Is the Korean Peninsula headed for war? - Inside Story

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Is the Korean Peninsula headed for war? - Inside Story

Tension on the Korean Peninsula has increased since US President Donald Trump threatened to act against North Korea's continued missiles tests and nuclear ambitions.

The Pyongyang government says it is ready to defend itself even with nuclear weapons against any aggression by the United States.

There have been concerns recently that the country is getting ready to launch another nuclear or missile test.

And on Saturday, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un watched as his military put on a large parade that featured what some are calling new intercontinental missiles.

What does this all mean for a region that is already on edge?

Presenter: Sohail Rahman


Einar Tangen - China analyst and an independent adviser to the Chinese government on economic development issues

Robert Kelly - professor of political science and diplomacy at Pusan National University

Graham Ong-Webb - research fellow in the institute of defence and strategic studies at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies

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ybm dubb
They gone hang that little man on national television
Falang English Dictionary By Shiva Neupane
Ichal Livan
Arnav Gupta
There is no need for US to invade N Korea, The way Kim is building up that blubber he'll be dead in 5 years.
William Saunders
should stick to riding camels
Gerard Short
The two on kims right side look like someone hung a collection of metal container caps on them.
Wilhelm Vine
I was waiting to his children to interrupt the Skype interview :')
Lav Mazesik
america is headddd of every problem last 100 years!!!
Joseph JC
American's learn nothing and forget nothing!
Walter Reyes
viva north Korea! support Korean struggle for unification without foreign interference.
Jose Espinoza
I was expecting to see the little children coming in the bedroom again......Jajajajaja
It would take exactly 48 hours for the US to get Kim on the run. There is NO credible evidence N Korea has tested any N tests. Even the ballistic missiles are most likely hollow and displayed for propaganda. No change in atmosphere recorded after their claimed N tests.N Korea is relying on hallucinogens to its soldiers which makes them feel invincible. Most of their weaponry is obsolete - deadly in f2f second world war type scenario but today in a push button world they stand no chance.
shaad hassan
it's nice to see us vrs nk...!remember us this not any islamic country and i hope usa is not going to invade nk. bcz there is no oil, gas neither gold ir etc etc...!
Prashant !!!
not again, haven't World seen Syria,Libya,Iraq,Afgan,Crimea now this , let North Korea live alone
Gerald O'Hare
Kim Jong Un has threatened to bomb my country with nuclear weapons so yes we will defend ourselfs. I don't care what anyone here says we will destroy North Korea down to their grandchildren. The USA, China and Japan will destroy Fat Kim and his inexperienced military.
Thant Zaw Win
Why is noone talking about US Missile tests this week?
How did Al Jazeera become the only legit news channel? I'm finding myself watching only Al-Jazeera for news and I'm not a fan of anything Arabic.
NK has nothing we need. Idk why Kim Jung Fat is so paranoid. First he's trying to create a missile to get us and then he kills his big brother.
Barf Man
I'm guessing at least half those "Missiles" are fake.
Big empty green tubes.
Arshad Mahmood
real tiger north korea
creating sparks and friction can eventually lead to unexpected war.let them continue with missile testing as they not going to attack U.S but why provoke them in to war by going over there?World could not simply afford another war.
what I gathered from this is who knows. what is next.
What planes are those lifting off the USS ships? F/A-18 Super Hornets?
Aliyu Ahmed
Is robert Kelly wearing pants this time around?
The USA is half way round the world with weapons at NK doorstep! They surround someone with guns and then complain when that someone threatens them ???? The USA is only country to use WMD nuclear, and also used chemical, napalm, cluster bomb ............if I were to come to your town, to your fence and point a gun over your fence ,then I'm pretty you would hate and threaten me back ! I don't like Kim Jong un but seriously the USA gov is a hypocrite at best , and the biggest danger to this world.
Can I help you guys for news
Trent Hamilton
this guy doesnt wash his hands after the bathroom
Please stop calling them Nuclear test.(this is when you detonate a nuclear weapon)"This is a Missile tests not nuclear tests!
Rapheal Francis
ibrahim olanrewaju
Who is threatening the world killing people, racises taking their properties and lands is it America or North korean
Ms Salazar
The Observer
Do you really think they are real missiles..ha ha ha! They are just PVC shaped proto type, just like what Communist China & USSR use to have on public parade
Usually when Republicans are power, long after the Soviets are gone & post 9/11 (2001), the risk of war vs North Korea heightens. This happened in 1994 with Kim Il Sung who later died, in 2002-07 with Dubya vs Kim Jong Il (also died) - but we're then focused with Iraq & Afghanistan, now Trump vs Kim Jon Un. How are we going to take care of North Korea? +
wasgeht dichdasan
America need to renew this war situation in Korea.. its nassesary for them.. its the only country were American troops are based at the Asian continent (means it's possible to spy China, ground action etc. )
and North Korea btw need america as a omnipresent threat to keep the goverment stable and the people I guess war will not happened .. in the end is this the bittersweet truth..
Michael Riley
YES FFS! America is being a hypocritical aggressor as usual! They want war, war is happening this time I just know it!
Mohameth Seck
suraj sharma
every morning I check my phone for news update..whether it's started or not
ItsMeKarl Scorpio
im more concered about the USA with D. Trump and the west than N. Korea and China. The west has killed more people around the world and invaded most countries than N. Korea and China for the past 100 years..
The USA should just make a deal with China: China helps invade North Korea and the USA lets China and Taiwan become the same government and country. China gets Taiwan and South Korea gets North Korea and everyone gets rid of a madman that keeps launching missiles every time he throws a tantrum. Imagine how fast a China, South Korean, Japanese, and American invasion would take over North Korea.
Iran is much crazier than Kim Jong-un .
Family Safa
nice100 ok TRump Family Korea lot potim ok TRump Family TRump lot potim nice100 TRump Family Korea nice100
Is the Korean Peninsula headed for war? I sure hope so and NK loses.
Sayuri Chan
they have to do something about the Korean government this cant keep happening.somebody has to face the government.
Creative House
War is not solution any problem. If US and Korea start fight then it going on 3rd world.
Dave Harry
I recommend 4grams of dried mushrooms.
William B
lets collect all mussies in the U.S.and drop them on north korea (MUSSIE BOMBS) solve two problems for the U.S. all at one time
Sharma Lane
Am also waiting for the children
Joel Joel
00:32 tampon table
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