Street Food in Japan: Giant Clam

Another seafood in Okinawa. Giant Clam - rather chewy texture (as Sashimi, also cooked), prepared Geoduck clam makes a better dish -

herwin sudharwin
so much water wasted
Andrea Di Muzio
C'ha un che di affascinante vedere i giapponesi lavorare.
Riescono a rendere elegante anche lo smembramento di una mega cozza. :'D
Dimos Rizios
made in China
Jennifer Mathews
I feel like no one trusted her to do this job. lol
JB Curtis
I like there food 🍜🍲🍷🍷
faisal milanisti
di pepes enak tuh
Alina N
I can't believe they eat Tridacna clams. I never would have thought of an aquarium pet ending up on a plate.... You really also don't get enough meat out of that animal to warrant killing it.
SuckMy Love
Turn off the damn water
That's very sad how they lived a happy life in the ocean and then 2 days later they end up in the kitchen of a Japanese restaurant
loren roberts
every video from Japan they are wasting water
Fredde jpg
a channel called "oddly satisfying" has been stealing your videos dude
Carl Liu
Let American starve to death!
Bruno Castro
Poor thing.
He hey, So cool food that I Like.
123456 12345
these animals take 20 years to get that big
123456 12345
how the fuck do ppl eat dis fuckin shit
Omae Wa Mu Shindeiru
I went from videogames, food , car racing , sleeping dogs to this. how's you're journey been this far?
Lucky Jake Decoy Romero
Outside the shell is so dirty.. while inside is so clean...
Kelly Tourigny
Snowpretty_ Briyah
おいしい XD
Roberto Cosme
Mais que bicho é esse?
Joe Smyth
I just realized watching these videos, nothing seems to make the Japanese people happier than finding something, killing it and eating it. I mean most of the world is that way I get it.. Just they seem to have a certain joy in the whole process.
nury zie
aq pernah makan itu,rasa nya tidak enak...
I find these videos to be so interesting. Somehow satisfying, almost.
Diamond Dog
Watching these videos and I notice how much water is used.
Eimi Mae
What the heck?! is Japan have any rules not to touch or eat or take clams??! Clams took years I think hundred of years to grow , that's why it's so sad to die in a blink of an eye , well I guess it depends on the country if clams is indanger or not but still pls stop harming clams they precious Marin life too...=(
everyone is saying how sad it is. But y'all ain't complaining when yo mama makes that finger licking good chicken. Just cuz is organic don't mean they didn't kill it.
tampan ujo
ikeehhh yang motongnya
These mother fuckers will eat anything
It started to close lol
ambulance girl
I wonder how, "I'd like to take this clam home and display it in my aquarium live.", got lost in translation... LOL, at least that's what I'd do with that thing!!! That's a pretty cool clam, and I'd want to watch it live!
lisa watkins
That is cool the way she cuts the meat. Very Nice. And food 🥘 will look Beautiful once it's all Done 🍱🍱🍤
Rose takayanagi
that shell would make a beautiful ornament
Lindy Lou
just that tiny little bit....what a waste
Anjum bukhari
let them live...innocent sea livings.
Anjum bukhari
why u Japaneses eats all the beautiful innocent creatures of sea :(
lisa sm
Really?! Home girl was butchering that clam. murder an obviously old clam for food culture, I hope it tasted bitter.
LPSveve :-D
blee 😲
and not even cooked what a waste
Santi Howell
itu ga mrasa bersalah apa pas makannya
El Toro
That GIANT clam only produced those two slivers of meat?? Hardly worth the effort..
Jocelyn Ortez
I want a pet clam.I just wanna age with it and not eat it.
claudia f
is that good ?
Michelle Bryant
Amelia Briscoe
so cool
Mandy Leonhart
Gabriele Kauane
what favirit frut
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