Super Mario World (In 81,032 Dominoes!)

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After a month of work I present to you Super Mario World In Dominoes! Super Mario World is my personal favorite Mario game of all time, and decided to recreate the game in dominoes. My original plan was to make a Mario Themed video with higher resolution pictures, but I didn’t have enough certain colored dominoes to make all the characters, so I ultimately decided on the classic 16-Bit of Super Mario World. 

This video consisted a total of 81,032 dominoes! And for those that don’t know this is a screen link, that means that each clip is created on it’s own, then edited together to make it look like one long setup. As always I hope you enjoy this video and if you did please like, comment, and share this video anyway that you can, I greatly appreciate it. 

Music By SykeloneTheGhost: Super Mario World - Overworld Theme Remix

Music By Garrett Williamson - Project M - Super Mario Castle Theme Remix

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DANI el mejor del oeste gameplays
1000 dislikes? Nonononon but this amaizing!!!!!
panchi loco
cry for a lot of nostalgia
Alejandro Sandez Pons
João cuflat 35
Legal para caralho 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Ryan Winchester
Man so satisfying
Ali Anjum
Not domino king your the domino god
Benedict Neuholz
Tomas Elena
Sos el mejor 😉😉😎😍😘😇😱
Brent Caldwell
This is truly amazing!!!!
William Scanlon
They deserve 10 million Likes and 100 million subscribers for all the time and effort that goes into these and they truly are the domino king
Doge Gaming
Great video
Gangster Games
Soooo cool and i have so much respect for you
Troy Troftgruben
LOVE it♥
Kruimel Koning
Wow! Just wow
Spencer Hawkins
There should be a college for people that can do this
this is so crazy how it's can be possible i love it
Why did you have the idea to do this in the first place
Wanderer 50
Can you do castlevania in dominoes?
Liamm1212 12
You are really talented
Sergio 4lau
WTF is this Chanel
Cory Westerfield
Where do you keep all of these frickn dominos??!
chris poppen
Elena Kempf
If u really have nothing 2 do on holidays
Dragon Master
When you have no life
Eric Garcia
I wonder what's the average time it takes to set up
4:24 el unico error de dominoe en el ojo de esa nave xd
the one fake in the eye xd
Cosmic Z
My favourite mario game
Fabian Felipe Caceres Aponte
Like si lo ves en 2017
alex yustepguis
Que te fumas para hacer esta preciosidas
Gwydian Movie's
Its sort of like paper mario but more retro
Sturmhammer !
his youtube channel name says the truth .-.
Taco Gamez
That game is my childhood!! Love that game!!
PerroNaitor 3.0
HigorM. Studios Since 2005
Awesome job!!
Dude this is awesome.
Alex DG3009
How do you clean up after?
Whos gonna clean that up?
Ryan Uva
HOW? Just How? I mess up every second
Natalie Maltais
Fox Gaming
This actually looks easier to make other than the oddysey one
Aww, no koopalings?
SuperLuigiMark 1
This is so awesome that you need to talk to a docter before because extreme awesomeness levels
Tho- mas
Vers good
Paxton Poole
Funtime Gamer
Damn this is so Cool!!!!!
Nintendo Boy
4:31 The way smg4 Mario says it Well i did it. I saved the world.
Give me your talent please
NOOOOOO The incorrectly-colored Bowser ruined it for me X''(
Vanessa Parra
in bowser some of them didnt call down
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