Skyguy66 :3
Wow he said I am better than 99% of all the people that didn't read the end credits and can stop forest fires
Angela Oceanbreeze
Where is Loki?
Ryan higa Is god
99% of the people read the credits pretty sure
Kevin Logan
Yay I'm better than 99% of you. Plus I would light him on fire too. Watch the role credits
Ryan Tepper
Why would you light smokey the bear on fire????????
Rai Himal
hahaha i died laughing
Nabeed Sheikh
In the last part if that was Spider-Man that was swinging back home then where is iron man then
PrestonPlayz Fan Tbnr
anyone read the entire credits in 2017?
otaku shoujo
awesome!!! this fake trailer is amazing !!! the script is marvelous
Lily Brown
Looking back at these videos... it reminds me of Smosh. The quality is higher but at least everyone is a happy family.
Sujit Varadhan A
Hats off to those who paused and read the credits....!!!
Ash Ketchum
Captain Canada would be the best, he's got ice hockey, I also hear he's, pretty cool 🀑
Esther L
i actually read the credits lol ryan did 'so much'
Vivek Gadekar
Marvel-DC merger
I'm better than 99% of you
Harrison Mattiew
Lol the credits. It was worth it πŸ˜‚
Dimas Bagaskara
The first time I saw Kyle in the actual videos not BTS's
But now Spider-Man is kind of a avenger
Pewdiepie makes 10x more money but Ryan makes 10x better content honestly it's the best content on YouTube
YAY I'm in the top 1% of people

I can prevent forest fires cool
Nick Fury is black bro
lisha coolgirl 15
nice going Spider-Man
lisha coolgirl 15
"wait im not bleeding"
(looks down)
"yeah im bleeding"
Tumisho Mashabela
the-or πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹
Zayaan Sallie
Top 1% bruh
Benjamin Hobson
Someone like this
Anime Hollow
incredible anger management hulk
Hi YouTube!
Aww... Ryan I'll go get chinese food with you.
Who's watching in 3095 ?
Parag Nainani
More than half of the comments here are on the 3 second creditsπŸ˜‚
No one is interested in talking about the rest of the video πŸ˜›
The amazing gabriel! Games
Lol who else read the "credits"?
Strawberry Milk
he should change the title to AVENJERK
lol haha I was the 1% who read ALL the credits! Ryan actually wrote a story?
Read the credits πŸ˜‚
Sajjal Aftab
Come to think of it if smokey the bear approached me in the middle of the forest and told me not to play with fire I'd be so scared that he was talking I'd probably try to light that bastard on fire πŸ”₯
Lightning Fox
Am I the only one who read the credits
Bhuvan Dey
see in slow motion from 3:17
The gamerig Ninja
Im crying when i see hawkeye and blackwidow sad
Sweg Mastah
I'm hawkeye
Black widow
Best moment ever
Xpher M
Well at least spiderman is better than those other superheroes
Bleach is a good drink
I was reading the end part
Kent Killer 360
we read the credit
Sophia de Los Reyes
The. Jj n j. N
Dear Ryan can u floss
bosterman 360
I'm laughing so hard at that period joke (sarcasm)
Erin Grace Grace
cast spiderman hulk
khaledgames- roblox adventures
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