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hmmm.... overwatch tomorrow? y/n
Mckenzie Hall
These kids would never say this to there parents face my dad has lots of money but if me and my brothers want something we have to work for it
SSSniperWolf , I think DT means Dumb Twat
Daniel Mendez
hmmm....overwatch tomorrow? y/n
Gabriella Veloz
My great grandma lived in a castle
Lmao, I have that bmw and marble XD I don't call people peasants
Caitlin reacts/vlogs
The new house in France one is called 'Le chateau et grand' and it's a history destination for primary school kids I went in year 6 that kid lied
Shayma Yusuf
Dt is design and technology
Ella Gewer-White
And btw ily
Ella Gewer-White
DT means design sand technology
Lau Andrea
DT is Detention!!!!!
Vicky Wu
Knives r for peasants Well Of Course They R How Else Can We Stab U
Hacking Survivor
Wait I know his to stop these stupid kids we drop them off at a orphanage
Ally Butterfinger
When I saw the title I thought of that one girl from willy Wanka and the chocolate factory that said "daddy get me that squirrel!!!! "
Pamela Bruins
like hmm.. instead of buying 3 other Iphones you could have given that to charity and not even care exectpt not have something to post for snapchat
Pamela Bruins
I hate this, especially when your mom has cancer and can't pay the bills with no dad
Sophia RainWright
DT- is Down Town. Look it up DT texting
Dt is detention
DT is woodwork
The adventure Kids
I want to be your kid
It's sad how rich people can't afford paper.
Olivia Denney
Design and technology
Anielis Colon
Hey SSSniperWorlf! I started to watch you're videos today and I joined the wolf pack! I'm really happy I did love ya!
Bethany Todd
my principle has a house worth 7 million dollars
AngelT3ssa Vlogs
omg lol! haha people actually still use the word midget (just so) and also ur sooo funny!!!! i love u!!! <3
Blinx wolf92
Wow these dumb assholes can just go out and fucking buy tissues with the money 😑
Random Stuff
I hade 1 iPhone for 2 years
Gameing With Rio Oreo
They probably printed some money πŸ˜‚
Galaxy demonprincess
btw take in the note book that says 2014
Galaxy demonprincess
ewwwww my dog licked my hand i just lotioned ;-;
Galaxy demonprincess
that sword looks kinda dirty
Brooke 12345
New house in France is the same picture as going to grandmas house
Makayla Raymond
I think DT means detention
Knite Ryder
If those rich kids with "money" had a head, and actually used it, they would have thought "oh I got a blue Lamborghini, but I wanted a red one" use ur money and just take it to get a new paint job lol
Dd Gap
My g I got money but I don't flunt it as much as these bitchs
Pure Gamer
daddy bejang
500 dollar bills??
glitter koala squad
When i was younger i got a knife and scrached the wall
Sonya Shoe
My sister used to call me and my brother, "Peasent of the North" and we'd fight brutally because none of us wanted to be "Peasent of the West".
Mythical_ LIES DEAD
Now what if you take him to the orphanage and his foster parents has a $50 mill house and 2 Lamborghini Aventadors and said "My foster parents has more then my dad,I should of stayed with him,hate this life."SNIPER will get sooooo triggered LMAO
Mythical_ LIES DEAD
Now what if u took him to the orphanage and his foster parents are rich and has $50 mill house and has two Lamborghinis Aventador and says my foster parents as more then my dad I should of just stayed with him hate this life
Alicia Tulloch
dt stands for deigin and tec
Dt means detention
Purple Pumpkin123
DT stands for design and technology
I live in England,I don’t know if it’s called design and technology in America xxxx
IshMxlly _
I live in a small town.....

Once there was a yellow lambo Holding near a store with cheap cars i was just like β€œWhattttttttt”
The funny thing was that it was Holding the Wrong Way πŸ˜‚
Dt- dumb time
I subscribed to you!
Jesse Claudio
D.T probably means drawing time
karmen huff
Dt means detention πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Miraculous Ladybug
We all the peasants
I’m pretty sure DT means Digital Tools
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