Roman Reigns and Big Show think they are "The Greatest" - WWE Champions

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Play WWE Champions and decide who is "The Greatest"
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sss sher Shaikh
no no no!!!
Abdul Omad
John cena is better
RetroTerror -
Weird I could of thought Roman reigns got destroyed by Braun.

But this is all a test by Vince To make him look strong.
adhika sukma
Its Doesn't Make Roman look Big
Mohammed Ehab
Roman sounds really nice and awesome in real life
Nimiraanan Raanan
ha ha roman is the greatset champio- hahahahahahahah
no but seriously
qwear qwear
cm punk.
Lena Milliana
this is the most funniest commercial pub 😂😂😂👌
Mason Acevedo
that was the best wwe game vid ever
anyone dead because of big show's impression of randy savage XD
Artraz, L'Ange de la Mort
i think now, wwe is all around roman reigns for raw and aj styles for smack down
Fercho Media
If WWE reunite The Shield, Roman Reigns could be face! Believe That!
Chris Ramsaroop
Roman reigns is better
Jaden Ilme
Roman reigns is better than big show Randy savage and Ric flair
Prince Ksh5h
Sane Kali
It's roman
Mustafa Niazi
Faahir Khan
Roman reigns returns to take his revenge from strowman... Watch that horrible moment. Die braun Die.
LayZ The Gamer
Can't help but admit that WOOOO from Reigns was pretty decent
king supercard
John Simmonds
Hulk Hogan is the best old school wrestler in my opinion but his finisher sucks
Tasos K.
i am a big fan of roman reigns but when he is like th big dog the guy superman it makes angry..
if he defeats brock lesnar than he can call himself the guy... +1 who believes that is true
Mustafa Aydemir
manja manju
nice one
Gregory Retzepis
Did Big Show lose weight?
Jake The Toad
Big Show had to make roman look Really strong here
Margaret Muthrngi
i think cena is the greatest
nand kishor kumar
Roman Empire
Alan Edran
I thought they where playing Wwe Supercard
James Turnbull
Ultimate warrior is the best WWE champion of all time
0:37 please make this a meme 😂
Vees h
Roman Reigns is a GOAT
Felix Joel Báez
jolina banzon
I have that game
Kurt Angle
Roman can do WOOO then Ric Flair himself
sohan sap
i will agree with bigshow but wtf about roman reings
Soz ment to say ric flair lol
Eric flair is one of my favs and his daughter is my fav women's wrestler
Epsilon, ikr 😂😂😂😂
Lugeyps3 Fan!!!
HUG YOU ROMAN clap clap clap clap clap HUG YOU ROMAN clap clap clap clap clap
Shaikh Tasheef
roman and big show should be the tag team finish up with be braun strowman
Brandon Shepherd
no The Ultimate Warrior is the greatest
Yo Boii
I like how booman said rick flair
Alison Wen
Ayinde Roman
Didnt roman just get destroyed
coolbro star
I like the game wwe immortals
that's sad ultimate warrior is the best bro
mr wrestler,7
the big show is awsome
Emi Domi
Roman reigns
Jacob Trodd
nature reigns
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