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With the academy awards coming up, Last Week Tonight asks: Hollywood whitewashing...how is this still a thing?

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Jeff the Frog
The Pharaos actually where white, so at last that ones historically correct
But what would be the flipside to this: all actors must exactly match the racial identities of the roles they are playing? Why not just select actors with the greatest talents to play their respective roles? Who gives a fuck that when Ben Kingsley played Gandhi he wasn't full blood indian, he did an amazing job. Unless the purpose of the film is to be historically accurate I don't see why race must be essential to the role
I CAN ANSWER THIS QUESTION!!!!!!!! A big portion of the money they make is from china and they dont like black people. I am not even joking,
Marty Bellvue
Uhhhhhh Elvis Presley's grandmother is part Cherokee. shouldn't have put him in brownface but uh, try again
Stacey J
Ghost in the shell was interesting to say the least...
Tom Cruise played an AMERICAN in The Last Samurai.
At least do some research before talking about the film.
April JK
Depp is actually Native American. Sorta.
Hugo Lalumiere
Mickey Rooney aside this was a problem more understandable 50 or 60 years ago. Mickey Rooney was NEVER understandable regardless of years. Period.
Runic Cross
You know I always thought that the Earth kindom was kinda mix of the rest of the races since as the largest land Mass and having some vastly differing people in ethnic appearance (as apposed to the water tribe and fire nation)
Yeah, but it's okay if Idris Elba plays James Bond or a Norse (i.e. Scandinavian i.e. whitest motherfuckers on the planet) god. The literal same talking heads like Cenk Uygur that bitch and moan about whitewashing praise the inverse -- "blackwashing", if you will. I have an idea, how about make casting choices that actually reflect the role being played (on both sides).
Ahmet C. Ay
Iranians are not black.
Mohamed El-Mohamed
White people created Hollywood and excelled in movie making, if they want to have white actors then it's their right !
Michaela Sunny
cough cough
Death Note
Ojberretta Berretta
Ojberretta Berretta
check singer yousra from egypt white check hossma habib also white now they are africans REAL AFRICANS FROM EGYPT
Tyler Courtney
Because hollywoods run by spineless liberals.
And it pissed me off more that letter the white actors refer themselves as human rights protectors.
Idi B
Jesus is the greatest white washing in history.
They forgot Madonna as Evita Peron.
V Ling
People in Persia and Northern ancient Egypt would have probably been light skinned. I dunno about the features though, probably not Nordic white but maybe a softer Caucasian or Mediterranean white would work.
Peter Smythe
Ramses II was a ginger, but there is a good chance he was not really light-skinned.
Netflix's Death Note in Seattle Washington?? Everyone is not Japanese? Misa Amane is a cheerleader?? Yeah, it keeps happening, and I can only hope that the Hollywood live action for "Kimi no Na Wa" (Your Name) stays Japanese and does NOT cast white leads.
Racist Americans would not watch a movie where the main character is non white, even though the story and script clearly says the lead is not white.

The non racist Americans are totally cool but that's just less revenue for a director, they're losing 48% of their audience, like trumpsters.

May be Hollywood should say fck it and go global, not just depending on the revenue from USA, and release the movie in multiple languages, for the movies where the story needs a non white lead, and they have a pool of non white actors who could play that role but the director sadly had to choose a white person because they're afraid they would lose a large part of his audience if they won't.
There are a lot of white people in Puerto ricans. I mean Puerto Rico was settle by a lot of Spanish people. the current governor of Puerto Rico and mayor of San Juan are white. I don't see any problem with white actors playing Puerto Ricans. There are instances where hispanic actors played white roles in Cameron Diaz and Andy Garcia. Cubans are mostly white. I don't have an issue with Italian american Al Pacino playing Tony Montana in Scarface.
Matthew Culbert
Isn't it kinda racist to judge an actor or actress based on their skin colour rather than their acting ability.
Been Jammin
Tom Cruz in the last samurai wasn't supposed to be asian. His character was a white male recruited by the samurai or something like that. If you want to know more just look it up or watch the movie.
Thurman stevenson
Rue is black in the hunger games
People pretending to be from places they aren't? They aren't actors, are they?!
Delfina Jones
I'm all about placing African Americans in the forefront in films, but let's take this with a dose of reality.
1. Making a film is a business venture designed to make a profit. You can argue all day about "cultural significance" AND "relevance" but at the end of the day the film has to make money.
2. People are more likely to pay to see a film if the film contains "bankable stars". This puts butts in the seats.

