i feel it is irrelevant here. Imagine the cops are looking for some killer and they suspect you are their man, even though you have never committed a (serious) crime. So, they call "freeze, get on the ground now", etc., and they cuff you. Later on they realize you are not their guy. They apologize and say bye bye. And these things happen. If you don't comply with what they tell you to do, what will happen to you? You'll probably get hurt, and maybe shot. Now, this doctoc guy had been told to get out of the plane by the police several times, and he had been warned of what would happen next: use of force. Still, he refused, and chose to become a victim and get a beat up so he could later sue the airline. Plus he played his cards with all the theatrical fashion he could, screaming like a pig, in spite of the presence of kids around. Why did he choose to resist them when their hands fell on him? To me, this is a clear cut case of selfishness and irresponsibility.
First. The Airline WAS NOT overbooked. Second, removing someone from a plane after they have been boarded is ILLEGAL. It's a VIOLATION of what is called the "Right of carriage"
I hope they will go bankrupt, and this guy gets shitload of cash compensation!
United, unites your face with a arm rest c:
nothing like a good screamy asian freakout...
Sencer Koca
Samuel Schmidt
Josh Kelly
Was United wrong? Absolutely. However, resisting when officers ask you to get up is never going to end well. United should have never called the officers in the first place, that's is true, but when they do show up, directions need to be followed.
Enter a Doctor, Leave a Patient
No... forcing him leaving the plane is an act of invading his human right, which is illegal, beating him is another illegal action, and beating him publically outside is another illegal action. If we sue them it is more than enough to let half of the worker fired or company close the door and say goodbye
Shawn Barnes
I'm gonna vote for you in 2024!!!
$400 for a camera, $90 a month? Plus a free trial. That's nothing. Police officers get something like $5000 a month.
mikayla jones
First time on my flight, i took spring break, in 15 years, and I'm disgusted I ever gave them money. Using southwest from now on. My dad has repeatedly praised their excellent service.
He was being ejected and he did fall. That's the truth. It happens. Sucks to be the officers who screwed it up but it's not easy to remove people who don't want to be.

Whether or not he should have been removed in the first place is a different story.
Nine Twin
"United Airline, Fuck People"
tessa patricee
you know when you typing a paper and you looking for the perfect word to describe what you mean and so you ask you mom and she gives you a shitty answer like re-accommodate, thats how i feel that went.
Why does everyone forget they he had crimson history!! What if he would have killed pholks on that plane!! No one would be defending him then!!!!!
Leah R
This is the first time I've disagreed which Phil. What isn't included is the man saying "if you want me off you'll have to drag me off" as somebody who is aware of the rules (parents are employees) it's horrible how he was treated, ALTHOUGH the cops (or air Marshall or whatever Chicago police office that did drag him off) is HIRED by united but isn't a united worker. The man shouldn't have argued, and the CEO wasn't able to get all of the facts before he was harassed into making a statement which is why his apology took a few times to be completely sincere.
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