The man speaks the truth.
Drayvel Harris
he should go back and erase himself, what a filth bag
Skye JP
I wish Louis would come out of hiding and do an interview. He has self awareness he could offer some insight why he acted like a creeper.
Life comes at you fast.
Mark Klein
Trump is proof of parallel universes, we are now living in an alternate reality. I wanna go back!
Clorox Germicidal Bleach
Did Donald not let Louis jack off in front of him or what?
Oh boy...
Davids Neurons
Melinda S Simpson
This guy is a jerk, hasn't he been accused of sexual harrass?
Super Cat
Perhaps this will open the eyes of democrats to all the hypocrisy on the left...
Trump doesn't look so bad now does he, after all this liberal Hollywood scandal. You virtu signalling piece of shit.
Manuel Rodriguez
oh bye the way fuck hollywood stars when it comes to the way a common joe like me lives, you dope,drug addict, sex feins probably pedifilies too we are just learning abou
Manuel Rodriguez
you can't own up to what you said but then u say a lot of other bull shit
Matthew Massaria
Another Colbert Guest who bashed trump facing sexual allocations interesting...
He's not Hitler, Louis is just retarded.
Andrew M
Liberal hypocrites. Colbert is next. Drain that swamp
Ridgemont NL Moves
Haha. hey Louie - why don't you go jerk off in front of your mother u fuckin loser.
Robbie RuPac
Trump is the liar and a male machonist, yet coming from the guest on another shill Steve Colbert who is a comedian who likes to masterbate in front of women. class act this show is
Golden Molly
so he calls Trump a 'lying sack of sheet"?? Hmmm? Wonder how this D-bag looks himself in the mirror any more?
Louis you are a rotten piece of shit hypocrite you bald fat disgusting cunt. Go masturbate alone now, the only thing you ve learnt to do in your miserable life.
who's the "lyin' sack of shit" now? Both of you thats who
For all you Trump supporters coming on gleefully bashing Louis for his recently uncovered crimes, let me remind you that his actions don't impact the truth of his words here. A person can say something true and be a hypocrite about it, but that doesn't make the statements any less accurate. Thomas Jefferson, after all, wrote that all men are created equal while at the same time owning slaves back at his house.
Khoi Hoang
All i see is a gross dirty rotten sexual offending sack of shit who likes taking his dick out and masturbate in front of women
Who's the vile piece of shit now Louis? I wouldn't be surprized if the rest of the leftist libtard brigard get exposed now... I hate two faced bastards.
Dominic Stalp
Funny how the Sexual assault hotspot, Hollywood, is saying trump is bad because trump is exposing Hollywood’s darkest secret
Now we know he's the perverted rapist hypocrite.
Louis recent accusations are... Yeah. But hey let's remember that they're talking about a man that grabs p*****s and pays russian prostitutes to pee. Not defending anyone...but hypocrisy is a bitch.
wayne messitt
Don't make me dislike you Louis, get your backbone back!!!!
Liam lll
It's refreshing when he takes a brake from molesting people long enough to call us racist bigots and tell us what to do.
Oh my god the fucking irony.
not your damn business
yeah.....that didnt age very well did it Louis?
Harry Solomon
Hilarious 😂
curandero verde
Maybe just erase the part where you jerk off in front of 2 female co-workers...
Simon Ginks
2:22 .... and THEN you have lying sacks of shit who block women from leaving their hotel rooms while they jerk off in front of them, and then get their manager to threaten the victims with ruined careers

THOSE particular lying, publicly masturbating sacks of shit are on a whole other level
Oh the irony...
Kristin Kittel
Guess we know who's gross, dirty, rotten and a sack of sh*t... Three guesses who and it's not trump... Weinstein, Spacey, Sheen, Takei also count but the answer is Louis C.K.
The Game explorer !
Oh how ironic this clip is
Todd Woofenden
Hey it’s the piece of shit CD lewis
jedi26 jedi26
This late night show became a Trump bashing, is sicking!
Digistrom X
Damn. What a hypocrite.
Chay Factor
The way liberals lost their head in their own ass when he circled around on Obama that quick.
Peter Curtis
And the BS starts....................What r u ?, a hired legal assist, He is confident not going to jail, being one of Jewish Hollywood elite, owning the PPO (Pub.Pros. office) and the judges.......
Sandy M.
This is soooo funny coming from a sex offender! lololol
2016: which politician is worst 2017: which sexual abuser is worst
Glad this pervert scumbag Louis CK's career is over.
Brandon Polansky
It doesn't matter if you're a pervert or racist or if you're be-heading Donald Trump for a photo shoot because today we live in a society where when you apologize PEOPLE HATE YOU EVEN MORE Just look at Paula Deen, Kathy Griffin and Now Louis CK all pathetic sacks of shit!!! I guess this is why Donald Trump never apologized, neither has Al Sharpton or Nancy Grace for causing that woman on her show to commit suicide because if you ever say the words I'm sorry you might as well kill yourself!!! All I know is Donald Trump gets a pass for being sick perverted pussy grabbing racist fuck and Louis CK is just a PATHETIC Jerk-Off, BUT Trump Can't even admit he grabbed all those women, I guess some fellas are Lucky and some aren't!!!
Takes one to know one (in response to title quote)
Joe Monteleone
Stupid hipocrate .!
Captain James Tiberious Kirk
Jay Cee
Wow, look at him now... he’s an old creepy guy that terrorized women with his dick, and he’s Sitting next to a huge cock.
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