Mayim Bialik Bloopers on The Big Bang Theory

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Mayim Bialik Bloopers on The Big Bang Theory all seasons

Teresa Bowden
Mayim is awesome in Big Bang Theory . Love the bloopers.
Gerry Nightingale
A minor issue here..."Prions" cannot be 'cultured' as they are not living creatures.(it surprises me a someone w/a Doctorate in Neurosciences would let that 'go thru' on-air)
I don't care that Jim's gay, I ship him and Mayim so goddamn hard :3
July Julzz
DEAR LORD, HOW CAN IT BE POSSIBLE??? Count the equation of my hormonal changes by seeing Jim Parsons' smile.
maja koΕΌyczykiewicz
3:30 what episode?
Sari Fulton
4:04 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Noelle Hibbard
so cute and the eye wink πŸ˜‹
Ana Laura
2:00 I would have not be able to control my laughter, either πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Sometimes people seek the comfort of physical comfort...
Konne γ€ˆ3
Stop it Mayim!
Lisa Giddings
I never realized all her lines are difficult in that show!
Anna KΕ‘szegi
"stop it mayim, you control yourself, what is the matter with you?" fave!
Carey Tu
3:24 she's such a mom omg I love her
Erin Vaughn
I can't say enough great things about this program, both writers and cast ! πŸ‘ πŸ’•
Lori Woodbridge
Millie Vii
This was very funny! Can you tell me what does Mayim say in 4:46? Thanks
Hannah Rose Kardos
Debbie Hutton
Oh....I love this show so much, I haven't missed an episode since The Big Bang premiered. So to see the bloopers was sooo funny!
Stitch Black
0:55 Jim's smile; so cute
4:49 Did anyone else die laughing at that part? No? Just me, great.
little winchester amazingbatbabe
its 5 in the morning not been asleep yet cause a massive spider in the room
Martha Peterek
I have that Guild shirt that Wil is wearing. It's my favorite shirt I own 😊
lol, I love it, she so funny, smart, beautiful and brings so much to the show, I love her with Sheldon, and her with the others girls
James Keelan
Maroon 5
James Keelan
Maroon 5
Where can I find the season 8 bloopers online?
Hugh Jaanus
@ 4:34 "Lets pick out a nice turtle" Are all Americans that stupid? That is a tortoise.
I see it all over YouTube. Oh look I found a turtle in the desert.
Turtles live in water, tortoises live on land.
They will be calling eels snakes next.
Oh this is nuts! Almonds please?
Dracul Impaler
Shes pretty, famous actress and a neuroscientist...boy did my mom fuck up lol
Rachel Tyrrell
She is Awesome.
Holly Mckeowen
1:21 my faveeeee
How can anyone dislike this video πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
Czarich Gutierez
4:04 Jim's laugh tho
San ka
ohh how cute 'stop it mayim' :D
Erin True
Jim Parsons' smile will NEVER get old 😊
0:33 kaley's scream xD
JudgeDread 305
Linda Metzger
Mayim is the funniest person on the show! Hilarious!!
Jam Ong
Mayim is just too precious <3
Mauricio Rosas
Mayim, congratulations on your Critic's Choice award!
Eric Hirsch
Mayim is so adorable whenever she screws up and how she love tapped Jim at the end priceless. How could anyone hate Mayim she is so lovable and pretty all the time on Big Bang and off the set.
Regina Phalange
I love Jim's "Oh God" after Mayim's line of the turtle being on the log!
Sunny D.
Mayim's snorts are so cute...
manvi negi
jim and mayim looks so cute... i love their bloopers.. :*
Yay, season 8 bloopers!
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