Feisty Snake Slithers into Internet Cafe


Occurred on April 8, 2017 / Wiset Chai Chan District, Ang Thong, Thailand

"A rat snake almost bit a customer in the internet cafe."

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Lawrence Domingo
galing ni kuya mag flying kick..hahahahaha
Carlos Jr Negrete
hes name ang thong or wiset chai chan
Carlos Jr Negrete
watch tomonews THAILAND SNAKE
ArmZHomeless !
The snake wanted his ass to keep making those customer support calls
luis carrizoo
linces 💪
Dancy Reddick
Dancy Reddick
LOL HE JUMPED like he got bit by a dog LOL
eldrick toppenberg
This shit had me weak😂😂
hey ya
best part - 12 sec
line vekova
Snake got the news from somewhere that he has given 1000 million dollars by the World Bank thats why he was so desperate and couldn't stop himself to check his mail.
Kuro Neko
0:10 snake say: suprise motherf*cker
와...저기는 뱀이랑 현피 뜬다.
뱀이 날러~~
Harry Is o'mighty
Ha ha when the guy jumped and kicked the other can't stop laughing 😂
Ruzxel Newbie
wtf karate kid😂😂
those are some nice chairs
i can't. the comments here. somebody call an ambulance. can't stop laughingg XDDDDD
Master Yoda
master viper from kung fu panda
well but seriously, that was hell of an attacking snake!! i saw this for the fist time that snakes follow and attack so bad!!
MVP Gaming
That snake wanna play gta 5 and watch something
why the f are all of them barefoot?
ali sema
Poor Dora players get LP'd
miami 032007
mak ...
the fatass ran away and hid inside a cupboard. i bet a few snakes were waiting inside...
Ran Ng
Sadly, that snake will be killed and to be cooked as dinner that night
John Smith
he drop kick the shit out of the other guy lmao
Johnny Ryper
0:12 that dropkick tho
Complete Absence Of Light
fastest way to remove sneks "knee the nearest buddy and act like you're on fire"
Kathy Ricco
I noticed they're all Barefoot but I'm telling you what ....if snakes are jumping around like that. I 'd be wearing full body armor everyday
everybody likes kung-fu fighting 0:11
H. G. Wells
0:13 - He was scared while he almost bit by a rat snake and he accidentaly muay-thai kick
Sloth Donger
it's just a snake lmao
Mohamed Alhosani
00:06 That jump. That snake was going for him.
시발 날치도 아니고 존나 날라다녀 ㅋㅋㅋ
뱀은 공격받지않으면 먼저 공격하지않는데....뭔일이래
뱀이다 ~~~맛도좋고 몸에 좋은 뱀이다~~~
the panda
did u see the snake in the bin he jumped in the door i swear if that snake could talk it would say gotcha bitch
J Wright
tfw comments are funnier than the vid
nurdze malteze
but... wait! this fucking dude left without his snake!
Darkkiller 765
But when he flails his legs in the floor!😂
sasi kumar
cant stop my laughing
ㅋㅋㅋ옆차기 꽂아버네
Yosa Arsandi
hahaha...jatuh nya itu loh..😂😂
Flying Snake Kick
Andri Afianto
bangsat!! ngakak gw :D
Steven DIY
i think the snake from slither io in real life
Danan Joyo
0:58 that fancy pants doe
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