Louis C.K. Calls Trump A 'Gross Crook Dirty Rotten Lying Sack Of'...

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Louis CK regrets comparing Donald Trump to Hitler. But he's not going to take it back.

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Mr C
Donald Trump is worse than Hitler because he is exposing us to a psychopath like kim jung un and escalating a confrontation with his tormenting daily twitters. Donald Trump needs to be impeached because he's putting the security of America A great risk, which is a conflict of interest and grounds for impeachment. He's done for worse than Nixon. Not to mention that he is a Full blown racist bigot
Jess y
Damn. louie is so smart and funny that i wanna sit on his face.
Bernadette Gouveia
Louis your my man
I agree totally wat e everething wat you saing about Trump
My goodness
aileen Hudson
i like how he called out Obama too. I hate trump with a passion but Obama did have his share of sketchy things.
rex constantino
Ok Louis popular vote is useless the top 1% feels the gen pop is fkin retarded, so it is truly pointless the vote this election proved that. On another topic how about population containment and global warming man made hurricanes to wipe out entire country's. I need answers.
Wow! Louis is super dumb. He hates Trump for being a lying sack of shit yet loves Obama for being a lying murdering sack of shit. What a moron.
Texan Tim
And to think I used to laugh at Louis CK ..not any more ..another comic I won't ever watch again
D. Cooper
Louis was shaken or maybe he was pretending to be shaken, I can't tell.
Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid
All fun and games until he brought up the truth about Obama. There was no laughing there.
KristaL Mac LeoD
trump is a prick and every1 of you's are ignorant fools bending over 4 a COWARD .
Dan Saver
This bald prick needs a kick in the nuts. I have some hard-toed boots available.
And that's the point. It's not partisan. It's not left or right. Its NOT A POLITICAL POINT. He is just a lying sack of shit. He's been that way since he came into the public sphere decades ago and probably before that. People who weren't paying attention since the 70s to this twisted crap bag and morons who are easily bedazzled by bs online were fooled. Then there were a bunch of frightened bigots and there in a nutshell are the Trump voters.
Elsbeth Steele
Except the electoral college.
Of course, Stephen can't do one interview without mentioning Trump/politics and if he actually does an interview without politics, he doesn't know what to ask and it fucking sucks.
frank wylie
8 years of Trump bitches... get use to it. :D
Cheap humor.
Do any of these guys have any other material besides this stuff now?
I love this line... 'if you go back and erase all the mistakes you made, you erase yourself' sooo true
Don't like that lying sack of shit since he started wearing suits.
Albert Chapman
so you don't like lairs, manipulators, greedy, egoistic?? those ones who cry only for their buddy's? or those who waiting for you to make a mistake and take advantage of you? those who start in history as usurer?? those people who change the facts, on an unashamed way to show off as cool?? those who only purpose in life is to accumulate money, don't share and take advantage of people?? so, you don't like your own people??
Bob Landers
lol I don't like trump but Louis is creepy as fuck
vy sy
not every trump supporter is a racist, but every racist supports trump
Shin Chan
See this. American people can openly criticize even the president on national tv. I see none of the 2 billion chinese doing that against xi "winnie the pooh" jinping on CCTV. Why? Because they will be dead. The CCP will get them. And since tianamen massacre none have tried to go against them. Fuck you CCP! Fuck you chinese commies!
How is it that we little leftist libtards can see reality miles ahead and years ahead of time, when it is those on the Right who are far more superior, knowledgeable, politically astute, and intelligent than we are, yet, they don't know their asshole from a hole in the wall! Maybe you institutionalized academians oughta start listening to us left-wing, backward kooks for a change!
Dawn P
Jas ProLogik Hall
These people are too old to still believe in voting and the political machine. LMMFAO Coming to terms with accepting the absolute truth is what an adult does, FYI.
Frances Boles
Elections are tampered with!
fishy paw
Louis CK is one of the most honest comedians I have ever seen, so I guess when he says someone is a lying sack of shit, ... it's probably true.
By jumping on the anti-Trump bandwagon you are tacitly implying Clinton or any other politician isn't exactly what you describe Trump as. And if you are really concerned about these types of behaviors from your politicians, then you antifa idiots should be calling for Clinton's head on a platter, because she stirs up racism, terrorism, murder coverups, lies, and backdoor dealings way more than Trump ever could. This is one of these things I wish my entertainers should shut the fuck up about. Stop rallying your loser drone fans with the latest ra ra ree hate this thing bullshit. Do comedy, and shut the fuck up about the rest.
Lets be honest, stephen couldn't keep up - Louis CK was just wayyy to funny.
The P
Louis says my very same sentiments of trump
Sac of shit
Luke Skyrunner
Well I think Hillary was a bigger lying piece of shit for sure.
Stay out of politics
well most politicians are lying sack of shits
Carlos A. Garcia
But our American soldiers were killed in Yemen...That's what drones are for! If you invited to wedding, and the weeding is populated by terrorists, or the son of a terrorist, or the terrorist himself is having a wedding...Guess what? They are going to die...Just like in Kundusfluß
Bagabones Felis
name isn't trump, it's actually Drumpf, his father was Fredrick Drumpf, FAKE NAME to hide the fact HIS NAZI FATHER GOT KICKED OUT, THAT'S RIGHT DEPORTED FROM GERMANY. Then arrested in a KKK rally. So Tiny Hands Drumpf IS THE ORIGINAL FAKE NEWS
Imran Khan
you must be Another globalist elite who wants open borders so you can pay some Mexican 5 cents a day to mow your lawns. You are no better than the old Democrats who support slavery. Hollywood and the media who tell us to have open borders from their gated properties and preach to us about global warming from their private jets. What is wrong with you people? Trump 2020 👍👍👍👍👍
karina andersen
like I say dirty rotten mongrel filthy bastard
Christeii Cook
LOuis had me at gross lying sack of shit lol
Rudy Enciso
Rudy Enciso
Louis CK for President!
j.r. Miles
fuck you louis
I miss the Colbert report. I watched him the first week on his new show before realizing I literally hadn't laughed a single time, and I was already sick of the politics

It's such a shame. He was so funny

RIP Colbert
Fizz on My Jayce
Louis just fucked everyone holy hitler
Cristopher Medina
The only reason I believe its super unfair to compare Donald Trump to Hitler, is because Hitler actually got shit done.
Carrboro Sun
I just fell in love with Louis c.k.....
Well, now I don't have to spend another penny on Louie... I didn't realize he was a brainwashed douchebag.
We will not see a stand up genius like this for a few generations. He's like George, Robin, Eddie, Rodney, Don, Steve... the next in line with those comedy legends. Speaking nothing but pure unfiltered human truth. And it's fucking hilarious.
Oso Emparado
Here, he insulted Trump more than he did in that email😀 Ballsy Louis!
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