Pokus Talks
Click bait
The garbage music ruins it. Next video.
Joshua Brooks
These snowplow trains are badass.
Mr. Coco
0:09 I think lost island monster is better
Opal Lapo
Во хуярит
basant vimal sharma
Fucking waking up the whole village with that noise.
Justin Duncan
At First When I The Picture on The Video, I Thought I Was Looking at a Ship Going Through Snow And Ice.
Roman Zerstoren
если ехать стало лень, дёрни эту поебень
Christopher T Munro
What was the song used in this video??
Minecraft Masters
These trains do a better looking job than I do
Baskar Nayak
super train
Hanz Solo
This video doesn't need music
marck *******
impresionante en mi continente no hay eso
Bodhi Davis
So I'm supposed to think your music choice is 'cool'? It sucks, dude.
Wilmington 32
vijay chandrashekhar.
The anime Guy
How? likes steam engines better thin diesels
Gus Alcon
bloody hell, it's like an ice breaker
i want to see one of these trains hit a semi at full speed at a rail-road crossing
that just looks awesome
mar smi
епнулись чтоли
NG Iyappan Iyappan
Noxter HD
hi stop
Alex Strong
А если две нитки их как?
Jav Ag
The first is a epic hit.
Pretty Ugly
Fucking clickbait!!!!
Styx Hellmouth
Health Supreme!
And in Finland we have this thing called Valtionrautatiet, meh...
Brilliant video !
Павел Вахрушев
Как ледокол только ЖД :)
Richard Dames
FUCK! Turn that crap music off.
Karim koussa
Bu bu👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🤳🏻🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢😈😈😈🤖👻💀☠️👽🇮🇴👾👾👾😡😡😡😤
Хуйней страдают, технику разную изобретают. Вот тупые. Наши просто насыпь делают и ездят.
Алексей S
У нас бы и будку на переезде сгрёб)))))
Migueeel #VannatyIsLove#VannatyIsLife
Pedro Moritz
Can't stop the Trump train! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
Lukas Rekveldt
that 1 before the last was really boring
Snow cool!
1:09 snow eater
Kyle Cheuk
You should've put Thomas and friends theme as background music
Schreibikus 007
You show this like something exceptional.
Well. As for Russian Railways - it's just a routine
For hundreds of thousand km
Nikke Hautapelto
never seen a train as badass
Alain Chouinard
hardcore stuff!
לאה אתגר
lucky to live in telaviv. no snow ever. the train is being built.
2:20... Absolutely destroying those trees lol... fuckin retards
Germán Aravena
koutetsujou no kabaneri
Javi Mrtinez
Tolis channel
Asjad Shaikh
Imagine getting hit??
I accidentally started video with full volume earphones and freaked out
How the hell did i get here?
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