Like they said in the video, People aren't going to pay to see a film starring Mohammed who the fuck from such and such, even if it is a Middle Eastern film. Think "bankable stars".
I don't know the answers, all I know is that it's a business and the makers of the film will follow established conventions to maximize their profits on the film.
It's that simple. If movie goers lined up to see movies containing Black and Asian actors, Black and Asian actors would be all you see in movies.
say what you will about twilight, but at least they cast actual native american actors to play native american characters.
Does no one understand that the character from The Last Samurai is supposed to be white? Like.... it's about a US soldier among the Japanese Samurai
Amira Saidi
You know north Africans are white right?...
32 Frazier
The system of white supremacy still exists
Ivan Starshinov
Shoot the film in which it will be told about oppression of black slaves in the USA. But that everything was tolerant, let slaves be played white, and slaveholders, let the black play.
And still shoot the film about Hitler where Hitler's role will be played by the black homosexual judaizing.

The king of Great Britain can't be a black, as well as Knights of the Round table.
The emperor of Japan can't be white. And Asians can't play aboriginals of Africa.
It is less than absurdity, in attempt to be tolerntny, misters and ladies. It is less than absurdity.
LJ Miranda
This is ridiculous.
Kimchi Kim
Even if they do cast an Asian, usually they hire Chinese people for Koreans and Japanese, and somehow find a Vietnamese person to fill the role of a Chinese or something
more like how is bitching about whitewashing still a thing?
When i watch a movie i don't give a fuck about the color of the actors skin, I care about weather or not he/she is good enough for the role.
Maria False
Americans need to stop thinking every-one has to do what they do, Chinese people were amused to see what Tom "thinks" of a samurai, while you were giving it your last tweezers, cus' the samurai Ora is too much of a "mystical appeal" for apple heads like you and your worldworth teachers- thank u for that- but remember we did it together.. IT NEEDS TO BE A SECRET, SINCE HISTORY PLAGIARISM HAS REACHED HIS MOST UNEMBARRASSED PEAK. Europeans, also, KNOW it is not a finishing touch that Tom's sperm emissions can MOVE the stock price/or that not just any s. makes a happy kid, that being..but we will not FORGET what gave Tom a steel hip for his mummy, 'key? I mind, a lot, when I see an African hypocrite, better than a lung-washed Italian actor, cus' Africa is in a deeper sorrow..I trust that Hollywood can advice by being lively, but no one needs to get addicted to advisers he will never be able to greet, and that being the H. dream is the first problem in line. Next, art and politics don't swallow together.. there's time to shine, and time to get real. Africans have a chance to hold back now that your fires have all taken off, I mean.. who would have said that Every fcking nation has a debt- with God suppossingly.. and the why all those "perfect looking creatures" are sad??? Is that why visa means visa, and not capitalistic dream or mendavior or electrofluffy card? ALL COWS belong to Jesus, making it a specific number, so if you ate too much of it you may end up with a hole in your stomach cus he CAN transfer her existence in the future, no? Isn't it funny, finally a completely bullet-idiot American president, his wife's rib? And you worry about what he eats, nothing, yo, like our screaming flat-ball vikings no? "No body messes with my viking dream, that does it!"(viking-deffinition of he who is not scrupulous to serve shit.. ).. and IT IS cute that Americans don't know how vital shit should be to their life, MAKE Friends with Al-banians, we want to help too, you know, no I don't wont a Nobel..I wanna know why I can't travel the world..
This is so much bullshit.
You don't need to have equal representation of races in movie awards. That's moronic. Only 12% of America is black.
Iranians, and Egyptians are Caucasian, just like Jake Gyllenhaal.
Tons of puerto ricans look like Natalie Wood. The mayor of San Juan is blonde.
The character played by Tom Cruse in the last samurai is suppose to be an american from the 19th century. So a white male makes sense. And no tom cruse is not the last samurai, samurai is plural to include all the samurai he fought along side. They were the last group of samurai. That bit was funny but, misleading.
Edit Grammar and spelling.
Check out dumbfoundead's music video for safe
J'zargo Valyrian
In the near future the Chinese will control Hollywood from the back door.
Cheese Boy
John Oliver being his white cuck self
d. cypher
I tried to join the community swimming pool when i was about 14. (This was in about 1990-1991) it just so happened my black friend was with me... we get to the counter...i tell them i want to purchase a membership...they say ok '$145.00' for the year. I took the money, i already knew the price, and had gotten the money from my folks. Then, my black friend asked to join... there was some hesitation on the young ladies part... she asked we wait a minute, left, returned w her boss, who said 'ok, sorry about that...$5,000.' I asked for a return, which they happily gave me, and i never went back. That's in a suburb of pittsburgh, 15 minutes outside the city... they closed the pool a number of years ago. I never went back there, but i often tell that story. Crazy huh? Never know.
Russ Wilson
Chuck Heston used to play a native American in westerns all the time.
Catus Lady
5 Stars John. This video is so accurate.
the boi
race doesn't even matter m8
NoĆ¾helm Blodcyning
Persians are white though. They do seem to have mixed with their neighbours, but the original whiteness is still evident sometimes. Take their current supreme leader for example, he could easily pass as English.
Pinky Mixology
And when non-Vulcans playing Vulcans it's unconscionable.
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