Men React To Pregnancy Facts

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“What happens to the innards?”

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Crimped Tongue
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Lol, it is just a bunch of guys then Mike from Outsmarted appears out of nowhere. Also the guy that looks like Ryland Adams is there.
Christy T
Not exactly accurate...
Maegin Williamson
Note to self : Never get pregnant.
jewish Adam Levine?
Emma Snow
Every comment on here is about that guy that looks like Adam Levine or the one that looks like Josh Peck

Why is nobody talking about how adorable Ned is?!?!?!?
Erin Prentice
Awwww, babbyyy
Bored Every Day
I'm 13 and I can expand my stomach to make it look like I'm pregnant. Its really weird...
zoe williams
Ned gives me life
Audrey Swanson
That first guy is basically Josh pecs brother
Dumbledoor Joopadoops
Yes because girls just love being called human making factories 😂😂
Rachel Xo
Demi Gough
I'm pregnant and so far the morning sickness is the worst part..
Fresh Pick
Factories that dont get paid haha

Niamh Faulkner
Without women there would be no population
jasper loo
I was born half dead because my umbilical cord was so tight around my neck that they had to take me away so my mom couldn't see me for 4 days until I was okay
Natasha Punt
Lmfaooo men are silly’s 😭
Eva Crowe
They should have told the guys that as soon as a woman get their period, they can get pregnant. I'm twelve and could get pregnant right now. Just think about that, boys.
Awesome Girl
Man...I’m scared to have kids......
Neo Jasmine
Pause at 2:46
Livy Almeida
The circle of liiiiifeeee!😂😂
Labor lasts 8 hours minimum (of course, every pregnancy is different) duh 🙄
Alicia Grandison
My mom told me on my birthday once that when she was giving birth to me I got stuck and the doctors had to do emergency C - section

All my friends were there too 😐😐
1:10 damn dude hitting those notes!!
xRavenclaw_Girl x
The guy in the plaid shirt kinda looks like Josh Peck lol
Alois Trancy
When I was born the doctors thought there was something wrong with my arms but their normal :)
Kevin Fox
So glad I've decided not to do the pregnancy thing.
Fish_Jelly 05
"ąཞɛ ɬɧɛყ ʝųʂɬ ɠı۷ıŋɠ ცıཞɬɧ ɬơ ცąཞɛ ɠཞıƖʑ?" ƖơƖ 😂
Isabel Vincent
Wow women are the most powerful human beings I don't care what u say because who else can produce another human inside of them that's just crazy to think about
Lindsey Dawn
2:25 me when I see a cute baby in public 😂💕
Madison Johnson
Wow I'm a human making factory guys
That guy with poofy hair and a plaid shirt looks like Link (from good mythical morning) and Josh Peck (Josh from Drake & Josh) if they had a baby 😂
Haley Roneese Lingat
Yea its hard when giving birth i dont like to have a baby when i grow up
Kayleigh Perry
Pregnant women have an extra liter of blood. And there heart enlarged to pump blood to the placenta and baby and everything ect
Real Me
You drink your own pee
Feyha Tejani
I'm so sorry.. I wanna have a baby 😂
Why Konnie
So, are men "still stronger" than women? :-)
Zoh Ra
When you ask some have drink pee..😂😂😂
1:09 James Charles ??
slavi Z BG
pregnant women are beuthifull from outside but from inside oh better not look sorry mom
Jessica The Llama
This is why im gonna adopt
Nicole Smith
"What happens to all the innards?" Lmao they get squished! That's why us pregnant women have to pee constantly and are always constipated 😅
mellanie chacon
Still waiting for Ned and his wife to have a baby 😂
whoag ¡aqua pupper!
That first guy reminds me so much of Josh Peck
that bald guy looks like adam levine and sounds like adam levine
" How do woman fit babies through their pelvises?! "

Cause we are amazing are you better appreciate what we do
bounty hunter 64
my life is now a horror movie
Freshella123 F
Oh Ned....babies don't fit through the pelvis. They tear through the vagina.
Megan March
Katherine Frank
Cmon Ned, you were so close to not saying anything about your wife for a video
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