The Real Reason We Don't Hear About Kate Upton Anymore

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Kate Upton became everyone's favorite it-girl back in 2011 with her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue appearance and her viral dance videos. But where has the buxom blonde been hiding lately? Here are the real reasons we don't hear from Kate Upton anymore...

She let the fame go to her head | 0:16
Her emerging movie career | 0:54
She's planning her wedding | 1:37
She's facing a lot more competition | 2:13
She's prepping for a major comeback | 2:55

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Bill Bixby
Because she's a dumb white who opened her dumb white face to talk about the NFL protests when she knows nothing about those issues. She should have shut up and showed her tits more then we'd still be hearing from her, cuz we sure didn't care cuz of her acting chops
Hinarf Narfy
Do you think it's weird to talk about things like ego's when your ego has ROBOTS ABOUND!??!
Richard Monaghan
We hear about Kate upton.
How about the real reason we don't hear about Nikki swift
Pavel Galyakevich
Gosh, Cara Delevingne is so ugly. And she is everywhere...
The real reason is...
help me Find the bodys
Why does everyone hate the room I don't understand it's such a good movie
Sergey Faynitskiy
1500 000$ for ring with rock - is proof that some humans don't deserve to live.
rakistang pinoy
i like her boobs. they are big and bouncy!
TheDuncMaster gaming
The room is one of the best movies i have EVER seen
Larry Anderson
I don't think Kate Upton is ugly but I just don't find her pretty or attractive.
To be honest I think the only thing that made her famous was her body.
The only thing she shows off the most is her body not her face. I have never seen a modelling photo of Kate Upton where she was dressed modestly.
I just fap to her.
Celestial BunnY
yall, not everyone has a cinched waist 😐 its called apple shaped
Point Blank Fap Tributes
Best waifu ever.
Diamond pets 1048
Wow 😶
Shane Popoff
The peole that took a chance on her all made money off of her so what are they complaining about. She has three movie coming out, but we dont hear from her anymore? This is so stupid!
fake news
Jessey Boe
Reason #1 SHE'S RACIST! Another dumb ass bimbo white girl who's stuck in her white bubble. She could've been the next pamela anderson but kate upton is too stuck up and not as accepting
Long story short, she's getting fat.
Don't read my profile picture
all these black people saying her torso is to square, she has not hips. man who the fuck cares. her face is average looking and that's what most people like about her. she's not made of makeup she still has an average look.
James Franco's "The Masterpiece", gotta love these half-assed list channels huh?
Papa Jon
eh she's still hot
She just needs to realize she's just a pair of tits on half a brain!
Alin Grosu
She loses the weight her trademark will lose too...cause honestly other than a really nice pair of tits, the rest of the body leaves a lot to be desired, It's simply the opposite of an hourglass figure, and most men prefer that -. I mean sure she's got a pretty face but really nothing out of the ordinary -
we don't hear about her because she got slain by TheLegend27
rai key
It's because of the fappening. But no. 1 reason is the engagement.
Fox Rivers
Somehow I missed her days of fame. Then I was looking at photos of her for sale on eBay and she looked hot in all of them. Yes, her top half is sure a giant blessing.
Philipe Clark
Back on top EH
Girls like Gigi Hadid and Margot Robbie came along.
Judgemental Budgie
I don't know about her personality, but people who find her unnattractive must be full of shit. It's not a matter of "taste", you guys sound like some desperate fucks
the click
Andrew Smith
The Other Woman is a very funny film. Kate Upton doesn't have to do much except be a hot young slut. Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann are very good actresses.
Gio Gonzalez
The bounce tho♥️
She rise & shine in 2017
shane devereux
okay never seen that dancing vid before the cover has rose
She have something in to regretable Marlyn Monroe.. eyes.. lips.. bobs
Bob Boberson
It's been 14:59, Kate. Nice knowing you.
just gonna toss it out there.. shes back at it.. cover of swim suit again
She's #1 trending for lip sync battle right now.
The real reason you don't hear about Kate Upton anymore is because tranny's don't age well.
Alan Peterson
Damn! What if she gets pregnant? Those things will weigh 40 lbs. apiece. Hopefully, she'll do a couple of calenders then.
Jesus is Emmanuel
She had no curves....damn straight
Roger Jaén
She got tired of pretending that she was still on her 20s.
Michael Drew Harris
She's White... That's it. Just imagine if she was any other race.
Jj Pp
I always thought her body wasnt proportionate and looked odd. Facially she is beautiful.
EMAN67 (Movies,politics,commentary)
Just like Hiegi
Antonio Dragonheart
Jesus, what a beautiful woman.
Cyber Bully
I'll bet it has to do with the 25 pounds she needs to lose. that ass is fat and sloppy.
the fuck she is 24 omg i am shocked I thought she is atleast 30 / and I think she looks regular nothing special and her shape is weird
Gooby !
starving kids in africa could've eaten that ring....
What's up with that mid-section? She's shaped like a brick with tits.... just sayin
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