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Gamer boo Lad
Don't be cruel
1:12 Shellder used watergun !

It was very oooooOOOoooohhhhhffeeective ;)
Khalida Almiz
Det er så ekelt buuuuuuuuuuu dårligere
Ben Masta
props to that clam for being able to resist so strongly after someone jammed and rolled a knife in its ass lmao
Cassandra Mullen
EWwwwwwwwwww when u stabed it in its a hole..
Cassandra Mullen
Me parece muy bien que hagas un video sobre comida marina pero cierra el puto grifo de agua joder!
Cold Blooded Fasist
I'would like to keep that shell as a suveneer!
Goddess Shea
How rude
Sherbert TheLiteral Cat
Who the hell looks at this shit and says "Ohhh I'ma eat that."
Sadettin ARSLAN
if it wasnt for that backdoor, they wouldnt be able to kill that dude inside except for blowing it up. poor cloyster :(
Sadettin ARSLAN
ı was expecting a Cloyster would show up from inside and attack :)
maung maung aung aung
good food
possibly here to kill myself .mp4
just throw it on the ground lmao
Eric Dumont
The black pearl will be mine...
Flo Möller
So gross and disgusting. #asians #novegan
My Diaries يومياتي
Luana Silva
Eca que isso
Lord's Family
Man that clam has one deep ass
TheDepyDogGaming Lol
Clam: Just a regular butter knife it doesn't hurt at all

Man: Here's a sharper knife

Sticks knife in

Clam: O-O Help me I'm being raped!
Jessica Z
Qué raro
Arom 98
Soy el unico español
Jorge Alejandro Garcia
that look gross
Sol Ventulus
Out of curiosity, what is that thing swimming around at around 4:05
Evi Radiyanto
So cruel. I cant see the lived animal getting killed like that.
Showkat Ahmad
I feel v.v.v.v poor
Pe Ngock
but it's smaller than that one
Pe Ngock
in vietnamese it name tay bo
Gumdrops Gumidy
Nothing's safe in Japan 😂
Honestly R3KT
When you hit that spot.
Has Anyone made the "Hey you caught Cloyster" joke yet?
Roy Mckie
That's gross... Those Japs will eat anything....
Bushra Khan
Is it eaten raw???
Christian Torres
Where the pearl at???
Dap Neo
I will pay 50$ for this... Who else
Crybaby Centi
They aren't wearing any gloves
Who heard bts playing in the background
Anwar Awad
Look how much meat there's is in there it's nothing compared to the clam
Anthony Chuan
no puedo creer como gastan tanta agua!!!
Marta Palacio
Que asqueroso
vvitchmaster Joe
ihr perversen Shicer......das, was ihr hier tut, wird Euch Mutter Natur wiedergeben!!!!! ROT IN HELL YELLOW BASTARDS!!!!
Why is this Japanese Street food thing recommended on my timeline... Wtf.. Its 3am.. I cant stop watching... Hahaha
dongwoo kim
That's what happens when korean bitches meet white guys
Brianna Yanez
Wow the clam is very pretty I wish I had one to keep it looks so pretty and imagine how it looks underwater?
was it yummy?
Barry grier
This is not a piece of fruit or a vegetable,,its a living thing closed tight trying to protect itself,,
Cosmic Centurion Deathvoid Entropic Darkswarm Abyss Meteor Suplex Firefist Twerk Team Wolfpack
-> knife up ass
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