Ed Sheeran - Bloodstream [Official]

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Official audio of 'Bloodstream' taken from my album 'x'. Buy the album via iTunes here: http://smarturl.it/x-itunesdlx

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Tamara Bardun
When I'm sad I'm listening to this song... I don't know, just, this song understand my situation.. 😅
Tiltato 90
James Mackin
Anyone here looking at all his songs after Glastonbury?
Chatai pe se khud ja
i just love the part
'so tell me when it kicks in ' and the guitar plays and ed sings 'ummmmm'
just love it.
Justin dagarage
came here from that myers guy
Last night.. Glasto \0/.. Nuff Said!
James Burns
this song is so underrated
Aswathy Ajith
Anyoje here from Tokio?
Ronny P
Watched him on tv tonight /Glastonbury / HE NAILED IT........
Here from his Glastonbury performance
Nadia Wessels
love this song
Donna Shuker
Amelia the sloth
sel loi
Tokio myers brought me here!!
That's the best music of "5", actually and probably, his best msuci ever, it makes me think about the time i lost with somethings that i couldn't worry myself
JEFF Ramasunga
2017 Britain's Got Talent got me here. (Tokio Myers Audition )
Zyle L. Verchez
Tokio Myers brought me here :v
Teresa Sweat
OMG I'm just now listening to this album and wholy hell where have I been? this is a fantastic CD. I am so addicted to Ed Sheeran and his music
eb man
This is actually amazing
Nicholas Manglallan
Tokio Myers did this song so much justice
Out of all the times I've listened to this, I JUST now noticed the X sign hidden in the blood cells lol.
Volrico Kh
BGT 2017 #TokioMyers brought me here.
Aimée Webb
anyone else watching this june 2017??
jp games
Parth Singh
so tell me when it kicks in😘
Assem Jameel
Who came here from Tokio Myers audition in Britain's Got Talent ?😍
Michael Maglaque
The club isnt the best place to find love so the bar is where i go🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶shape you lolololol
DR Gonzohound
He is such an amazing singer
Ramiro Orozco
I found this song just from the front page of YouTube a couple of weeks ago, I played it and I'm like "where has this been?!? Howcome I'm only listening to this now?!??"
Daniel Ruiz
Tokio Mayers
Who is here from Tokio Myers :D
Makayla Davis
How have I never heard this song before? 😍😍❤ #obsessed
julian tan
Tokio brought me here.
HotShot640 // TheDiamondWolf
Who's here because of Tokio Myers?
Kath arina
Who else thinks Multiply is far better than Divide?
Oreo Chocolate
tokyo myers brought me here lol
INSANiTY psycho
i listen that to remember all my beautiful memories with my first love . but yeah,now it's unless ...
omarul farooq
tokio myers
Tokio Myers anyone ?
Tokio Myers
Insane Killah
i know this song from Tokio hehehe
mahmoud hendawi
Mike myres from British got talents brought me here
here after watching Tokio Myers performance in Britain's Got Talent
Tyanda Anda
fuck it, i really love the music. its so me.
Clare McEvoy
Elizabeth Nasc
adoro músicas maravilhosa
I hate people that aren't the same color as me.
Abdulahad Aslam
BGT anyone?
Keith Cousineau
Does anybody know the meaning of this song...
sher hoff
OOOOOO love this song :)
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