John Lewis Christmas Advert 2013 - The Bear & The Hare

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Watch the new John Lewis Christmas TV advert and see Hare give his best friend Bear a Christmas he'll never forget. 

Set in a beautiful forest, poor Bear is the only animal that never gets to celebrate Christmas because he has to hibernate every year.  However, this year is different. This year Hare has a brilliant idea.

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The commercial uses a unique animation style that combines traditional 2D hand-drawn animation, stop frame, and 3D model made sets.The story is set to a cover of Keane's 'Somewhere Only We Know' performed by Lily Allen. This is now available to download from iTunes

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Rhianna Williamson
I'm crying so hard rn eugh
The Spitting Drama Llama
The could play this over a video of The Chuckle Brothers and I’d still be crying.
Tabitha Harrison
every advert makes me cry every time
Vitalius Lencevicius
i think every single John lewis ad makes me cry but this one makes me cry way more because A of the music B its sad that a bear has never seen christmas before and C its super cute how thw rabbit cares so much and now i have to do my mascara and foundatio and highlighter again GRRR
john davis
still not shopping there -_-
galaxy star
Yellowfang and fireheart :D
My whole time favourite christmas ad
Kiiara xo
2017 anyone November
Chloe Donnelly
soo sad but I love this song
Hong Qiting
Rematching this in 2017! Best christmas ad so far...
Hey remember when John Lewis ad's were good
Adam Halvorsen Fjellvard
I love THIS cause we SAW IT in school today XD
Still remember singing this with my class when it came out. Still know all the words. Good times
Harry Squibb the sonic gamer
My favourite advert it's so sweet a..and sniffs sorry someone's chopping up onions again cries hysterically
Skye Cooper
Now my pillow is wet 😂😂
Jesus Christ...... It's been 4 years
Betsie -May
Oh my god this is my favourite every time I watch it I cry😭😭❤️
Back to this commercial again since its near December!
Jessica Barker
Watching in 2017 and missing these type of johns Lewis adds x
zoe's vlog brought me here!
Why do I always to this to myself
Tom Vlogs
Still the besy
Tom Vlogs
The music only enhances the emotions
Floral Charlotte
This has to be one of the best Christmas adverts ever
Donut_Girl Lover
2017 anyone??????
Who's watching in 2017 ?
Glitter Maddie
This makes me feel sad but I do love it ❤️
Nin10 gamer
2018? Btw this is the best out of all of them
Joppe Heuvel
Phoebe Storm
When ever I feel the need to cry I watch this
Reece Laidler
You know the drill
2017: moz the monster

2016: Buster The Boxer

2015: Man on the Moon

2014: Monty the Penguin

2013: The Bear and the Hare
Anyone watching this in 2017 Christmas time???
iBra1n Media
Wow, the last two ones (this year and last years) were really bad compared to pretty much every single one before them
Layla Begum
This is one of my favourite Christmas adverts
CM94 Returns
the animation reminds me of brother bear just a touch
Animals For Life !
This one is still the best
This one is my favorite
This is the best one. Perfectly demonstrates a clear christmas message while still having a good story.
Eloise Hussey
This is my favourite one
Po The Telletubby
i'm not crying. you're crying. SHUT UP
Po The Telletubby
Best John Lewis Advert Ever
Jaz Barrington
this was 100% not 4 years ago😱
elly elizaa x
Nothing will ever beat this one. Had to come back to this after seeing this years one... :/
Is this the newest comment
Oliver Mcbride
This doesn’t feel like 4 years
Joseph Douglas
Pablo is real
i’m going back and watching all the john lewis christmas adverts, and this one will always be the one that gets me.
Bethany lewis
Watching the new one makes me watch all the others
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