Street Food in Japan: Giant Clam

Another seafood in Okinawa. Giant Clam - rather chewy texture (as Sashimi, also cooked), prepared Geoduck clam makes a better dish -

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oliver ulrich trujillo
Enserio!!! ¿Cuantos años tuvieron que pasar para conseguir ese tamaño? y solo para comer una pequeña porción de marisco >:v que al final sabe todo a pollo
pinche vato
una asi acompañanada de una coronita hijuesu
Gilce Santos
eu sou a única brasileira aqui 😓😔😢😭😧🙁🙁
Q: What does it taste like?
A: Not very good

Q: But if that's the case, why are they eaten like crazy
A: Because Asian men that lack sex drives get hard ons after they eat it
Florian Palm
1:13 when you hit the G-spot
These things are addicting
Marcos Pereira
4:04 Is that a tiny shrimp? How cute
Nur-husin Amilhasan
I want to be a clam so I don't have to pay for the house rents anymore
Mr. Good-looking
so giant a clam is, but only a hand of fresh eatable. what a waste
dude.... how much for one of those though?
Rage Quit Hero
you put a knife up its ass XD
andy chauhan
no offence meant..but did the Japanese skip discovery of fire, why is everything raw always.
Ricardo En Internet!?
idiot girl
mehmet kara
It is wrong to kill for a big, alive little piece of meat. You can live also if you eat the meat. I am against killing a living creature.
Ricardo Jimenez
She wastes much water.
mcMan walker
fucked monky people 🖕
Sana009 Atif
😨😨😨😨😨 yuck
Yuri Chang
Jale Gurbanova
Jale Gurbanova
Looks appetising :|
Charlize and Heiden
Japan you here I'm here too
Kathie Mackie
She took the pearl...
jerson armando
por que no cierras el puto caño ctmre
Michael Chan
Looks dam delicious. Why can`t they have this in Canada for cheap.
Elmo YT
Remember that giant, suck clan from spongebob? This is him now. Feel old yet?
Alejandro Flores
5:19 "who the fuck are you??"
Edward Zamora
fish markets are the best.
I was expecting to see some cooking technique.
vector b
fucking human...
Liz Crisanti
That looks so good
How much for this??
Saeed Aldawqi
I'm damn sure they COULD cook that raw meat!
Krissy Roshan
If clams have no heart how are they alive.😱😱😱
"First it look disgusting then small clams and it doesn't look good to eat"

And also it doesn't deserve to die
Small clams are better
Blank CanNotNone
japan?? thats not japanese...
Sad to watch the clam to be killed :( do we have to eat it?
Abby 1683
Such a pretty shell.
のりたまご ʕ•̫͡•ིʔྀ
. ナニヲパラ
KindOld Geezer
CLICK 0:33 now "smile"
for the camera " Clamellita "
now that's a good girl o^:)
now see there
just how pretty ye looks, what pretty eyes you have : ^0
open up and say ahhh 2:10
Lia McManus
I thought that the shell wasn't actually curved like it is in the little mermaid. I now feel stupid.
Oh you won't open

stabs it in the asshole
REFRESHING VIDEO ! Finally a video that shows EXACTLY what's in the description picture . And LOOK ! All of the food prep was CLEAN for once ! What a novel idea ! I would give this video 5 likes if I could , just for the cleanliness alone !
Ketut Suthawidjaya
I'm ok with Sashimi a.k.a raw fish, but raw clams...???
But I guess there's boiling pot at the eating table so people can cook it themself...
Ken s
Interesting but YUCK!
Ana Teixeira
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kpop Love
this looks so Tasty 😍 i Really want try to eat that.
Angelina Nguyen
The lady sure like Mickey Mouse
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