Feisty Snake Slithers into Internet Cafe


Occurred on April 8, 2017 / Wiset Chai Chan District, Ang Thong, Thailand

"A rat snake almost bit a customer in the internet cafe."

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SPW Entertainment
lol hahahahahahahaha
진수 박
Luke L
Joee 88
Hahahahahah damn!
뭔데 뱀이나오냐
0:50 fuck this shit I'm out...
He can dance
Neeraj Vohra
omg snake speed is very high,,,,
kj sing
I think that snake was planned by their parents
The Maverick
Snake bit his weiner.
I have 2 round trip tickets to Thailand for sale. I've decided not to go.
zero sas
And there was born a martial arts that day, that was called "flying snake kick kicking a friend"
Fahmi Herlambang
0:21 feels bad man for that little guy who got kicked, he seems so hurt..
Nanung Rosadi Putro
He just wanted to check his "eeekmail"
Jelo Mercado
that's a knee to the ribs...
Muh Mudaffar
kungfu snake 😄😄😄😄😄
00:46 .. michael jackson new style...
this shit is bananasss
hopefully if this ever happen to me i'm not in the middle of intense game of Dota 2.
when your friends kicked in a sudden , then he can get up easily. HE IS THE REAL BRUCE LEE.
holy shiiit wtf
they did pijama party?
Obinna Ukelelewakiluchachibece
hahaha. poor boy with red polka dots shirt
Igman Difari
That snake probably forgot to logout their facebook account
smack dawn,,, lol
ومضئ حلم
izu IKMR
He is kung fu in 00.13
puteri balqis
hahahahahahhaha adoilaaaaa
Ratnadeep Wankhede
Hyde Wahyudi
sonic is real!!!
Thank U
Dimas A.Wardana
that guy wear blue made me laugh
Eaxel Rizanda
Agung Wibowo
i don't know but i laughing so hard..
rayhan dipo
best vidio ever! #laughs
Vero Smule
fucking hell shit , fucking freaking snake🐍
doni jawi
LOOLLLLL,,, i can't stop lauging dude, funny movement,,
Fiqri Akmanul Ichsan
0:13 WWE Style!! Wkwkw
Rindu Sianturi
😀😁😀😁😀😁😀😁😀😁 ngakakkkk setengah mati gue.. ha ha ha ha.. tks video nya
gamers world
what happens if snake goes into his underpants?
Gorilla Mabuk
the ending is epic, i dont even have to paused the video🤣
Ibell Channel
LOL 😂😂😂
Neg Carlos
A Snake into the internet cafe, what happened next will blown your mind...
rakhmad aristha
I watched it over and over again, and I keep laughing every time I watched it. I lost count on how many time I watched it and keep laughing, makes my tummy hurt lol
miy miy
0.24 after he being kicked loll hahahahahaha
Anna Malo indonesia
hahahahaha so funny
but alhamdulilah you all save
*maybe 😁
I know who throw the snake on Internet cafe.

it's he's mom😂😂😂
Super Trollman
The Snake wanted to play Slitherio!!!!!!!!!!
Lonzo to Lakers
When did Kevin Durant move to Thailand?
Lonzo to Lakers
Why my ex girlfriend jump on this nigga
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