Feisty Snake Slithers into Internet Cafe


Occurred on April 8, 2017 / Wiset Chai Chan District, Ang Thong, Thailand

"A rat snake almost bit a customer in the internet cafe."

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John Smith
he drop kick the shit out of the other guy lmao
Johnny Ryper
0:12 that dropkick tho
Complete Absence Of Light
fastest way to remove sneks "knee the nearest buddy and act like you're on fire"
Kathy Ricco
I noticed they're all Barefoot but I'm telling you what ....if snakes are jumping around like that. I 'd be wearing full body armor everyday
everybody likes kung-fu fighting 0:11
H. G. Wells
0:13 - He was scared while he almost bit by a rat snake and he accidentaly muay-thai kick
Sloth Donger
it's just a snake lmao
Mohamed Alhosani
00:06 That jump. That snake was going for him.
시발 날치도 아니고 존나 날라다녀 ㅋㅋㅋ
뱀은 공격받지않으면 먼저 공격하지않는데....뭔일이래
뱀이다 ~~~맛도좋고 몸에 좋은 뱀이다~~~
the panda
did u see the snake in the bin he jumped in the door i swear if that snake could talk it would say gotcha bitch
I once got attacked by a bat well walking home the little fucker kept attacking me for no reason.
J Wright
Chung Zhen Nam
tfw comments are funnier than the vid
nurdze malteze
but... wait! this fucking dude left without his snake!
Eddie Pack
But when he flails his legs in the floor!😂
sasi kumar
cant stop my laughing
ㅋㅋㅋ옆차기 꽂아버네
Yosa Arsandi
hahaha...jatuh nya itu loh..😂😂
Flying Snake Kick
Andri Afianto
bangsat!! ngakak gw :D
Steven DIY
i think the snake from slither io in real life
Danan Joyo
0:58 that fancy pants doe
Pusaka Dunia
oh no .. it's snake
go visit my chanel
yeNiko 140513
игрок поля
твари черножопые
yuvraj bann
That dude literally did a burnout before getting a grp ;)
Bet he has done a quatermile in 4sec after exiting the cafe
Roope Mäkelä
damn that guy took off xd
User Not Found
0:13 whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop
Jánosné Gábor
Gani Tatysh
0;12 ахаахах ,I.
Blueberry Sansy
when the guy sees it and falls down to run on his side XDD
if you love me let me gooooooo
What a fucking pussy.
Why on the heck that snake bite human on purpose that much? that dude just opened the door and damn snake assault n bite immidiatly! that bite was defenatly not for snake's own protaction. i've been handled lots of viper, and that is freaken unusual. Mostly snakes are pussy and thay never bite humans first unless they are scared. So i make my own conclution. That snake need to see tracer's ass so much.
Auto focus to the girl... she is so cute... XD
Bruh he dropped kicked that other guy. I'm rolling 😂😂😂😂
That is one really angry snake.
heniek padalec
Metal Gear Solid Mision Fail... snake ?!!!! snaaaaaaake !!!!!
Marites Panoncial
I can't stop laughing of this,, snake is my biggest fear ever.
Not a Cool Username
Lee Sin gets ganked by Cassiopeia
Charlotte B
oh very dengerious
ピーター Androidのオタク
Hahaha poor guy
Fikrey Eikey46
Snake:Shi* ..he saw me..attack...
The Man: Everybody is kungfu fighting.. *kick ur friend to remove snake..*😂😂😂😂
Pittle Stevomock
That guy getting attacked by the snake was so much braver than I would have been
i laughed after a long time . he is sooo quick to roll on the ground for me that's v. funny . but for that boy tha's vry horrible
dan iel
i have never laughed like this at 3 am im crying
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