People Try Caffeinated Bagels

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"Please bring me caffeine." 


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Cenk Ataş
Who's the owner of the shop? I think he is Turkish.
That blonde Korean girl... Oh god, she looks like my crush but Korean version. So I found 2/7 my crush's doppelganger from the internet o.O
Brooke Methvin
Just get a double shot espresso... Sheesh
chad burgess
More of the blonde asian please!!!!!!
Ciel Ac
More espresso less depresso
Worst bagels ever. They taste awful
Perhaps this bagel is intended for coffee lovers, to enjoy the flavour of coffee in the bagel. Rather than to wake you up? Just my thought.
Eleonore Bon
Americans almost make such a big deal of caffeine.
PoopyPoonam •
he not sleepy he just toasted
I know I'm going to blow some peoples minds with this, BUT: There are caffeine-pills! No need to "caffeinate" anything!
Courtney Moen
Einstein's is excellent. One of the best bagel shops!
Joshua Rodriguez
Am I the only one who actually feels sleepy every time I drink coffee
Josh Brobud
That Bagel - 32mg caffeine
My Coke Zero - 34mg caffeine
Kirsten Forney
Expresso. Expresso. EXPRESSO
P R little B
Expresso (rolling my eyes)
Lindsey MacDonald
This is the most original video ive seen in a long time. Its really refreshing to see such new and inspiring content
einsteins bagelsssss <3
Christian Favier
"Americans mispronounce Espresso for 3 and a half minutes"
Tarik Hadžiahmetović
expresso.God punish this people
Kelly Walker - CDLE
People who say eXpresso instead of espresso also say fERmiliar instead of familiar. It hurts my ears.
Morgan Murphy
Kenny Huang
You said decaffeinated
Angela Siedell
For the love of God, it's called ESPRESSO... NOT EXPRESSO! I bet you also use the word "irregardless" and pronounce the word "attitude " as atty-tude. SMH
gabby calbourne
was that red head high💀💀
Vaishnavi Shivshankar
I seriously don't identify anyone at buzzfeed now :')
Amber Scotvold
It's kinda sad that people NEED coffee for them to function in the morning
Olivia Deligan
What is an eXpresso... I don't think I've ever had one
Jishwa DunWithYøu
It's the way people pronounce stuff guys! Chill danggg! If you don't like it then don't watch it!
s Al-O
There's no X in espresso 🙄
Arvin Yosefian
May I ask who the absolutely gorgeous in girl on the right is?! ( shes in the scenes where its two females speaking)

i would also like to know how/if I could possibly meet her?! She is absolutely perfect in every sense of the word!!!
Aaron D
"I'm bad at tasting things" lol. Why are you here?
I just don't drink coffee, once you start drinking I feel like you can't go without it
Emily M
Literally what is the point of this just drink a cup of blonde coffee it has the most caffeine per ounce
An Introverts Paradise


Hannah Joy
AHH AHHA HHHHHH WHYYY did they eat the bagel like a sandwich noooooo ya gotta open up and eat it in halves
Okay, well done on the vid, but if you guys need that much caffeine to get through the day your diet, exercise, and sleep habits need to change.
1:40 "expresso"
Samantha Jeffrey
Gahhhhhhhhhdhfivndkeirbgbxjhh!! Say it with me: ESPRESSO!!
I am Moana
Eating a raisin bagel right now
That One dude is high af 😂
Anthony Ramirez
YB is my Bae goals
Devan Graves
It's not that they don't know how to say espresso it's a dialect thing on how you talk and where you're from. So they say expresso.
Am I the only one kind of amazed and worried about how dependent these people are on coffee/caffeine to get through the day?
to the filipino viewers, don't we have something like this? like kopiroti? not a bagel but its like a coffee pastry or smth
mike S.
who else wants bagels now?
Brad S
that asian chick is so fxcking hot
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