Kodak Black - Too Many Years ft. PNB Rock (GTA 5 Music Video)

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Hey Guys hope ya'll like the last video and if you did don't forget to leave like and comment and leave any questions you have in the comments below and tell me what song to do next.Thank you for watching!!!DCO!!!!

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Cam Dyer
Jeremiah Jackson
so sorry
Paytone Purpp
can i use this video for youtube and I'll give u a shout out on youtube and instagram
Nathaniel Tine
love how u edited it an song is great
Thewitness Spider
i keep watching this AHHH IT INVADED ME THIS SO AMAZING DO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cynthia weathersby
I love this game sogs
kids Phone
I play this Avery day
Jayden Norman
this song had me me crying because the funeral that was about my great grandma
Doris Johnson
I cried
Duane Costa
This my song tho
Jay Wells
this is good
Tyrese Mouzon
Quentin money gave back to work
Natasha Lewis
They copied trvp tv
lil baller
I played this 7 times thats how good it is
Mickey HD
hi guys it me
rasheen Monserrate
Pjjcra Gaming
Love it
Deyonce Holligan
I a night it is painfull
Navillus 55
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this song too my heart
This was lit
Alfredo Pimentel
Auyyyy this maid on Xbox 1
FixShoTT Gaming
Kodak tho 😂😂
E d d i e
damn bro this is dope AF👀
I just checked out your video, dopeeeeeee, stay blessed !!!
Original Manny
U lagit got all my make up
williams diaz
I like it
Yamaira Mendez
__TakeeOffTv3x __
Darchelle Lee
omg this gta 5 song gets with it.
Darchelle Lee
omg this gta 5 song gets with it.
Angel Muniz
wait this song just came out wtf
Mo vlogs
this song is too hard for me too handle 😷
Melissa Carter
very smart I love it same with my son
Cynthia Davis
Shayla Mcneely
yess yo true song
ayiesha rose
Kazzio Brown
find the difference 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹😈👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹 level 2☺☺😊☺☺😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊☺☺☺😊😊😊☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺😊😊😊😊☺☺☺☺☺☺🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐺🐺🐏🐱🐮🐂🐮🐂🐂
Beelze Bub
i like this music
Kiya Girl
you is the best rapper ever in my whole life I like this cause it is my jam.
Mrs . Kimberly Walker
I love this one
James Dortch
Dayanara Perez
Dayanara Perez
ezzsfgdjrsyfgdh dfvburèfwvgduebf6wfrryegudtehtgyg5fryg7ifganjhfxh🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hakashi Chan
wtf 😂😂
Antoinette Pennamon
this make me 😭😰😰😢😇😇😭😭
Miziriah Franklin
derrik fuck with Kodak black
Sh'Nia Houston
-Insert Name-
0:18 slow motion was sick, good timing, almost perfect
Tyler Brown
This song made me cry I don't even know why 😭😭😭😭😭
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