this song and performance means everything to me.
Gabriella Descallar
better than the studio one
Job Giles Malanog
hayley <3 <3 <3
keeNaNz G.
Gives me goosebumps, every freaking time...
Camille Adarna
Skylar in the Sky
You know a band is good when their live version is better than the album
Ainan Syabil
Zed Perez
Goosebumps everytime I watch this <3 <3
Kenito Betchaida
Juan Zakarias
"My last hope"
Kacey Kent
I love this song...It is inspiring and really does give me hope for a better tomorrow..Thank you Paramore for good music 😊😊😊😊😊😊
diego jose
Una delicia de perfomance la dvd :v/ <tres
Strike the Nine
They should release the whole concert...I would buy it.
i miss the red hair tbh she looks beter with it
Annie Bell
wait.. she just gets up from playing the keyboard, was she not really playing?
This is how it should’ve been recorded
Kovács Zoltán
leny rodrigues
paramore saved me so many times, for so many years, I just wait that one day I can say thank u to them
her voice omggg
Waiting For Yesterday (Official)
fucking magical
The cat named Lotion
mely tapia
Omg i love this 00:01 the color of the sky and the font
Rae Costello
i would die for this video
Geo Jenkins
thank you Hayley so much for being so beautiful, inside and out! I found myself many times coming back to this song when I'm feeling down, and it always lifts my spirits.
Dawn Hope Ramayrat
and im here listening because im so f****d up but i think itll get better, i hope it would
Moehren Gruen
I love her but the new album is crap 😭
Tuane Marques
jayda fishel
I can't get over the glitter. Still love the blue look!
metromanila hotels
Still listening.
deividas telsinskas
I wish I was there, just for this song alone
these are the real emo hours kids
Thallys Araújo
Perfection ❤
Adi Seacor Logistik
who hear today 16 october 2017 ?
Nathalie Rivas
I love you so much, hayley 💖
Everything Is O.K.
The best live performance of all time.
_toniii_ 23
Favorite song right here
Thetet Layson
I'm a Filipino and this song is my inspiration. ☝🏻
หวัดดีด้วย 555
Amina B
love since day one
this song man
L. Snow
I'm in pain lol my heart hurts
L. Snow
I'm weak and I don't even know this spark that I'm talking about but it's enough to keep me going
It is just a spark but it is enough to keep me going.
psycho beauty1003
I listen to this when I’m upset
Geon Dreamer
i really love this live of paramore. soothes the soul.
lane bøy
chills every time...
Acabullah Isa
Build your life not on what you see today but on the things of tomorrow💋
Rona Jane Pantig
Really Love it <3 and still listening on it
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