A Lesson In Prepositions Brought To You By Sean Spicer's Bushes

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Stephen gives a refresher on prepositions after The Washington Post publicly corrected a report that Press Secretary Sean Spicer hid 'in' the bushes from reporters.

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stray fiftynine
Well it is going to be even funner when Trump Beats Stephen and the ones he represents OUT of the Bushes. A trump brasher in the hand is worth 2 in the bush. I believe Spicer was in the bushes trying to beat Colbert out of them.
Tamby theGiant
As someone who grew up aspiring to be a writer fuck every single person that is a game of thrones fan. You don't want rich and deep content you want smut, it's low grade porn with long lead ups.
Mike Fleet
they're in show business , not among it.
Mike Wazowski
Drumpf is one of the dumbest people ever born. He is wealthy only because his daddy was wealthy. If he would have been born in to a middle class to lower class family he'd be Assistant Manager at McDonald's
Cassidy Jennings
Comey was hiding AMONG the curtains, not IN the Curtains, See how much more reassuring that is?
Courtney S
Stephen Colbert is brilliant with physical comedy!!!
Marie Jane
He makes rich people look really stupid, delusional and self centered. Kinda soulless.
Martina Dejaquiz
fukkkk colbert.
Daryl Leckt
when Spicer was in the bushes did he ejaculate?
Sean and little Marco in the bushes. Mmmm
Where is Grover
Elvi Mac
How sad HBO has so few ideas up their sleeves to do spin-offs of GOT. If I'm not mistaken they still have Season 3 of "Carnivale" in their vaults. How many other shows they axed like that? Now that IMO would be something to brag about, don't you?
How can they not make jokes about Bushes, and not get something about Bush Jr, or Sr in their somewhere .......HOW I ASK YOU HOW?!
Holly Robinson
Recommend recruit comparison fist.
"Speaking of books, any Game of Thrones fans?" I got so excited...and then he says HBO. God dammit, I just want Book 6. Come on, Martin!!
The President's Neck is Missing! A film starring Troy McClure. lol I don't why I thought about this joke.
Jackson Jacobs
Ayyy that was master blaster at the end there
The Internet
Seth Friedman
Why is SC afraid to debate Alex Jones ?
Carol Mello
I am so glad for these White House inspired English lessons.
tracy caroline
LMAO😂😂😂😂😂 Oh god, this Administration is so hilariously funny, you just can't make this kind of behavior up!
Darin Hughes
They missed "Khaleesi Explains It All"
was that really an excerpt from Patterson book?!
Game Fro
Oh wow, you still cant deliver a joke without a laugh track. Someone get the hook for this man.
Stephen Kohley
prepositions are hard AF!

like because of dutch immigrants who used the same preposition as by/at people some people in our area are familiar with the stay by my house as stay at my house I'll get a guest room, instead of come over by us and stay at the motel a half mile away.

also on/in is not distinguished with Spanish en. although they also send some to the a preposition which is similar to the dutch by/at

my Spanish teacher actually taught me about the dutch preposition history because I complained about not understanding the Spanish preposition a, and she told me that prepositions are hard.

also in English we tend to use these prepositions irregularly because of colocations. anywho so like some Japanese learner had to memorize all of these colocations because Japanese grammar deals with it more regularly but English doesn't.
Mrs. Love Yourself
Thank you . You make life easier to bare both on a political level and on a personal level. We love you.
Keep up the good work ❤
Trump looks like abod of jor&dan=Both r lierz , kkkillers and theives...welcome to the Royal trea T
John Leintz
Ask yourself a question, did you even crack a smile? Be honest with yourself.
He may have been hiding in between George and Laura Bush
Deine Muddha
Maylee Melo
God this is great
Calvin James
"White Walker Texas Ranger" was stolen from @Midnight, earlier in the week #JustSaying
anyone else super annoyed by the hoots and whistles that keep getting longer in colbert shows?! over the top. but i love the show otherwise.
Mary Ann Bittle
LOL, who on earth are the 330 people that didn't find this funny as bleeping bleep??
Horizontal Tendencies
Lmfao this guy
HD Candela
Colbert LIES. So Cobert, how is that pedophile Podesta money spending for you and your sister? I can not believe you and your sister took money from people who do such things to kids. Then, Hillary Clinton gave money to Laura Silsby and you still campaigned for her. Sicko.
Nazo- kage
Considering how most shows that end up with a spinoff goes then I have no doubt in my mind that Peter Dinklage is going to play a guy who moves to Miami and becomes a PI
anth benit
...he's "among" the bushes.
Barry Pietrantonio
Trump and co. - saving comedians careers everyday!
Eloise Pinkington
"Butts are like boobs on your back"
your mom
isn't that between the bushes?
Picket Fence
Remember America, when you wrestle with a pig, you both get dirty, and the pig likes it. Impeach the pig, Hair Furor, leader of the sheople.
no chill
Calvin Mcdonald
haha hes so funny
Brandon Johnson
Vote in the midterm for a Democratic controlled Senate and House! In 2018 WE THE PEOPLE GOTTA TAKE THE POWER BACK!! -Rage Against The Machine
San Geet
The title of that book is missing a word at the end, viz., "marbles" - it is implied anyway, so loss of information there.
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