Super Mario World (In 81,032 Dominoes!)

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After a month of work I present to you Super Mario World In Dominoes! Super Mario World is my personal favorite Mario game of all time, and decided to recreate the game in dominoes. My original plan was to make a Mario Themed video with higher resolution pictures, but I didn’t have enough certain colored dominoes to make all the characters, so I ultimately decided on the classic 16-Bit of Super Mario World. 

This video consisted a total of 81,032 dominoes! And for those that don’t know this is a screen link, that means that each clip is created on it’s own, then edited together to make it look like one long setup. As always I hope you enjoy this video and if you did please like, comment, and share this video anyway that you can, I greatly appreciate it. 

Music By SykeloneTheGhost: Super Mario World - Overworld Theme Remix

Music By Garrett Williamson - Project M - Super Mario Castle Theme Remix

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