Train Hits and Dissect Snow Bank! Поезда Рассекают Снежные Сугробы!

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Trains cut through the snow like through the butter! Awesome Plow!
Поезда рассекают снег, как масло! Мегазрелище!

Pedro Moritz
Can't stop the Trump train! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
Lukas Rekveldt
that 1 before the last was really boring
Snow cool!
1:09 snow eater
Roronoa Zoro
You should've put Thomas and friends theme as background music
Украинец УА
сильное начало :) класс ....
Schreibikus 007
You show this like something exceptional.
Well. As for Russian Railways - it's just a routine
For hundreds of thousand km
Nikke Hautapelto
never seen a train as badass
Alain Chouinard
hardcore stuff!
לאה אתגר
lucky to live in telaviv. no snow ever. the train is being built.
2:20... Absolutely destroying those trees lol... fuckin retards
Germán Aravena
koutetsujou no kabaneri
Javi Mrtinez
Tolis channel
asjad shaikh
Imagine getting hit??
I accidentally started video with full volume earphones and freaked out
How the hell did i get here?
top ten epic anime entrances.
Lexus Gaming
Gawd I love these
Georgia Fitzgerald
0:23 i call it the bat train haha
D. Ryan Shaw
this was so satisfying
Drinking gasoline for breakfast lunch and dinner
Pam Semones
That's a lot of work.
apple wang
Justin Oclaire
bad ass nice vid!
Corry Bouwers
it would be even cooler if he used his own videos 😠
James Bradley
1:23 nom nom nom nom nom nom nom
Yusuf ğercekten ğüzel ilahi Şeker
Good job.
Allen McKinney
pretty cool but still didn't show the train in the thumbnail I wanted to see.
Michael Gillette
this video coulda been 10 times longer. same soindtrack!
That snow blower is awesome.
RayinPa U.S.A.
This video is an automatic watch three times in a row. this is some of the Best Video clips I have seen yet . Thank You for sharing them !. Ray in Pa.
harry peters
shit music
2:29 I wish I had that job.
pws3rd 1
there is some incredible engineering behind these trains so it launches the snow to clear multiple tracks instead of going from 1 track to another
Ply Boys
Dislike за ложную картинку в превью.
William Tyndale
Amazing. This would never happen in the UK, a sniff of snow and all trains stop, and to think we brought the train to the world.
I love these sorts of trains, reminds me of my childhood in Canada...
Pralka TV
2:33 zgarnia śnieg, wszystkie krzaki i słupki ;)
2:21 I would hate to be standing in those trees when that thing passes by.
meanwhile in russia
FelipeTheFirst //FTF
only if I had a railroad track in my driveway so it could plow of all that snow on winter. :D
А теперь представте себе зацеперов которые лягли под это поезд #)
Nabhan N78
لاإله الاالله
Andy Werner
wow so awesome
Dai Kou
bill thompson
that was too funny that first guy just got nailed
Victor Moraes de assis
the second remember one hayajiro
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