Street Food in Japan: Giant Clam

Another seafood in Okinawa. Giant Clam - rather chewy texture (as Sashimi, also cooked), prepared Geoduck clam makes a better dish -

Aden Films
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3:27 at the bottom-right corner~
Cameron Green
Clamantha really let herself go
Bm138 millar
why did it seem weird when she enjoyed it when the clam sprayed that liquid
Kilana kawaiola Kahaleuahi-Manners
honestly take what you need from the ocean don't get greedy and clean out the o cean...just saying..ocean life is reaching the limitation of many ocean
Jack Rackham
These japanese assholes are eating an endangered specie in front us as usual and there's14000 idiots who liked this ! , morons !
Johan Romkes
Those countries are such great
Jeffy Jeffy
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I just got click bated
And so did you
Megalou Draws
1:14 The claim is like screw you lady
Sasaki Haise
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Chang ching chong
I don't understand what are they talking about :(
young expectation
I would like if you guys send me a big full clean shell of that not the insides I want the shell
Hurley Mng
ooh water consumption, like hell
Green Camero
so.... we just going to ignore that fact at 2:00 a small worm like creature is wiggling for its life?
ryan gonzalez
it looks like pet smart
If something is that ugly it clearly doesn't want to be eaten... No vegetarian but this is gross
Reef Habitat
There is so little mean in Tridacnid clams what's the point
American style
Did u see all the abalone? They were so small!! Don't they have laws or they fish whatever they want? That's not cool at all!
Looks delicious. I hear people speaking Mandarin and Cantonese in the background
Teemo Crew
2 b7oor o che3b tay drab Sardil ol mérna
Jk Walruz
Gameing Syndrom
1:18 when ur at school pictures and they want u to smile but you dont want to
moises correa
aaaaaaa não,cru não rola!!!!...rsrsrsrsrs
Umair Javed
so its not cooked? WTH
Umair Javed
Is it a living thing? :$
Chloe Charlton #7
This one very good video Aden Films
Iron Mangetter
How much do they charge for a dog curry with rice?
Bitter Wolf
isn't this giant clam a pokemon ? LOL
Rogelio Torres
Do this clams have a pearls in them.
jie li
1:13 is when ur girl see my sketchers light up.
Bryan Muro
That thing is like the death star, almost impenetrable if not for that stupid hole in the back of its shell
Castiel Phoenix :3
For some reason I want the shell of it :l
Peter Rose
4:30 me enamore 7w7
Jay's life
am I the only one that feel that they really just kill the damn claim for only a little meat
BREEZYT Moonornoon
Don't judge me by my name.
2:01 Was looking at that parasite whole time on right side.
Don't judge me by my name.
So much wastage of water, just for this small piece of rubber meat.
sharon deles yabut
Why do they have to eat it, why can't they just get contented with fish... feeling sad...
If I was a living rock with a wavy rocky pussy thats how I would want to be fucked too.
eric pizark
exotic seasoning from fukushima nuclear plant
Beatiful_ Yoyo
the green dot look very clammy(get it? XD i know it a bad joke)
Stefan Cojocaru
these mother fuckers eat anything that is alive ... not even 2 atomic bombs can stop them
Wolf Alpha
I sort of wish I could understand what they were saying.... ;-;
radioactivity to the fullest
Paola Elisabet Lujan
Anthony Chavez
Snow Amerstu
The clam is like nooo
tanam pabin
oh.. i wanna try looks soo tasty.
Hokage sama
Wait a clams have butt holes????
Never Mind
sierra la mangera!!
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