Street Food in Japan: Giant Clam

Another seafood in Okinawa. Giant Clam - rather chewy texture (as Sashimi, also cooked), prepared Geoduck clam makes a better dish -

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if that dangling piece of shell bothered the hell out of anyone else...
Almighty Bear
She is wasting so much water!! Wtf
karen sofia
azopotamae bajas a mirar los comentarios y todos en ingles :v... :'v
That いったい! at 0:42
like si oiste q dijo q wey en el minuto 2:7
Alex N
Am i the only one who felt bad for the clam?
im hungry now, I should stop watching.
Agus Ruiz
como mierda llegue aki yo estaba viendo tutoriales bn shidori xd
Random Tube
I know those giant clams are good eating, but I think they look pretty cool in their natural habitat as well
Rayxak Monkey
Lockpicking increased
Orion Riedel
those are going extinct...
Daniela Alonso
Que limpios son, aquí se rascan el culo antes de servirte la comida :v
Ben Bilkenroth
somewhere in europe..
Pani Puri
don't waste water
Pranay More
shut up don't give stupid comments
Pranay More
shut up don't give stupid comments
anyone else annoyed by the amount of water the waste to clean the sea food ???
that's how they serve Street food in Japan, in a Boat?
do you think anybody has ever tried to fuck the clam's butthole before
YTGamerBoy28112 Gaming
In the butt... Dang
agarrame el molusco ;v
Eduardo Rodriguez Madelain156
eso que es :o
Oh man, that looks so good. I wonder what it tastes like.
Radioactive clams
ernesto corvera
mmmmm. sashimi my favorite 😁😁😁😁
mickey mouse shirt, knife going into the anus of a 60 year old clam. Wtf just for a little bit of meat.
Sans girltale _Gaming
that clam is indangered here at our country
Maricel Touka Guzman
Estoy asombrada pero asquada :v
I wish I never became allergic to shell fish. This looks tempting.
What kind of food is it? I have never known. Please answer me!
Addie Tikitiki
Hell no!!! Washing all the taste away!!!
Bob Esponja
alguien habla español?
the cookie shark
ewwwww wtf
miguel ortiz
es taba embarazada de zeguro
Trip Sting
u suppose to wash it really good first then cut not cut then wash wat an amatuer
Ishmael Moh
I feel itchy
Mr. T
Who noticed Mickey Mouse ?
Dan Niton
Dat clam must have died being a pain in da @SS. lol
Mayra Rodriguez
No mames pobrecita
Luke Manna
This is not street food it's a fish market
Norma Aranda
Japan is soooo lucky to have soooooo many choices of seafood.....yummy = D you so lucky you so lucky you so lucky!
Yoσѕυиg Tʀαѕн 김유성
I really want that shell! 🐚 it looks like it would be a get thing to hold stuff or just decoration in general💚
MR.Alucard 13
นี้ คลิปไทย ไอพวก ต่างประเทศมาได้ไง
น้องจิ๊บ พริตตี้รถเหล็ก
หอยใหญ่มากกก ตัวเดียวอิ่ทั้งคนอบครัวแน่
they're not wearing gloves?? it looks sharp OMG it could hurt their hands
May-En Liu
What does it taste like after all that rinsing and scrubbing?
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