Philip DeFranco
Hope you have a great covfefe you beautiful bastards! Also if possible try to keep the comment section...well...the opposite of what we saw in those videos. <3
Creative- Name
Well, just close the campus. Let people simmer down. If they can't stop shouting over teachers, they should just leave.
Creative- Name
So black students wanted white students to leave? For no reason? Sounds pretty dumb to me.
I like how the students had no reason to be mad as there was nothing even remotely racist in any way, he was right and you cannot force a group away based on skin color, they get mad over the stupidest things, they literally got mad over nothing and are major hypocrites (All students involved in the "protest")
The kids should be jailed
The cult is eating itself
plox fam
I am a conservative, and I very much respect people with different views. But if you’re somebody who won’t sit down for a discussion, and just yells racist at everything, please leave this planet. I don’t mean anything like suicide, I’m saying actually board a ship and head off to mars or the moon.
the actions of the students perfectly represent current ideologies of the idiotic democrats / SJWs / third wave feminazism / antifa. sickening.
oh my fucking god liberals are so fucking cancerous
Chris Fox
Oh no its not a photo of the KKK burning niggers at the stake. Its "art"
I agree with that teacher, he made sense those kids tho like put your hands down and stop wafting them in people's faces..
Dave Tyler
Not one popular liberal will call out what happened at evergreen
James Robinson
banning anyone based on their skin color is gross and racist
Why is everyone talking about being black and having the worst life ever , don't forget whites also basically killed off native Americans and you don't see them protesting or being violent
Idont wanttoshare
cliche angry black people, it's so cringe it hurts
Bob Builder
I beat they stop letting in blacks that don't get the statically and generally higher test score of whites especially white men get. And start admitting ppl based on who's the best. Professors don't like being cornered and screamed out for "being white"
Qwertyuoip 123
YOU SAID CGP GREY’S NAME WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
savages. this is supposed to be the future elite/intelligencia?? America is doomed.
Tuna Samich
No Phill racism was pretty much gone into these stupid social justice Warriors brought it back with a vengeance. I think anyone who talks to faculty like that should be expelled immediately with no refund of their tuition
Dallas Strilcuk
SJW not once
nick schneider
Bunch of racist college kids atacking a teacher because he is white
Note to self, never go to a liberal arts college.
Jack KissMyAspergers
D-List "Comedians": Bringing people of all political backgrounds together since the invention of stand-up.
Hamza Ahmed
I’m a person of colour and I simply can’t understand how the email could POSSIBLY be even somewhat rascist.
Send these kids back to kindergarten
sydney wanser
all those ungrateful kids need to be expelled.
Shelby Babcock
I feel like the whole campus mess stemmed from some white person seeing the Day of Absence and thinking " the black people get a day off and I don't? That's racist" without realizing the historical significance or the point of the Day of Absence (which is to note how oft-ignored minority groups are integral to society). Then the professor attempted to express his disapproval of the "White Day of Absence" and explain that it runs counter to the whole point of the play the event is inspired by. Then, the professor gets hit from both sides due to some admittedly...poor word choice (the mention of a talk about race in terms of evolution struck me as an odd choice, as it instantly brought up the flawed concept of eugenics in my mind, for instance). Then the students start getting angry just...pretty much to be angry.
It reminded me of a time at my own college when the anthropology department was being hit hard. We had lost our only full-time anthropology professor (long story. She's alive and well, but there were personal issues) and the college wanted to hire a replacement but not as a tenure-track position. The other anthropology teacher (who was officially a Middle-Eastern studies professor) sent out an e-mail for students to come to a faculty meeting...without informing the dean about it. So...we pretty much ambushed the dean. And what was really confusing to me is that most of the people involved had nothing to do with the Anthropology department and I felt really bad, like we were ambushing the dean and the other faculty and turning it into a circus and the dean revealed that she was going to have a forum with students about this issue...which the professor forgot to mention when he set up this thing. He was pretty anti-establishment though, so it's understandable. It turned into an argument less about the anthro department and more about how the college was spending money...but we were a small liberal arts college that had just finished a huge amount of renovations on old buildings, so...yeah...I felt really really dirty afterwards.
And that's what I saw in the college campus videos. A lot of people getting so worked up into a frenzy that they lose sight of the point and become outraged for the sake of outrage. When they outright tell the professor that they don't want to hear his defense when they cornered him, that told me that it was no longer about what the professor had said or done but was about a bunch of college kids sick of college bureaucracy and traditionalism...even if that was never the issue to begin with. It was a "rage against the machine" moment that just reminded me of that sick and dirty feeling from my own college experience. So I hope it dies down quickly.
Alex Merrick
Never was a racist until is started watching all the bullshit going on in america. Fuck the black lives matter crap you pathetic bunch of bloody useless bunch coons!
Attila Pataki
his hair looks like it was photoshopped into the picture... weird
joe mcnoe
Ted Nugent joked about killing Obama and Trump had no problem with him. Really though I'm In that group of people that think anything is a joking matter. I say joke about everything. I love racist and sexist jokes. Holocaust jokes are funny. I'm just pointing out that Trump defended this guy for doing something really bad.
TheDark Nite
Whites still the most racist buggers- have it coming!
Justin Taylor
Those entitled college pricks should all be expelled. That kind of hatred has no place there. Fuck those fucking fucks
When the bullied becomes the bully.
Squorb Worb
I love the picture Kathy Griffin made honestly
Bobby Johns
It seems the point of the original play is incongruent with an absence day for a group that is a majority/in a place of privilege.
Omar Moataz
Anyone can be racist, including black people.
I personally love your sudden southern accent when you go into the "click or tap right there to watch that"
The Mighty Dest
I totally agree with what you said about the college students. He was simply stating his opinion and what his plans were the day that they wanted all whites to leave campus.
Any update on this college fuckery??
Ryan Bindner
Hitler was a socialist, Benito Mussolini was a Communist so left is as bad as right. why can't everyone see that also the alt left is making Nazis that is basic fact one extreme makes another extreme. but what do you think would be the worst living under the alt left or the alt right?
So i guess the students at the school want 40% diversity and 60% science tutoring in their science class. :p

Hearing this makes me less willing to go to college lol. I loved being in AP classes in high school and if this is what people pay for to go to college, something that can be self taught (Diversity and equality), then i am sorry college isn't the place i thought it was. I thought that once i went to college, people would take it serious and love to learn. And that they would know how to educate themselves in reading comprehension more than anything, but tbh all i see are a bunch of idiots that misunderstood everything that man had said. As they all say, " Diversity first, understanding second (Most skip it, but claim to know it), food third, and learning... um ninth?

Personally they seem like a ton of physiology majors to me lol. Wonder if they're first years?
Prince Bejita Sama
Sup ya beautiful bastards
I got no bars.
Jane Doe
I would email the teachers to carry, awful to be cornered with no help
S.A.M Unknown
I agree with the teacher. man those kids were scary.
Edward Hitten
These kids need to get kicked out the school. Period.
Lilly Azura
Those college students are such horrible liars
Aki Evans
As a person of color, this first story disgusts me because they're just being rude and disrespectful. Not all white people are racist and these students are just misrepresenting us.
Devan Marie
These students are completely in the wrong. That's not how you encourage progress. That's not how you have a discussion to fix school teachers hired. I agree that teachers need to be hired by the qualifications. I paid way too much for a school that had many teachers who were not qualified and it's infuriating being in a class where you could learn so much more. There are other ways to make sure race doesn't play a part in hiring than giving positions to people that are not qualified
"get to work" holy fuck they're so disrespectful
Camilo Torres
niggers should have stayed slaves
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