Patriotic Chicken Playing "America the Beautiful" on Keyboard Piano

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Two Creative Chicks
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Just when I thought I had seen everything, you show me a chicken playing a keyboard.
* Fluffy Puffy Werewolf *
I thought you wee gonna feed it the camera O.O
yeah I'm an idiot... ouo
Pure Luck
Don't name your food it's not nice!
Diy Carla
But she is pressing keyboard bc it was red
Sapere Aude
Can't believe billions of these beautiful creatures are tortured and murdered :(
حنتوشة حنتوشة
Faith Laventure
America we sing
Has anyone else notice if you follow the red dots on the notes thats what the chicken is pressing pretty much just trained the chicken to peck at red
Andrew Sim
hey that's cheating
Cat Copeland
When you're trying to find food but end up playing America the Beautiful
Leo Does Art
Now play sandstorm
Paul Dough :D
This chicken has more talent than me
ambuj stv
its nice to watch ☺☺ but he's going after the blinking lights on piano buttons
Kayla Thopson
○ ○
aricelis arroyo
That was the cutest and most amazing thing ever! Wow!😀😋😆💖💗💖👀
HideMe Now
This chicken is way ahead of me! 😂😂😅
Brenden Bronowicki
This chicken is either a true patriot or an enclave lover
Was the chicken following the red lighting on the key board button ?? Cause i need to make sure lol
chicken for president
Marilou Parayno
that is sooo fake it just shows the red light to make the chicken now where to peck
Chemu Kef
how he can be attract by light Under the keys??
Bob B.
The keyboard keys light up and the chicken pecks the lit key. Well trained bird.
Churles Jenkins
for all the people saying THE LIGHT this THE LIGHT that, you obviously don't play an instrument or have any sense of timing. The chicken actually played two of the same note if needed and if it missed one it would peck at it again until the note sounded. never thought I would say this but a fucking chicken just outsmarted half of you lol.
Heck, I can do that by following the red lights when they flash on.
TheBossMarino 123
The red thing is glowing..SO she thinks its something to eat..
Taking advantage of a chickens natural instinct? Cool.
Rose Temori
ha I Never thought a chicken could play the piano better than me!
Aldo briseño
cool, nice hahaha
T Hoang
What is how a chicken stays out of the fryer for $1,000 Alex!
Not Applicable
Why isn't a picture of that chicken on our money?!
Krystal Boyd
Since I watched a video of a man with big cock having anal sex with a chicken, I cant look at chickens anymore. #CruelWorld
If you liked this video, you're gonna love COCK MAGIC!!
We found our new president
Arina Flamenix
that is one smart chicken.
Klinston Jovinus
10/10 would eat
Nancy Spain
this is quality footage..... quality..
its fantastico!
PaTh Aqua
How the fuck did I get here? I was watching joe santagato
BoniSan! *o*
this chicken can play the piano better than me :o
Haha that's dope.
anonymous cat
Ethan and Raphael's Channel :D
fake , tutorial elements visible
Plumesouler Keller
Trollemans Godep
Give a like for the chicken ! 👍👍
Laura Lito
Ray Liotta's Private Select
Interesting how she knows to stop when the song is over even though a key is still lit up... wtf Chickens are intelligent asf
Andrew Kosyjana
great job learning to play the piano otherwise, you were going to end up in a pot of soup
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