Men React To Pregnancy Facts

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“What happens to the innards?”

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Shayna Larson
The last thing though
Sophia San Pedro
Circle oooof liiiiifeee hahaahhaha😂😂
Life with Dante
Buzzfeed changed their names because people are so sick of them that they have to trick people into watching them now. smh
Alyssa Balentine
they better be lucky there alive
Trolluminat i
I don't get how people do that to themselves. Are all females masochists?
It's not like the thing that comes out is worth the pain.
Khija Roberts
Most of the men on here were annoying af!
Anastasia Brown
"Are you giving birth to Bear Grills?" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
bree jones
...Where's the part where women crap themselves on the table, are litteraly ripped from their vagina to their butt, or where they have a heavy period afterwords that can last for months? You guys freaked out about pee drinking...
Maya Barbarush
Human making factories. Never thought of it like that lol
Julissa Herrera
women: its the miracle of life
men: 😱☠️
Rebecca Lee - Jenkins
You drank pee once too. Not that gross now is it? lol
jojo 1999
"I'm sorry let's make babies"
"Women are human making factories" how many babies do you think we can have??? Factories? Tbh he is kinda weird in this video though
Heng Yeow Wong
All of those facts make no sense!
Mariléna Papageorgíou
"The fact that women just walk around and they're human making factories is just amazing"
I like him
Kiddo, U r here bcz u had been exactly there for 9 months.
I have a fear of pregnancy...
Vy Nguyen
Women are not human making factors!!!
If my wife gave birth and her heart got bigger, it would explode because its already so big. Just kidding, I dont have a wife- and I'm a girl...
Amina Rodriguez
oml Ned
Alexis Balmaceda
that one comment was so great xD "I'm really sorry, i wanna have a baby." Like guys feel they need to apologize for wanting to have children with us XD lmao
Jonathan Curtin
Wish they have pill so we grow orovories so we can be fully woman. So i would be more understood as bisexual. I wouldn't like pain but at least women come together.
Maggie Caron
8 months pregnant and I'm like "YES! You should be sorry!" I haven't had a full nights sleep in two months, I feel like a bowling ball is splitting my hips apart, and! I'm cranky.
GrumpyDogOnASwing English
The guy at the beginning of the video looked like josh peck
Tessa Hill
"Something just exploded in her butt." I lost it and could not stop laughing omg 😂😂😂😂😂
Farrah And Madison vlogs
• Fran •
"human making factories" hmm...i mean he's not wrong
Mandy McCullough
are you giving birth to bear grylls 😂😂😂😂
i was just informed today that i was born with my eyes closed, sleeping.
Kigi The Lion.
So I guess I drank my own pee. :| gross...
I don't want to have kids anymore.... ⊙︿⊙
Lose Control
All reasons not to have a baby
And then it turns into a pig, and now it looks like ET 😂
Annaアンナ Rose
"The fact that women just walk around, and they're like human making factories, that's just crazy!"
Jan S
the brain shrinks
akansha karani
Are u giving birth to bear grills?😂😂, idk maybe u were something different u jst drank all the time😂😂😂
akansha karani
Are u giving birth to bear grills?😂😂, idk maybe u were something different u jst drank all the time😂😂😂
Ned is such a dad.
Zara Ok
You and your wife are not having a baby. Your wife is having the baby. DUDE.
Sharon Escriu
ok is it me or does the one with the big black hair look like george o'malley?
Eva Nap
"Sorry, I want a baby" lol
pee fact is wrong. babys pee and everything waste is discharge by the umbilical cord.
andisiwe mgqobele
Did he just say the baby looks like ET??????
Lissy Pritchard
I wanna have kids, but I don't want my heart to grow, it's a delicate thing that even running up the stairs can make it cry
Lissy Pritchard
'They should be able to exercise more' no sweetie, they have a human hanging at their belly
Super Radical
"That looks like when Neo gets pluged out of the Matrix."
Orval Maxmimus
skinny josh peck
It's Gina
Now I'm gagging at the thought that I drank my own pee
Arya Stark
"circle of life" :D
marshmallow 101
1:08 I'm dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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