Roman Reigns and Big Show think they are "The Greatest" - WWE Champions

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Play WWE Champions and decide who is "The Greatest"
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Lorf Gordon
Roman Vs The Rock now that's a match that needs to happen
Chasity Mascaro
Roman reigns is the best 🤗
I Am The Dude
how convenient i love ramen noodles
Mariah Concepcion
roman reigns is the best wrestler ever like if agree
0:17 THAT IS FUNNY. ROMAN IS A COMEDIAN. Oh wait... He wasnt joking?
Morexy- Gaming
You Smell what the rock is the greatest of all time?
if i hit one million SUBS i will uploud
Uzair Khan
Roman is the best not big show
Big Smoke
All three of Romans world title runs sucked
Anthony Simpson
no it #letssettlethis
Anthony Simpson
#lets settal this
Devin Pigliavento
Ric flair yes. You two no
Expolding TNT gamer526
john cena is
sushankh thapa
neither of them
vincent mchamon
roman will never die. deal with it
Error Sans
Imperial Cub
I have loved Roman Reigns since I first started watching WWE in 2014. Love him so much
Liana Aramoana
it's roman reigns yard WOO!
chandan barik
chandan barik
chandan barik
chandan barik
Deepanshu Donaldsingh
Lewis Morgan
The Best WWE Superstars Ever Are
1.Braun Stroman
2.Samoa Joe
3.The Undertaker
4.Roman Reigns
5.Stone Cold Steve Austin
7.Brock Lesnar
Lewis Morgan
No The Best WWE Champion Off Alltime Is The Undertaker
Roman is the stronger wan in wwe champion
abdulla binfahad
Roman is the best wwe wrestler
Deyvid Evgeniev
wwe immortals...😉😉
Seth Frikin Rollins
ricarda gonzalez
roman is the greatest
Dheeraj D
roman reigns best champion who can never draw 😂😂😂
ethan Gengler
they are the greatest they are the strongest
epic famer
roman reigns IS the best and mocho man
Amy Lee
roman should add big show to the shild roman is the beast
Ibrahim Abdullahi
nope it's stone cold Steve Austin
Sandra Carcamo
Mabcask ramnej
I say hayabusa is the best wreslet
ماكس 2games
Big show 😂😂😂😂😂
King gamer15
roman reigns is greatest
gnanam sri
I unlocked you Big show
Alex Gonzalez
Hahaha i love this
Bork Laser
Stop using roman he is terrible on the mic
Faiq Ahmad Mughal
Roman is in best shape here..
american morals. non-existent
satyanarana bahavani
Adulsalam Alhalaffi
Mueed Ali
look at bigshow when.he say macho man he looks comedy peace
Manav Sidhana
John cena is the best
Alonemello GT
lol big show so funny
my greatest wrestler of all time is andre the giant.
my greatest wrestler of all time is andre the giant.
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