Movies In Minutes - Avengerz


Spoof of Avengers.

SQ Wong
Why would you want to kill Somkey the bear??
Blue Blue
it's not captain Canadia! it's captain Canuck!
Silver Skuller
#2:51 nice car
Silver Skuller
@2.51 nice car
Silver Skuller
#2.51 that's a nice car
Omg Regina is there

Edit:My character from the Skitzo?!

Me:But she's dumb

Aidan Rivera
the end I had to decipher
I am CRAVING Chinese food right now!!!

Not many people reading this understand why...
Iz da Man
RIP smoky the bear
Trolled ByFarm
Greg’s first appearance tho
Banana Pants
I actually read it
the car at 2:52 was awsome
Ice Elf
I’m Canadian and I seriously call it Canadia...
Daneall Saleem
"Even Spiderman had a movie and he wasn't even invited!" Not anymore he's not
Bobby Chatterjea
I actually read the credits
Riluwan Rasak
did you just said Kerala..
dear Ryan can you speak Malayalam language
The Amazing Annie
Who else wished Loki was in it?? Would have liked to see what he’d do with that
Ryan Cullen
That is a TERRIBLE Canadian accent
Rafay Jutt
"Marbel" lmfao
Francis Mangoba
The was so sick yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
girl fun
People in Canada 🇨🇦 don’t talk like that
Gaming with Aks
The credits are better than the rest 99% of the video
Credits at the end 🤣
awsomeepic jt
Im in canada!!!
Jill Anjuman
In the credits :
Masseuse- Ryan
Guy getting massage- Greg
Okkkk 🙄
Roselle Sheridan
I'm Canadian
Michelle Frost
1:16 Canadia
same Pearson act 5 characters
D1nosaur 1000
im from the future
I Am Better Than 99% Of The People Who Watched This.Like If You Get It.
Noah Melvin
I may be blind but at least I’m not black
The pro of gaming lu
Erik Miller
Who saw the light talking or the black face talking 00:36
The 4k dislikes are salty Die hard Marvel fans
CEB404 Animações e talz
Morning Good6B
How do they make these fake trailers so good. When I try to make one, it always ends up a fail.
Gia Vincent
Yay I'm better than 99% percent of people...........according to Ryan...😶
captain canada
Angela Robinson
lmao, why am i thinking of fury evans xD
Как у вас там дела америкосы?
Shakshi Das
Canadian Speaking Guy Who kind of knows Canadian and Should Not be Teaching Canadian to AnyoneRyan
Hi*. *Mom
Ryan*. *Hey Girl!
*Girl*. *Hi Ryan!You're cute"
Ryan*. *Thanks girl, want some go out for Chinese food?
Girl*. *Umm, sure.... actually, my IBS has been acting up so I don't think it's a good idea
Ryan*. *Oh,ok,well bye

Lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Pause at 3:19
Emmah Pop
oi where's hawkeye
Batfan 2070
We do not have a Canadian accent
Literally Me
loooooooooolll!! Captain Canadia :)))
Famous Jammer
I was watching with subtitles and I kept reading Fury as Furry LOL.
Scully Comdey
Captin Canada
Raphael Gonzalez
Racist 0:55
Spandy S
"in a world there is...................................traffic."
heyletsplay games!
I read the credits lol
That's Strange
Don't light someky on fire Ryan: I read those credits
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