Men React To Pregnancy Facts

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“What happens to the innards?”

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28 weeks pregnant and excited to pop this baby boy out 😂
Bob Pancakes
"We have pee brains"
My favourite line out of this whole thing 😂😂😂😂
Inspired Milk
Why does the guy announcing the facts sound like Jim Halpert
Alyssa Balentine
what am i doing with my life?
The guy in the blue and white plaid doesn't LOOK high...
That hot ginge in the white t shirt is so hawt.
My fiancé said to me: "It sucks you won't have time off from work. Shall I record the process & what the doctor says in the event that we conceive & deliver said child?"
Nini Cookie
I thought Ned wouldn't mention his wife. I was wrong.
Derpy Stuf
Ned is definitely on something
is that adam levine
Mistr Adams
Kennedy Polania
am i the only one who thought the guy on the thumbnail was adam levine
Kaia The Cheeze
Kaia The Cheeze
0:23 HE LOOKS LIKE THAT ONE DUDE.....what's his name I forgot like from drake and Josh and grandfathered and stuff ugh
Dynamite the Fox AJ
0:28 Am I the only one who thinks who looks a lot like Josh Peck?!
is it me that one guy looks like adam Levine & another guy looks like josh from drake & josh !
Benedict The Lost Kickboxer
#1 fact: It's a human being inside
My husband don't went to be there n e more well I am going on 6 I don't blame him
"human making factory"
is that Sammy from blue mountain state?
Emmy Coelho
came back to watch this after delivering my son and it's still mind blowing
Muddi Goparaju
omg are you giving birth to bear gryllis I died omggggg
Kimberly Munoz
Nice to see Adam Levine and Josh Peck in this.
Bella Griffin
I swear that guy looks like an anorexic Adam Levine
wesley xo
"Awwww a baby"😂
Nazlıcan Aydemir
I hope he wasn't Adam levine
danger phan at work
at 2:25 ned was so cuteee
Skyla Bast
Ft. Josh peck and Adam Levine
Help me I'm dying of laughter
Die Die Lullaby
I was joking when I told people we pee'd and pooped inside our mommies but I never knew it was true nor did I know we drank it... I wanna know what it tastes like again... but I don't have to pee at the moment
love everyone
Has anyone else noticed that the bald guy looks like Adam Levine?
Blueberry Jam
"I'm sorry, i want to have a baby." 😂😂
Pastel gothika
I planned staying childless anyway. xD
Shayna Larson
The last thing though
Sophia San Pedro
Circle oooof liiiiifeee hahaahhaha😂😂
Life with Dante
Buzzfeed changed their names because people are so sick of them that they have to trick people into watching them now. smh
Trolluminat i
I don't get how people do that to themselves. Are all females masochists?
It's not like the thing that comes out is worth the pain.
Khija Roberts
Most of the men on here were annoying af!
Anastasia Brown
"Are you giving birth to Bear Grills?" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
bree jones
...Where's the part where women crap themselves on the table, are litteraly ripped from their vagina to their butt, or where they have a heavy period afterwords that can last for months? You guys freaked out about pee drinking...
Maya Barbarush
Human making factories. Never thought of it like that lol
Julissa Herrera
women: its the miracle of life
men: 😱☠️
Rebecca Lee - Jenkins
You drank pee once too. Not that gross now is it? lol
jojo 1999
"I'm sorry let's make babies"
"Women are human making factories" how many babies do you think we can have??? Factories? Tbh he is kinda weird in this video though
Heng Yeow Wong
All of those facts make no sense!
Mariléna Papageorgíou
"The fact that women just walk around and they're human making factories is just amazing"
I like him
Truth Seeker
Kiddo, U r here bcz u had been exactly there for 9 months.
I have a fear of pregnancy...
Vy Nguyen
Women are not human making factors!!!
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