Ed Sheeran - Bloodstream [Official]

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Official audio of 'Bloodstream' taken from my album 'x'. Buy the album via iTunes here: http://smarturl.it/x-itunesdlx

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Vickings Reis
Quit/23 de março/ 2017 às 18:36 😐 estou entrando na bad
KyleTheKiller5 0
man its spicy at 1.25 speed
Boldi Sárm
Am I the only one here wondering what a chromosome is messing around in a "bloodstream"?
Fateme Bolandhemat
Lord forgive me for the thins I've done . I was never meant to hurt no one🙏💜💜💜💜💜💜💖
Prima Dayna
how the hell is this already almost 3 years old?!?
Cool_Panda Game's
I subscribed
Eletronica Filial
Ed Sheeran is LIFE ❤ I love u sou muth ❤😍💫
cool name goes here
i love this song so much. It's one of my favorite from Ed sheeran. 🎶🎧🎧🎧💕💕💕 I listen to it daily!
Mer Williamson
incredible song... brilliant
S Kennedy
My absolute fav song..
Jason Vickers
ed is one of the greatest I love to meet him because he doesn't let the money go to his head RESPECT UR the best at keeping it real
Booty Sparkles
Gustavo Carvalho
I love this music.
Rayen Munizaga Jara
i love it!!!!
Classie Johnson
I love this song
Moyses Matos
boa ☺
Edneia Dos Santos Freitas
Quero ingresso pro Ed Sheeran no Rio. Quem pode né enviar um,? Não posso comprar mas tenho um desejo profundo, de todo coração de estar lá. Será o evento do ano para mim.
Sree Sreelatha
I can't stop replaying this song.....
Christy Gowland
of course tom odell!!
Heather Rasmussen
Still Jamming 2k17
William Collins
ed sheeran is the best male artist in britian
Guys also watch this funny YouTube video:
tell me when it kicks in
is this song talikn bout shooting drugs up with a needle
is this song talking about shooting up dope r do i got it wrong
Mr n Mrs nc
Cmon Ed.. We know its an oldie.. but man.. This needs a video! Best tune you've ever done IMHO.. Big Love.
Lara Florence
I am so in love with this song <3
Amitesh Kulkarni
This song is about a beanbag.
Dude your songs are insanely amazing to say the very least. I have no idea how can i write something to you like an e-mail or anything cause there's something i wanted to ask you. Apart from that great song really amazing, but the other one ,,Perfect" is something that is SURELY gonna be played at my own wedding that i hope is gonna be soon;p

Honest to god to think that i've had discovered a musician and artist like you in more or less my age just now when you were in the market for so long im ashamed for.

Well done Edward, well done. Keep up the good work and i hope you are gonna get married with a woman that will share your passion.

Dont know how to say this but when im listening to your music i get calm even when my blood burns like hells raging flames. There is some god sent gift in your talent. No matter what brings you down - dont give it up, dont waste it dont you ever let it down. Hallelujah ed, hallelujah ;p
boo bye
X is his best album
Itoro Udoh
"if u loved me how'd u never learn"

Zodiac MacCarthaigh
Ed Sheeran is great. But he's no Randy Rhoads.
you are a wizard
Madhushree Das
anyone from India??????
g'-' -'-
rudimental version is better
Absolutely love this track, this and i see fire. superb. keep it up ed! :-)
Seo smurf
if you dont like this music you like nothing!
I really don't know why I used to hate Ed! "That silly little boy with red hair trying to be a popstar" - That is how I used to think D: Now I can't stop listening to his songs, this is my favorite by now :)
Lan Anh Tran
DUDE !!! I have already watched Youtube Rewind
Taylor Betreen
Who's still listening to this in 2017 :)
Numan Dut
used to jam to this when using. listen to it when i have recovered. =D
Roxie Singh
I really love all of your songs...
Raju Das
when I first time listened him... a passion came into my mind. it's brilliant and talented.... I love ed
Mark Hume
A twinkle in your eye
A smile that lights a room
Who would have none you felt so alone.
You never had a bad bone
so sad you felt so alone
R.I.P Boss Man
Allen Field
oh my god this kid is so so so cool man Catman from Australia.!!!
It feels like yesterday that this song came out
Aristidis Paspalas
Barbara Lopez Gonzalez
it's better when he does it live
Oscar Lopez
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