Street Food in Japan: Giant Clam

Another seafood in Okinawa. Giant Clam - rather chewy texture (as Sashimi, also cooked), prepared Geoduck clam makes a better dish -

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William Johnson
she type bad
Wow raw and everything....crazy
Sahra Tank
I see an eye in the clam
Xavier Cobalt
0:49 That looks like a pleasant thing to step on
ferdo Vicenteno
i think the 60% of the money goes to the water bill
Daniel Moreno
Me impacienta es el gasto considerado de agua, imaginense cuanta agua gastan en todos los locales comerciales en un dia, en un mes y en un año; que preocupante
Marta Rajoy
me mandas un saludo
Fikir Avcısı
kill all animals
Fabrik El que come Dronjaz
Raul Ardelean
줜나게크네 시바것ㅋㅋ
it looks pretty damn delicious
Turn the water off....What a waste
antonio camacho
jajajaja se lo creyeron
antonio camacho
soy rico
junfu chen
what the fuck is that sound in the background? it sounds like a humming, anyone else hears it? I started realizing at 5:25 and forward.
Imjung Oz
love everything of japan
These comments have me 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 over here! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
牙疼 3000哥
3,000 snowflakes melted watching this vid
so they eat that thing raw? do you get parasites from that?
Maisarah Husna
even the fish market looks so clean. Japan is on another level. i wish i can stay there
Look how to waste water!!
İpek Özen
Onca su boşa gitti aqqqq!!!!
Timber Massey
was it living
Jie Chen
The water hose and the plastic basket is so dirty.
nae park
Poor guy 😧
superuanted gaming
is that clam alive???!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex Macer
the amount of water they r wasting here can give to Africa they can drive for a year
ohh I remember this fish market in Okinawa you buy it and upstairs they cook for you
Patty kay
Once again, a beautiful creature is being fished to the point of endangerment. Giant clams are eaten because they contain high amounts of amino acids and zinc that can increase sex drive. Why can't people just take a Viagra and leave these animals alone?
Sneaker boy Safe Naze
cruelty to sea creatures...
Ric ar do
Primero le quitan los ojos y luego la descuartizan.
Chitra Auxilly
HOLY SHIT!! she is using a breadknife to open that bitch.
Youtube binger
if anyone would buy a shell like that for me, I would date the heck outta them
Emiliano Felix Chavez
cuando entras a un vídeo con título en español y ahí comentarios en inglés :v
Kiara Zaleth Condori Fernandez
y asi es como se desperdicia el agua en japon :v
101spacemen looking at you from the moon
Well off to JAPAN!!!!
wtf they're not gonna cook it D: this looks revolting
Sour Lemon
In my country, these clams cannot be catched and eaten, because its concidered endagered.
For the amount of sushi one can cut from such a giant clam, this is just a waste, this calm could worth USD 100 easy in the reef aquarium industry and they just ate it. No idea why they still sell it.
That clam was probably over 100 years old. Sucks that it had to die as a vanity meal.
Jeff Morrison
What is the ball-thing that she slices last?
alexander de haan
Hell murder really prefer this look heartily$ danger .
Yaneli De la cruz Gonzalez
tiran mucha agua. deben de cuidar el agua
mogmog モグモグ
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