Louis C.K. Calls Trump A 'Gross Crook Dirty Rotten Lying Sack Of'...

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Louis CK regrets comparing Donald Trump to Hitler. But he's not going to take it back.

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Dylan Santos
Fuck Hillary and Trump you all should have voted for Bernie you clowns
Marc Sandias
So many pundits and intellectuals have tried to describe donnie then a comedian comes along and just nails it.
Rov Hållet
God gave us Louie at least...
Kristie Hall
If you're going to call someone a liar, then have the truth to back it up.
Louis C.K. who the fuck are you ??
James Peter Joshua Wright
As seen on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, original family name is apparently DRUMPF. #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain
Belly Bell
They are all lying sacks of $hit.
Søren Djernæs
And then Louis blushes at the end, aaw.. I can so relate to that guy, which is unfair because he's done so many awesome things.
Yea this guy verbally attacked and mocked Sarah Palin's mentally handicapped baby multiple times. Just another leftist scumbag!
Leslie Hernandez
Omg Louie had my dying when he said that guy bought it. Lmao I literally can't. He's so brilliant. He was so serious. 😩😩😩😂😂😂
Ib Khan
Excellent point by Louis, Trump lied to HIS OWN voters as they bought his BS. What is worse is that they are so pathetic they still believe they voted for the right candidate. Some people are SO dumb.
Myles Teague
Louie votes at the same time that Trump files his taxes
Stephen was really weird and didn't support his guest, especially at the end, he just left Louis hanging! the more I watch of Colbert the more I notice how weird he gets around other comedians like Louis or Bill Burr.
Benjamin White
As if our votes counted....lmao! EC is there for a reason. Though not a popular perhaps?
Gábor Szabó
I just want to say that I want Louis to wear that weary black piece of clothing again instead of this lazy ass suit. It's just not him. Also, a lazy suit is worse than that black thing anyways...:)
never liked Colbert ever watched a couple of times and now he and his guests are the worst joke on TV next to the msm. like all liberal education, it is sadly lacking in knowledge, accuracy and truth. losers
mohammad arjmand
did he just wrote louis a check?
Richard Truesdale
Louis c.k. is homosexual. ..sic bastard
How do these pricks get on a TV show? Americans is so fucked up they cheer disgusting gutter talk
Tony Taglalucci
What did he lie about?
For the first time in American history we have a large percentage of the population not only going against the president but openly going against the United States. SICKENING!!! Stand these treasonous dogs against a wall.
Grant Boshoff
A comedian knows how to control the crowd, that last joke was put there perfectly.
I can only fathom the sad sacks of shit that actually think this retard of a half wit is funny.
Kelly Star
Why take it back? Trump want's to destroy America and be a fat ass ignorant bastard dictator. Which the racist traitor seems to be succeeding in. Trump and his family are nothing but dirty rotten crooks who like peeing on themselves and lying to the world. This fat disgusting man is not a president but a gross pile of whatever you can think of that is unholy.
James Sandy
Louis C.K. on the banality of evil (Trump) at 1:30! Awesome!
charlie major
Don't like trump. Don't like Hitler. But comparing them is just fucking stupid. I mean, Hitlers bad but he isn't THAT bad.
Daniel West
Trump talks about caring for people but he acts out in office to the tenth degree of negative qualities demanding loyalty and employee worship and instilling fear in everyone he hires and pays highly. In fear of being fired or locked out of his inner oval Trump circle, or Trump house. Those diseased with Megalomania are often gregarious if you are subservient to them but rarely exhibits positive qualities, unless they are petted like you would pet a friends tame powerful dangerous animal, or a friends pit bull.with extreme caution and flattery .
Victor Manuel
I like these guys. Colbert is an intelligent dude and Louis is comedy genius.
Ahhh and Hillary wasn't full of shit. The hypocrisy.
move on with life already, or not. Suffer it makes me laugh. Obama was a lying sack of shit too. jfyi
Swnsasy _
Trump is from and lives (lived) in New York.. Why didn't the country listen to NY when they told us ALL the horrible things that Trump has done to them over decades?
Bertha Martin
Amen to that trumptard is an orange lying sack of shit.......!!!!!!
rock star
Fuck responsibilities & fuck u Louie!
the stranger
Victim this. Victim that.
Tell us another one. Hang on let me teach myself to forget to think/
Louis has so much more respect for Stephen than Jimmy Fallon.
Leathia Fails
I love him lmaooo
Tasha O'hara
Call it what it is "a lying sack of shit" explains him extremely well, Trumptards will whine and scream "this is disrespectful!" Yet he insult offends and attacks people on a daily basis and they defend him. HYPOCRITS are a lying sack of shit too!!! that would be Trumptards
John Sullivan
Bubba raped interns and many others like Paula
Jones who he paid $ 850,000.00
Barack Hussein gave 150 Billion to terrorists...added 10Trillion
Dollars to our debt and let 200,000 innincents die after the bad
guys crossed Barry's fake red line promise.
Trump stands up to Mika lowest Sat score in her college and Joe
leaver of a dead intern in his office in 2001and he is the bad guy ???
CNN = Fake News
bob smith
The ONLY thing people should be focusing on about Trump is that he appears to have the emotional intelligence and self control of a 9 year old, an IQ around 90 tops, gives blatant ques he is either completely unable to read or has the reading ability of a slow 1st grader, and is an obvious sexual predator and blatant misogynist.

The fact that he's a pathological liar and used car salesman and complete failure of a businessman with severe abandonment and self esteem issues are completely negligible compared to those first character traits
Scott Gooding
Eric Kooi
Make Donald Drumph Again!!!
JAPP John Andrew Patrick Peters
who are the 5.6k people that are lying sacks of shit who gives this a thumbs down
jovina quaresma
This was funny and Louis is right he didn't lie to all Americans he only lied to the those who voted for him and supported him. The rest of us saw and continue to see thru his bull shit and lies. He's only fooling those who are constantly sniffing his ass.
BHE GamingandSketches
i officially love louis ck, someone had to say it outright and unapologetic
trump in fact isn't trump. initially his last name was "drumpf" :D so...louis was not that wrong when questioning his name :D
If God came to talk about politics it wouldn't be to denounce Trump. Killary and Obama are the ones madly in love with every intrinsic evil on the planet. Sodomy as a cultural good...slaughtering the unborn as a "choice"..pick your own gender and bathroom bullshit...
Wow if you want super easy laughs just call Trump a name. Yup, really courageous and original.
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