Mehr 761forever
1:38 Jimmy's mad!! I love the rock. 😂😂😁😁
Jump in Line gives good childhood song
Courtney Crompton
I can't listen to Shake it without singing the supernatural parody XD
Jonathan Goldthwaite
Chrissy Teigen wanted some of the people's strudel lol
Alban Shala
It totally flashed me when i heard TT in The Fate of the Furious
Keeley ayotte
Haha the rock is making me laugh
Rock N Roll Beast Jay Man Rockstar
He's lip synking
You can say what you want about the Rock's acting and his movies (both successful and not so successful) but you can't deny that when he does something, he goes all in. He's not afraid to try something, whether it makes him look tough, goofy, or soft. He does it and he has fun with it.
Sydnee Cho
The Rock's such a good sport
Jasper Barbaree
omg the ending of the song 😁😝
Jeff The Killer Horror tot Blut
The Rock
MemeTeam6 Ajax
Tata is my JAM
8-bit klejd
Soooooo cringe
Really Funny!!!
Christiane Walaszek
Jimmy Fallon is soooo cool :-)
Lee Xuqie
So entertaining😍😍😍
I just come to watch The Rock. I love when he lip syncs "Hey Hey Hey"
Joshua Olesnevich
The rock won instantly
Jimmy Fallon is a fool😁😆😆🤣😂
the Rock is the Man 😆😂🤣
Kevin Tu
Oh god how I missed this sjow
Christian Olivares
good your song beautiful
Sophia De Nobrega
Loved this!😂
angelus roberts
why did jimmy fallon think he stood a chance against Dwayne when Dwayne is so much more well liked than jimmy fallon
Miranda Soldo
Does anyone else think that jimmy gallon looks a bit like a grown up ted mosby
Jaxzen Bowles
Wrestler vs TV host
pamela tank
Does jimmy remind anyone else of ted from how I met your mother
Varun Muttur
I never thought that a rock could be worth more than gold.
Omg I immediately thought of Taehyung from BTS when he said TaeTae
IDK how the hell Rock won this episode. Fallon put on a WAY better show and sang better songs.
Natamus Maximus
Mike Carlson
Jimmy Fallon is far from funny
Genna Donovan
You are cool
Henry Dawkins
The Rock is the best
Alicia Bennett
Alice Villiers
Is it me or is it very strange a man with muscles like his is singing a girl song and is quite good at it 🤣
KAN channal
so cute 55555
Jeanie Pickney
Bonita Joyce
David Alsagoff
Dwayne Johnson likes taylor swift songs
Jj De Beer
kevin miller
Taylor Swift needs some lessons from Dwayne before her next live performance
Cristian Alvarado
Is it just me or does the girl at the bar place look a little like Ronda rousey like if you think she does
This just filledt the hole in my heart...
Kawaii Bunny
another reason to love the rock ^_^
Yellow Pine Apple
He so cute haha lovely
Andy Santos
Andy Santos
Mr Kim
WWF 때부터 표정연기 잘하더니 지리네
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