Opposite Contour Tutorial

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Danielle Williams
y'all are the cutest couple. 😂🔥❤
Jessica_ Katya
Ronnie Stop!!! Lmao. Fucking dying. ^_^
Victoria D
Sammy Sweetheart 😍
Hailey Dornon
I was having an awful day and was crying and decided to watch this video to cheer me up. IT WORKED TY JENNA
Marie Valentine
Please do doga #jennadodoga
Nova Lova
I know this is going to seem inappropriate, but Julien must be "huge" or "excellent" if Jenna is willing to put up with his attitude 24/7, either that or there's some weird trend on TubeYou where lovable YouTubers partner up with f**ing A****** for more attention (Also a reference to Joey Graceffa and "Daniel") she does put up with it marvelously though, so hats off to her!
Max Keefe
I love that julian just talks from behind camera
Libby P
You're wearing a Calgary shirt! Good job.
Valentina Sanchez
Hope Marie
can you do a makeup tutorial of your everyday makeup look
i think julien says "smash" whenever she looks up because thats the face he sees when shes blowing him off..😂
Viola Rose
Now I know how Donald Trump does his makeup.
Jennifer Khan
You filthy mudblood 😂😂
Anna Forbes
she looks like an an actual cow before she blended. Jenna is iconic
Adrienne Otis
You know when you try to put your face on your own face on snapchat this is what it looks like in the thumbnail
Sarah Glynn
hannah everette
this look is really 2008 hot
SlickPickOnTheStick -_-
she looks like a peace sign
It looks like your head is giving birth to your face in the thumbnail
Laura Gwinn
She looks like someone wiped their ass on her face 😂😂😂😂
Cappi Kitterman
this why I love JennaMarbles, because she isn't afraid to look like a koi fish.
Naomi Shae
"Don't fist me and say you loves it" 😂😂😂 I died
She whispered her address
kasey rutledge
She's so much happier with Julian. I'm so happy.
Jay Jones
"Don't fist me and say loves it"
"I didn't fist you, I fist bumped you"
😂😂😂 I died
Isaac Dennis
Isaac Dennis
Frankiee Moses
I died
Linda M
"I can see your dick" "I'm a girl" 😂
Sebastian Michaelis
Donald Trump does this 24/7
Shona McQuillan
"I look like my dad" "I look like a dirty old man" wow xD
Jonathan Butts
Her boyfriend is always so negative about her and her videos.
Girls can have dicks
Katie Beijan
I don't understand why people don't think you're funny
Raahhhhnnnn staaahhppp 😂😂😂
Aja Baldwin
"Send help to 1234 Internet Street" x'DDD
Noah James
loves it
MissBelle 08
Please do opposite makeup! Such as putting your eyeshadow underneath your eyes instead of on your eyelids or putting mascara on your bottom lashes but not on the top where you usually would!😂😂😂👌🏼
Riya Patel
Pass pass pass pass pass pass smash
Xx Okayxx
I'm new Someone plz explain what smash or pass means
k till
ESO references..... love youuuuuuuu
Cha tchin
It's amazing !!
You look good like that!!
Sorry for my poor english i'm a french girl
😂😂I'd still smash though
I love her so much she always makes my dayyy lmaooo !!!
Adria G
omg calgary sweater
Electra Snow
i've watched this so many times i know all of the words by heart omg
Queen Rylock
Jenna just had fun and films it and I think that's what YouTube is about it's so cute I love it
Lucy Giles
your contour colour looks like actual baby poop omfg
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