GUAVA JUICE REMIX | February 2017

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Donald Trump FAKE NEWS Remix ➽

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What's up YouTube! Welcome to Guava Juice, You may know me from Wassabi Productions. This is my new gaming channel where I will be putting out all my content going forward. I post two videos a day at 12PM and 3PM PST!

On here you’ll find lots of ridiculous fun games from Happy Wheels, Roblox and Yandere Simulator to random games you’ve never heard of! You’ll also find INSANE challenges, sketch comedy, and random shenanigans that you'll love! Subscribe and become a GUAV! 

Be yourself, be humble, and inspire!

Outro Song Dr. Dre - The Next Episode (San Holo Remix)

Stay Juicy!  ( ́ ◕◞ε◟◕`)

#stayjuicy #guavajuice

Gisela Munoz
Can you send me a guava Juice Box 3
Tilly Franklin
Creativity Cat
Pause this vid anywhere and you get and instant meme🤣
Jesus Christ
That's so funny
Angie Sanchez
Angie Sanchez
( 💎 >3 💎 )
You know who is the best? Read the first word that I typed. ;) Have a nice day.
Red LightningZ
Definitely keepin this
Mis Fitings
Get 100000,0000 likes!!! 😄
Dominic S
2 mil. Views... I probes have half because this is so lit
Willie Nery
So Dope
Dominic S
AutobotsCraft Marci
Minerva Espinosa
so funny
little music player
you should do a bath full of ooblek
Lyen Eddie
wow nice rap guava juice roi!!!
Catia Conde
Ew why this is disgusting
Kids Bernal
I love this song.
Lps Lover Girl
I love all your remixes, THEY ARE SO AWESOME
I'm your biggest plz a shot out to Jessica
I hate the first think because his face is so ugly !!
Mangle Plays Games
This one in my fav remix!!!!
Derpy toast
The Amazing Witch
This is one of my fav remix
Vivian Vidkid
I can't stop listening to this remix
Caron Jones
I love ur remix's
Aliyah Ayenn Aquino
out of all the remix this is my most favorite
Miming Nanak
is funny remix roi
Omer Mostafa
Beats remix
this is the most fav one 😋😂
Ryan Nguyen
I will subscribe your channel,you are the BEST YOUTUBER EVER!
Robeth Navarro
its so nice
Nina Karlina
So funny
Andrija Nikolic
nice remix lololol
Angel Abarca
Yeng Vang
better than the other ones also like if agree
you are the best youtuber of the world
Cesar Alvarado
but i like his normal vids
Cesar Alvarado
i hate this remix :(
nutella foundue
Cynthia Zepeda
Fox y William
Juanmanuel Avalos
i love it
Anneli Garcia
I'm joking I like this one better
Nikola Palac
The best remix ever made by Guava!Like if u agreed!
Cihanna D D
my favorite remix
Simione Bikai
if anyone is listening to all his remixes please subscribe comment and like to all videos
jonathan keith
Kristen Ryan
Manuel Gonzalez
funny when he screams 😅😅😅😅😅😆😆😆😹😻😻
Jacqueline Thompson
poop auahuuh
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