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Barnesrino Kripperino
a fraction of its original mass you say?
Thomas The dank tank
What people don't realize is that the magic metal 'tomohogany' or something is WAY too brittle. That's why it needs to be folded so many times, to get rid of that excess amounts of carbon, but even then it's too brittle. Samurai used wooden swords to practice, because even just 15 mins of use will shatter it.
Nugroho Pangestu
combine that with the edge of glory and see how sharp it gets
Cutco Cutlery steak knives (Cutco calls them meat knives) seem to hold up well. I bought my set of eight (in a walnut box) back in the early sixties and have been using them almost daily without sharpening. I do sharpen my Cutco chef's knife. I used to sell Cutco products way back (1962) but when I inquired about replacing my Cutco kitchen shears I rejected the $75 price and bought kitchen shears at Bed Bath & Beyond.
Daniel Powell
Published on Apr 24, 2017 and it is in 240p??? um EXCUSE ME!!!!\
Jjaro V
That's a poor explanation for the shredders.... It's remotely like scissors... I guess the typical viewer IS that fucking stupid..
This whole video could have been a diagram instead of a 43 min video XD
Thundercunt McGeezax
26:35 "It can reduce unwanted bulk to a fraction of its original mass"
No, it can most definitely not. If it could, that would severly violate the known laws of physics.
"But can a razor blade cut through a helmet? No." Neither can a katana ;-)
"The edge of a well made katana blade never needs sharpening" Unless you like... actually use it.
"The proof it that they didn't change the construction in 1000 years"(they did by the way)"if any technological advancement were made, it would have been done". Japanese culture is VERY conservative. Try other swords and you see they all have their pros and cons. For example a tulwar is a better cutter than a katana because it has an actual effective curvature. A longsword, because of its spring like properties, is way more resilient.
Just calling out some BS.
I Love Ronald McDonald He Is Cool
Knives and swards are the cutting edge of technology, quite literally. (excuse the pun!)
26:33 That stuff is really cool in reverse ;)
Tiger Racing
and also world sharpest potato's quality video....
Gav Art
3:27 wut
Little Goblin
I love all of the Armchair Experts in this comment section. especially the "DUUURRRR HUUUUURRR KATANA SUX! ANY WEEPON JUSASS GUD!!" really? i wonder why the Katana has the Legacy surrounding it that it has? oh i know. i guess the Scientists, Historians, Scholars, Metallurgists, Weapon Collectors, and the like are just all Weeaboo's, right? people are still learning how to make and fight with Katana to this very day, the only people interested in European swords are Larpers and Ren Fair Tards who pay $800 for a Mass produced sword, then go out back and wack at a log for 5 minutes until it snaps in half, then get online and bitch about how much better some starving peasant who lived in the 1600s made them, when that poor peasant didn't even know what BACTERIA was, much less the complex science of Metallurgy. the japanese treated making weapons like a fucking RELIGION. do you think Maggot the Blacksmith gave a shit about anything besides "Why is my shit black after i drank out of the toilet last week?"
cutco definitely makes a good knife
Jean- François
I ve just watched 3 minutes and i can say its total BULLSHIT. The katana ISN'T the sharpest ever made it CAN'T cut thru a helmet, also the Tatami mats are FAR from being as tough as a human legs. It make me angry to see how much the modern society glorify the katana.
This video was complete bullshit. I could spot almost as much misinformation and outright deception as fact.
Lord Geezmo
This is an ad, not a documentary.
video: "World's sharpest" video quality 240p.
no one makes a katana as good as Ilya
30:41 ..was he inside of that machine??? WTF ...nope nope nope
45 minutes about sharp stuff and the image quality is about as sharp as a basketball. WTF?
cat intensifies
"Designed to cut from collarbone to hip in one swipe" I don't know a lot about swords but that sounds like bullshit
Isn't the German longsword just as sharp as the catana?
26:34 weak as hell . i mean come on, look at thoses big piece that still wasn t shredded compared to edit: oh 28:05 nvm
Gierom Yumang
what about the blades from a pencil sharpener? I mean it seems sharper and more durable than a razor blade
why is it letterboxd
Ashay Doshi
16:23 "shit" plant?
pds tech
-1 for low quality video. 240p, seriously?
keith old bean
Serrated edge blades have been manufactured in Sheffield England since 1788....... get a life you stupid pricks.
My European sword does not have an edge like that.
Javier Judy
Can't obsidian be sharpened to a point of 2.5 nanometers?
World's niggerest
Leo Bat
"The edge of a well crafted katana blade never needs sharpening" ahahahahah
Chaos Craft999
European longsword fags came to the rescue.
Nayo Torres
Japanese the superior swords
Terrible. Incorrect information throughout.
Jack Ryan
This video is really fucking edgy
Jack Ryan
>le katana meme
Cody Hoel
Dull machette and ax then
i just wasted 43 minutes of my life about a video on knifes.....
Dylan Ladner
the sharpest object in the world is that turn in rainbow road
i love how all these self proclaimed authorities on swords think they have the right to run their gob about what a katana can and can't do; as if they think they know more than the smiths and historians who study and make them. it's very amusing.

i had to laugh at the amount of money people spend on razors. all i did was make a single $100 investment on a straight razor and have been getting close shaves for years without spending another dime. i don't even need a stop either. i have a 12,000 grit water stone and a thin polished piece of granite to remove any burr left on it. it gets the edge finer than it did when i used a strop.

i can't believe they use a dry grinder to polish the edge on those chipper blades. any time you're throwing sparks, you're removing the hardness in the edge. they should be using a wet grinder.

it amazes me how scientists and engineers can look at the perfection of nature and yet believe all of that came about by a series of happy accidents instead of an intelligent designer. it is truly astonishing.
: D
Guess you can say we're looking at cutting edge technology
: D
I'm pretty sure a enchanted diamond sword is the worlds sharpest blade
Zane Donaldson
On the topic of the flaws in this video, the katana gets its strength from the soft shigane steel used in the spin/ core of the sword for flexibility and the hard high carbon hagane as a jacket around the shigane for the edge. The video makes it look like a real katana is made from the same piece of steel throughout, which is not accurate at all. They can't say the smith is making a katana in a traditional fashion if he does not perform that crucial step. The way they show in the video is the modern way of making a katana. the lazy, cheap way
Callum Goodall
Seriously why do you people still use inches and that, get with the times
Bryan Tremblay
"The edge of a well crafted katana blade never needs sharpening."

That's when I stopped watching. If Modern Marvels can't even get that right there's no telling what else they get wrong later on.
Władca Wymiaru
Someone tried to cross the blades and judge which blade is sharper and stronger?
Sword or katana?

BTW - safety razor blade sucks so much! They become useless after 3-4 using!
Their blade should be made from tungsted carbide, not from ordinary steel!
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