Jimmy Fallon's Golden Globes Cold Open

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Host Jimmy Fallon kicks off the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

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Jimmy Fallon Opens the 2017 Golden Globes

2:06 the woman on the left in the blue dress is really doing a number on the top of that limo!
xkawaii kpopx
kay but Ryan Reynolds sliding off the piano made me cry laughing
Who is it in 0:58 ?
Maria louci
Wow! his's the best Golden Globes open I've seen 😍.....Jimmy did a very cool job 😀
Mateo Sanchez
processing this work looks sndrtroll .
Andrea Cicuto
The mr. robot part😂
Detox Holmes
1:59 You're Welcome
Juanito Alimaya
0:50 Breaking Bad¡
shishira tm
we want ricky gervais
Julie Mathews
I love you Jimmy. thank you
nills thefunexpert
i love stranger things, Ryan Reynolds and Jimmy but all the other People idk. Belgium television sucks
The stranger things bit was creepier than the actual show.
David Smith
Love the end!!!!! JT and JF foreva!!!!!
John Caral
Barbara's still ALIVE !!!!!
aryo borzin Taheri
Why am I not surprised that Fallon threw in a rap verse over the music? That beautiful melody, the way it's harmonized, the instrumentation, the way it's performed... that's a masterpiece that reaches inside you and touches your very soul. And Fallon shat all over it by throwing in a rap verse because "that's hip" right? RIGHT?
tane peaman
barb is still alive!
Bryan hartanto
I've watched La La Land but this cold opening that Jimmy did is a million times better than the movies' opening scene. The Academy did the right thing, giving Best Picture to Moonlight.
Eff Correa
all time best opening, give Jimmy an award for this
Amy Seo
The actors from "the stranger things" made this 1000 times better! BARB IS ALIVE!
what an adorable duo <3 They have this bromance going for so long
Cinematographer 925
Barb's alive confirmed!
The groove at the end is "Cruisin", by D'Angelo.
Chewba Ka
Barb is still alive ! 😱
Robert Swinda
Thank god, why does Tina even exist.
Andersson A. A.
Diletta Dile
The beginning was so AWSOME when I saw Nicole Kidman and the Amy Adams I felt like crying 😭😍
Art By HBH
i come back watching this way to often
City of Cars
Check out our Parody Original "City of Cars"!
Irma aaa
Gavin Is A Drummer
I love this!!
Arthur Alexander
I remember watching this before I saw La La Land.
Watched the movie last night and this is so much more amazing.
David Nobre
this was so awesome!
Marcela saldaño
Jimmy Fallon es el mejor!
The Ancient Mariner
1:58 what is that, a blurred dick?
omg ryan gosling is so cute i'm dying
Athena Primrose
When you think there is going to be a Jimmy and Tina moment
Lexie Grey
Rami Malek is perfect :')❤️
Galaxy Diamond
Who came here because of Stranger Things
Abe Grimm
Why so much faggotness?
Filip Marković
From what movie is that women in blue at 1:02
Andrew Lee
I spotted a wild Deadpool at 1:25
Fuh. King. Hilarious! So cool how they pulled that all together. Well Done!
Finally realized why actors and actresses make so much money...............it's not easy to play pretend as an adult and take yourself seriously. That truly is a gift! And now I'm back to not caring about Hollywood. Thanks for your time.
Dimples for days
How have I not seen this before? Doesn't matter I am just really happy I found this now. Found a new appreciation for fallon:)
Sia Leeds
Best opening EVER ! XD
Mark Armage
This is way better than Jimmy Kimmel Opening for the Oscars.
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