Supergirl 3x06 Young Kara and Keny in the school lunch #3

Supergirl 3x06 Young Kara and Keny in the school lunch

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Zachary Morales
I would totally date teenage kara I can say this because I'm 16
Awww Kenya and Kara cute couples
madyson Kimball
I have no sound
Jess Lee
The casting and acting in this episode was beyond perfect best episode to ever in my opinion
therese jianne
The Girl who plays Teenage Kara is so cute and she's Goals!
Diamondgamer Diamond
The only thing I don't like is that in the first season it says that Kara was 13 but they made her 15
John Cassian
Charlotte has been resurrected.
April R L Martinez
Never watched this before, but I heard some people talk about it at school.
Where can I find episode one?
precious hoodxoxo
Young Kara is in the fosters right ?
S. L.
Wow...they were jerk kids
Bat-Spider-Man !
Why can't movies be this good and choosing younger versions of characters. They've been getting better but this has to be the best yet.
licia Lee
the best I love this but it would of been great if they started the whole series like this then into now
Lina V_tal3
I'm so mad Kenny died 😭😭
The fucking casting on this episode is perfect
Paula Mammone
what do you think the explanation for the broken table was
Puppy cenas Super Sqaud films channel
(South Park reference)
Hamza Khan
The quarterback's attitude is just as bad as Lynbrook football
Raccoon Watkins
OOPS I broke the table!
M & G
Isn’t she Via. From wonder.
Poon Slayer
Haha it’s the little girl from Homefront
al 99 galactica
These two are really great. That's a whole other show........
Isaiah Adams
she said my name
Videos With Alicia
that teacher is hot tbh
Jim Pikoulis
She needs class to become the perfect superslut....
Maddy Howlter
i wish they could make a young supergirl spinoff
Make her to play as movie supergirl
So do they think they're slick changing the young super girl??
Claire bear
Love Supergirl❤
Her eyes....
Hiram Corbett
1:21 this is the old smallville high
Quinemeche Nufor
I need to watch this film
Double A the Meme Master
Young Kara is hot
Edit: I’m not a child predator I’m 14
The Hunter
4:08 too true
Andy Mai
i feel like young kara/supergirl looks like olivia from the wonder trailer
Johny GatFTW
They got the best actor for young supergirl she looks so much like her
Benedict Ho
Clark kent
Bella Kok
Dang does young Chyler in this show have a photographic memory? Chyler played Lexie in Grey's Anatomy and she had a photographic memory.
Vibe melody
Supergirl sex scandal like If you know what I mean
plasmabeam 77
young kara is pretty
GuiLLe Fenix
This is best than the original. This is the best begin. She is better super girl than super girl jajajajaj.
XxIrene AngelxX
Are they in eight grade?
Up a mini riot
She looks like the older Kara but
I'm pretty sure she has blue contacts in
Tdog101 Lamas
This episode literally made me cry I don't know why
Terrie-san Roxx
omg is it me or does the Mum look like an older felicity??
Cookie Thunderstorm
Young kara is also hot asfuck
Phumza Berry
Nicole Cavalini
Larissa fucking Manoela
I would love more throwback's
Young Kara looks so much like Melissa
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