The Real Reason We Don't Hear About Kate Upton Anymore

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Kate Upton became everyone's favorite it-girl back in 2011 with her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue appearance and her viral dance videos. But where has the buxom blonde been hiding lately? Here are the real reasons we don't hear from Kate Upton anymore...

She let the fame go to her head | 0:16
Her emerging movie career | 0:54
She's planning her wedding | 1:37
She's facing a lot more competition | 2:13
She's prepping for a major comeback | 2:55

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Girls like Gigi Hadid and Margot Robbie came along.
Anna Maria
I don't know about her personality, but people who find her unnattractive must be full of shit. It's not a matter of "taste", you guys sound like some desperate fucks
the click
Andrew Smith
The Other Woman is a very funny film. Kate Upton doesn't have to do much except be a hot young slut. Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann are very good actresses.
Gio Gonzalez
The bounce tho♥️
She rise & shine in 2017
shane devereux
okay never seen that dancing vid before the cover has rose
She have something in to regretable Marlyn Monroe.. eyes.. lips.. bobs
Bob Boberson
It's been 14:59, Kate. Nice knowing you.
just gonna toss it out there.. shes back at it.. cover of swim suit again
She's #1 trending for lip sync battle right now.
The real reason you don't hear about Kate Upton anymore is because tranny's don't age well.
Alan Peterson
Damn! What if she gets pregnant? Those things will weigh 40 lbs. apiece. Hopefully, she'll do a couple of calenders then.
Eden N'golo
She had no curves....damn straight
Roger Jaén
She got tired of pretending that she was still on her 20s.
Michael Drew Harris
She's White... That's it. Just imagine if she was any other race.
Jj Pp
I always thought her body wasnt proportionate and looked odd. Facially she is beautiful.
EMAN67 (Movies,politics,commentary)
Just like Hiegi
Antonio Dragonheart
Jesus, what a beautiful woman.
Cyber Bully
I'll bet it has to do with the 25 pounds she needs to lose. that ass is fat and sloppy.
the fuck she is 24 omg i am shocked I thought she is atleast 30 / and I think she looks regular nothing special and her shape is weird
Gooby !
starving kids in africa could've eaten that ring....
What's up with that mid-section? She's shaped like a brick with tits.... just sayin
Its painful to watch her dance....
John P. Jones
She's on this year's SI swimsuit issue cover, so I think she's doin' OK.
Andrew Boone
The title of this video makes it stupid.
Emily Duva
This has to be the dumbest video ever. Your research sucks. She didn't have competition in the modeling industry. Ashely Graham wasn't even famous at that time she wasn't competition for kate upton. And Cara Delevige was big in another field of modeling, Cara was a high fashion model, competition for skinny models or runway models modeling for designer brands like givenchy or chanel. Kate was more of a sports illustrated sexy model, there is no way cara was competition for her. Its like you searched up the most famous models at the moment or from the past year and said they were competition for kate. wtf, suck my imaginary dick.
Sylver Murray
you guys are really fucking stupid considering her sports illustrated just came out . she is more famous now then ever stupid asses.
umm she's everywhere, what are you talking about lol? I just googled her for the first time today because of it.
nelson holmes
The real reason we don't hear from Kate Upton anymore! Then appears on the front cover of Sports Illustrated for the 3rd time. Doh!!! Nicki Swift.
Garrick Groover
She was killed by TheLegend27.
Lionel Raoul
She's on the cover of SI again.
Ally Butterfly
Wow so much body shaming! How dare she be built a certain way. Shows more how you feel about yourselves though hahaha. So pathetic...
the click
my gal <3
Alexander Tijerina
why am i watching THIS!!?!?!!
She's Married. The End.
Shane Porter
kate upton aint shit...and she really doesnt look that great in a bikini...she is very unathletic and oddly shaped lol...I like an athletic build on a girl...that victorias secret lady said it best...kate upton is nothing more than a footballers trophy wife and she wont make it far in the modeling world
Ken R
the comments from jealous, insecure girls below are amusing
King Kull
We don't hear about her because she is to busy munching alot of rug, slurping up that lesbo poontang juice, yummy :).
Shallow cunt. Screw her 😂
God is dead
Gritteigh Gritz
Here I thought it's because even with make up and and an hairdresser she's about a 6, 7 on a good day. There are even people in porn who would make for a better model than her. Then you look at Victoria's Secret and you realize 'Well, Kate Upton certainly ain't Behati'.
But hey, your reasons are good too Nicki.
Age is just a number? LOL, Cara is the same age as Kate, and Ashley Graham is 4 years older than her. I wouldn't call them "fresh faces" if they're the same age or older!
Derp Derpington
I can die in peace once she realeses a sex tape
OMG she's so fucking fine, i want to rape her
One day she will fill out got fit her ttitts
She got famous because of her big
James James
I never really thought she was that great looking for the following reasons:

1) I like curves. The only curves she has is in her tits. She doesn't exactly have that "hourglass" look. The rest of her body reminds me of a young boy's body.......and though that may be attractive to some people that struggle to cope with pedophilia, that is not attractive to me.

2) Though she has massive tits, they resemble pancakes more than they do boobs. I'm not a fan of fake balloon tits, but I'm also not a fan of pancake tits.

3) I do think her face is attractive with makeup on it, but if you've ever seen most models or celebs without makeup you know that makeup can turn a rat-faced mongoose into something completely different looking. After googling several celebrities without makeup, I can safely say that Kate Upton is just an average looking girl from down the street if not a little unattractive.

4) She did let the fame go to her head. Sure, all my other points may have been super superficial and based solely on vanity, but there's nothing that throws an unattractive wrench into things for me than a bitch with an ego problem. WHAT A TURN OFF!!! But hey, that's what fame does to a lot of people. Don't want to be an egotistical bitch? Don't be famous.
Dave Smith
Saying she didn't appreciate her fame based on one stupid quote, someone's opinion, is pretty weak.
But cara delvigne can actually act .
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