Philip DeFranco
The more footage that comes out from the first story, the angrier I get. Bleh.
Note: For those that don't make it to the end of the video, no this is not my new set, just a temporary one for this week.
1. His screaming was over dramatic.... u can't deny that 2. He was given multiple opportunities to leave3. Blame CPD, not United for the "incident", what company wouldn't cover it up to save money4. Overbooking is broken down to an algorithm that sometimes goes haywire, can't blame the airline because airlines, just like any company, seeks to make money5. Did they mean to have that doctor hit his face on the armrest? No! That was just an unfortunate event6. Instead of saying to yourself, "That poor doctor, fuck United!", think "Why the hell did anyone not jump in and take the seat.7. Feminism.
The Rural Family
I think the worst part of this was how they went after this guy's past and leaked his name right away. Awful.
Red Big'un
Southwest Airlines is shit, too.
ebsen raptzski
nobletea 3400
I want all of those employees to go fuck themselfs really good
e. alhammad
First world countries HUH !
terrence thomas
Wow DeFranco when did you become such a pussy? You sound like these tween girls with their panties in a twist over this United thing... I'm just sayin'.
I love Anime !
It's their fault for being overbooked
Just like rossa parks
Found it in the playlist yusss
oh man I'm so angry.
this guy is a legend. united are done!
John Cameron
thank you for this. well said sir.
John Cameron
they're proving to be a greedy and disgusting company. don't fly united. boycott them and hope the company gets shut down.
I know I'm late but united did NOT throw him off, the police did, not only that but this doctor had lost his medical license several times for giving drugs away for sex
Some dude
Article 14 Obligation to inform passengers of their rights

. An operating air carrier denying boarding or cancelling a flight shall provide each passenger affected with a written notice setting out the rules for compensation and assistance in line with this Regulation. It shall also provide each passenger affected by a delay of at least two hours with an equivalent notice. The contact details of the national designated body referred to in Article 16 shall also be given to the passenger in written form.
Oh look, Pants
Philip, Are you FUCKING retarded? That asshole refused to get off of THEIR plane at THEIR airport on THEIR TIME. Those passengers had places to be. THOSE EMPLOYES HAD OTHER FLIGHTS. THEY ARE ON THE FUCKING CLOCK. If you were flying on my plane and refused to get off, ID FUCKING BEAT YOUR ASS UNTIL YOU RAN FOR THE FUCKING HILLS. You're gonna hurt employees, families, and children of these people because some little fucking Asain roach refused to give up UNITEDS seat on UNITEDS plane. You have proven how autistic you truly are. Retards like you are why this country has fallen so far.
Oh look, Pants
That lady needs to shut the fuck up. He REFUSED to give up THEIR seat on THEIR plane on THEIR time. NOT HIS. I would've given those men a standing ovation. You refuse to get off their plane, THEY BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU. Lesson? DONT FUCKING REFUSE TO GET OFF THEIR PLANE
United Airlines, "We don't beat the competition, we beat you!"
kalya ellis
cause hes asain racist
So this person paid lots of money to get beat up. And then probably have to wait for like half an hour for another plane to come.
Mr Awesome
It's the guys fault he was in the wrong he was breaking the law they were in no way breaking a law
woot woot
wow this is even worse than the north korea airlines united airlines should be a one star
Joe Beef
its airlines fault this happened but it's also the guys fault for not cooperating, you fight back you get your ass beat
Nee Nee
what its a overbook mean
Jiggly Puff
just imagine if that guy doesn't fall on the seat none of y'all would be bitching lol
Keesha Allam
That's why I hate security guards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New 'Drag and Drop' feature now available.
i think some people want to book a ticket from united airline is because they want to see id anyone gonna get kicked off so they can record it -.-
iRuffy :D
Who came from caseys video?
Rasheed Ahmad
these people are disgusting
I'm taking Southwest and Delta from now on.
"Nobody can create a worse PR situation than Pepsi just did!"
United: "Hold my beer"
Unoriginal Username
United airlines

They send the doctors to hospitals
Tom McDonough
Justifiable homicide if the cops shot him for screaming like a little sissy, lol.
Paul Robinson
Has anyone who flies on United forgotten "United Breaks Guitars?" When they manhandle someone's equipment then refuse to compensate him for the damage (until his music video on YouTube got millions of views), how much of a stretch is it for them next to start to manhandle paying passengers? When you don't care it isn't hard to become callous and treat people cavalierly.
Nassy_06- thedestroyer man
people are mean these days I feel sad for that doc

Fallout Fan
This poor passenger should of flown Southwest because they're are better as hell while they roast the shit out of United Airlines.
Ahbabur Rahman
1:45 i have have to go home😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lauren Clark
I live in Louisville and I personally know a lot of the people who were present on this flight and I was disturbed by this story I understand these situations and even though I don't know what they were supposed to do I still don't think that it was handled anywhere near how it should have
Dr Dao got 3M in the settlement with United.
I cracked up at that GTA-style re-accomadated scene.
BossGaming HD
We beat our competition, not our customers
Rebekah Lavy
so America what good airlines do u have left? Delta and United look pretty bad to me
Sachin Wise
Well United Airlines is More Like UnUnited Airlines
I have a flight w united next month with my sister I am honestly frustrated and scared of getting on the plane. also I am insanely upset that I have spent money on a scummy airline. please pray for my safety. thank you.
Don't blame the offices, blame the airline
Tyler Hodgson
I honestly thought all the details would be given in this video and people in the comments would be educated on it and know their facts , but no - that requires effort and giving two craps about real facts
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