Street Food in Japan: Giant Clam

Another seafood in Okinawa. Giant Clam - rather chewy texture (as Sashimi, also cooked), prepared Geoduck clam makes a better dish -

Cloyster used Water Gun..... Wasn't very effective...
Maesen Kelly
Tbh.... It doesn't actually look half bad. I'd eat it. :D
ridho ramadhan
Michael Edwards
why is it not cooked or seasoned
Ngocthuy Vo
1:13 that's blood if someone didn't know. Their blood is clear, just like lobsters etc.
selman sertagac
kabuğundan on numara küllük olur amk
Fred Lamont
1:13 She got clam Bukkake.
For only a dollar a day you can save these poor clams from getting rapped. Reply with 💰
Sofia Soto
están gastando demasiada agua
I wish we were kinda big on seafood like some countries are
you wasted too much of water !! 😥
It's odd thinking about how this creature was evolved (or created, whatever you believe) to be perfectly safe in its shell. And humans are so advanced, a small lady with a simple knife cuts open the shell like nothing
I went snorkeling once, and, not paying attention to what was beneath me, I swam over a massive 3 ft. giant clam and it freaked me the fuck out! I knew it wouldn't hurt me, but I still felt threatened.
Food is so weird. Like, who originally even thought of eating one of these?
back bone
Probably fukushima radiated clam . I would eat nothing from their oceans
jimmy koh
I thought giant clam are ban
Tra Lam
I respect their culture. But it is illegal to eat tridacna, at least in my country
Great quality as always
Da Pussyeater
1:12 cloyster use hydro pump
Ashley Coolio
I have a question. If animals evolve to protect themselves from predators, when will we start seeing animals that have evolved to protect themselves successfully from us humans? And what do you think could possibly be an evolutionary trait to protect from us? Other than extinction of course.
DabMonster :D
I think the only reason why i found this clam to be cute is because i watched too much spongebob as a kid xP
Seems like all these (crustaceans?,like this,lobster,crab,) are so big but only little fraction of edible meat.
Crack that bad boy open, then wear the shell as a hat
Christopher Martinez
lol una al meja jigante
Alamincraft A.S
you mosters
vale otranto
nadie penso en cuanta agua gastan?
marcos Crow
don't wasted water
1:13 I did that to my girlfriend last night! 😂
3:30 She's pissing all over the counter! lol
I love seafood, don't get me wrong, but I feel bad for that thing, trying so hard to protect itself and then she just stabs a knife into it and scrambles it to death after all that. She didn't treat it very respectfully or anything..
That clam is so raw, it's still spitting water at me
Ahmed Fodili
vous consommez trop d eau jolie poissonniere
Dale Gribble
is sashimi chinese or japanese
Jacob Eversole
Sexy woman knows how to slice and dice
Poor Clam :c
Dor fuller
GOD IS amazing when it comes to food sources and EVERYTHING ELSE TOO! But I THINK I read I the Bible we are not supposed to eat shell creatures? I believe they are scavengers they clean the ocean bottoms.. PEACE ♡
Scorpio Season
it's got coral all over it
w Riviere
Abraham Morales
tanta agua desperdiciada maldita sea
The Dude
the Japanese deplete our oceans so much. from the tiniest of krill shrimp to the largest blue whales, if it swims then they will pull it out of the water and stab it to death and serve it with a side of ginger and soy sauce. one day there wont be anything left, then what?
Meowster Wowster
Clam: nice try fucker, you can't kill me now. When Im closed your powerless to harvest me.
lady turns him around
Clam: wait. what are you doing
lady: stabs him in asshole
Clam: HOW
i bet she got.... clammy hands :|

i'll see myself out
They served the animal in its own shell. That's metal af.
Anniebeth Domingo
what kind of people are you.!!!!!?
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