Is the Korean Peninsula headed for war? - Inside Story

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Is the Korean Peninsula headed for war? - Inside Story

Tension on the Korean Peninsula has increased since US President Donald Trump threatened to act against North Korea's continued missiles tests and nuclear ambitions.

The Pyongyang government says it is ready to defend itself even with nuclear weapons against any aggression by the United States.

There have been concerns recently that the country is getting ready to launch another nuclear or missile test.

And on Saturday, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un watched as his military put on a large parade that featured what some are calling new intercontinental missiles.

What does this all mean for a region that is already on edge?

Presenter: Sohail Rahman


Einar Tangen - China analyst and an independent adviser to the Chinese government on economic development issues

Robert Kelly - professor of political science and diplomacy at Pusan National University

Graham Ong-Webb - research fellow in the institute of defence and strategic studies at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies

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Trent Hamilton
this guy doesnt wash his hands after the bathroom
Please stop calling them Nuclear test.(this is when you detonate a nuclear weapon)"This is a Missile tests not nuclear tests!
Rapheal Francis
ibrahim olanrewaju
Who is threatening the world killing people, racises taking their properties and lands is it America or North korean
Ms Salazar
Concern _Citizen
Do you really think they are real missiles..ha ha ha! They are just PVC shaped proto type, just like what Communist China & USSR use to have on public parade
Usually when Republicans are power, long after the Soviets are gone & post 9/11 (2001), the risk of war vs North Korea heightens. This happened in 1994 with Kim Il Sung who later died, in 2002-07 with Dubya vs Kim Jong Il (also died) - but we're then focused with Iraq & Afghanistan, now Trump vs Kim Jon Un. How are we going to take care of North Korea? +
wasgeht dichdasan
America need to renew this war situation in Korea.. its nassesary for them.. its the only country were American troops are based at the Asian continent (means it's possible to spy China, ground action etc. )
and North Korea btw need america as a omnipresent threat to keep the goverment stable and the people I guess war will not happened .. in the end is this the bittersweet truth..
Michael Riley
YES FFS! America is being a hypocritical aggressor as usual! They want war, war is happening this time I just know it!
Mohameth Seck
suraj sharma
every morning I check my phone for news update..whether it's started or not
ItsMeKarl Scorpio
im more concered about the USA with D. Trump and the west than N. Korea and China. The west has killed more people around the world and invaded most countries than N. Korea and China for the past 100 years..
The USA should just make a deal with China: China helps invade North Korea and the USA lets China and Taiwan become the same government and country. China gets Taiwan and South Korea gets North Korea and everyone gets rid of a madman that keeps launching missiles every time he throws a tantrum. Imagine how fast a China, South Korean, Japanese, and American invasion would take over North Korea.
Iran is much crazier than Kim Jong-un .
Family Safa
nice100 ok TRump Family Korea lot potim ok TRump Family TRump lot potim nice100 TRump Family Korea nice100
Is the Korean Peninsula headed for war? I sure hope so and NK loses.
Sayuri Chan
they have to do something about the Korean government this cant keep happening.somebody has to face the government.
Creative House
War is not solution any problem. If US and Korea start fight then it going on 3rd world.
Dave Harry
I recommend 4grams of dried mushrooms.
William B
lets collect all mussies in the U.S.and drop them on north korea (MUSSIE BOMBS) solve two problems for the U.S. all at one time
Sharma Lane
Am also waiting for the children
Joel Joel
00:32 tampon table
Zionist Pig
Thank God I live in the east coast.
Broken Heart
Time to call Captain Planet
Chelsea Jennings
Their style of nuclear warfare? What bombs that don't lift off the ground like the one on Sunday! LOL! We smash them the US does not afraid!
The dear leader...Nukes keep him safe, very smart guy "bigly".
Muhammad Ilyas
how many countries NK invaded =0
how many countries invaded by USA = Vietnam , Iraq, Afghanistan , Lybia , now syria
how many countries NK nuke =0
how many countries USA nuke = 1 (japan )
So who is the terrorist ?
kadar adam
South Korea and Japan will suffer if this will happen
Anyone that thinks the bafoon Trump is only bluffing is an idiot. He will send in the bombs at some point then worry about the ramifications later. It's just a matter of whether he will react to a missile launch or the next nuke test. And l disagree that just taking out the Kim piggy will have no effect. Without their cult leader they will fall apart.
Kronity Flasher
Please let me die by a direct hit, I don't want to be contaminated.
ron atkinson
we should have dropped a MOAB during their parade
jan de boer
i love kim jong un! fock off american reptiles who kill normal peace loving people i hope the general hits washington
bah donald trump dirty capitalist scumbag

they are afraid hahahahahahah
Xtain Dion
Why Trump fear this fat man
Mr. Me
so this is it! fighting with Nuclear weapons... and you all bragging about it
qaiser javed
Trump retreats.
Sam Waris
America : we can have all nuke weapons but if anyone else does we will invade and give you some American freedom
Respect Free Speech
Now all the communist countries around the world are beginning to understand the real power of the democratic countries. The democratic countries give their citizens the real un-control freedom, no-fear voices, fair goes and good lives, while using their powers to
tell the communist countries including Russia what to do. (Russia is control by the KGB's guy).

The communist countries (including Russia) have nothing good, but only the powers to control, abuse and kill their own citizens, in order for the leaders and their gangs in the governments to stay in power for very long time and to steal from their citizens and their countries. Mr. Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev (the eighth and final leader of the Soviet
Union) had the gut, the strength and the ability to destroy the communists on the other half of the globe (Europe).

May be Mr. Trump is the 'chosen one' to destroy the rest of the scumbag communists on this side of the globe (Asia and South America).

Take a good look at the f.u.c.ken BIG FAT Kim (leader of North Korea) and comparing to his SKINNY STICK citizens, who were forced to do all the marching and the cheering at the Fat Kim's parade, their faces, definitely were showing that they were very HUNGRY and were not happy at all. It is time to destroy this evil North Korean's communist and reunite the country of Korea, to give the North Korean the new taste of freedom and the new taste of life. Communist is the disease to the human species.
George Collie
Talking to Kim Jong in is waste of time. The USA are not going to do what Kim wants.
China gives Kim all he needs and its time China put more pressure on N.Korea and the stops its imports !!!
George Collie
Has N.Korea really got the capability or is it 1 big bluff ? Study the facts. The GDP of N.Korea is $25billion and most of that is spent on the military ok. 25% of its Budget is on the military, estimated GDP is $25 billion. N.Korea spends more on the military per GDP than any other country. No funding, mostly on the Nuclear Ballistic Missiles program. That's why its heavy hardware is out of date. Its air force is large but comprises of 1950s -1990s before the soviet Union collapsed being the MiG 29s the most powerful.
Once the USA, South Korea and Japan. With air superiority and the nuclear missile out of action. Fuel, ammunition, food and command & control is knocked out. when N.Korea propaganda starts to brake down. The truth and control. uprising ? China don't want N.Korea to collapse ? How long before N.Korea collapse. We can analyse the facts, but without China on side there is no point putting any of this in to action.

The world needs with U.N and with a U.N force not just USA forces!!! N.Korea needs to be given a choice by the U.N.... Analysing the facts the U.N needs program with China, USA, Japan, South Korea and even Russia? and the Security council.
Michael Green
..............War IS on the way..............
Dark Secrets
N. Korea will never be invaded. It will just be destroyed and everything annihilated.
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jimmy almonte
we need to start taking this serious trump is to unpredictable and north korea is run by a spoiled brat this is a recipe for trouble.only need 2 countries to start a war and once it starts other countries will start choosing sides and that is how a world war starts.50 million ppl died in the last war and the weapons systems available now will make WW2 look like a bar fight compared to what will happen now and remember it only takes one country to use a mile and that will be the end of us all.wake up ppl this is serious.
Croatian Knight
South Korea and Japan should have their own nukes, like Isreal and India. Japan could have it,s own Nimitz class carriers, long range bombers, ballistic missiles, nuclear subs. England and France have them. So what! I trust nations founded by Gen. Macarthur, Ghandi, and Ben Gurion. Not Mongol Stalin.
Kabir Najeeb
North Korea is only defending itself, after all whenever the US invades a country it leaves the country distorted, destructed and deserted.
Israel is a Terrorist Country
xavier jr mirasol
America murderer history proved it well.
India with North Korea
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