Vanessa Hudgens and Jimmy Fallon Sing the Friends Theme Song

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Jimmy welcomes Vanessa Hudgens to the NBC family with her comedy Powerless by duetting the theme song from classic TV hit Friends, "I'll Be There for You."

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Vanessa Hudgens and Jimmy Fallon Sing the Friends Theme Song

Knot Party Bus
Jimmy Fallon sucks! He needs to just sit the hell down and let the actual talented people sing, instead of forcing them to perform a duo with a no talent c-list SNL failure.
Omg... I got goosebumps. Although, I think Fallon did most of the harmonising
Evan Superstar
Now I want Vanessa to play Chandler and Monica's daughter. Or she and Courtney Cox play mother and daughter.
Ramona Schön
i must say 🙈 i really thought she was better
no hate tho
Lavender Devil
Chimp in the Simp
Zan Syed
Song at 2:10?
Vanessa a is a loser
and always will be
im a straight girl and im in love with her!!!!!! she is so GORGEOUS!!
this gave me goose bumps!!!!
She made it sound like a High School Musical song!
nathan gifth
Vanessa just kills it...she's got the best voice...she really has to make music on a serious level...not like she's done before...She's the best....i want a music record NOW...
love her!
vanessa is a goddess
John Daniels
Jimmy trippin'........... 😄😄😄
Moon Runners
her face just looks like zac efron
I wonder if she has ticklish feet!
Litzy Lits
miss high school musical:(
paramore lover
i love everything about her... even her armpit 😂❤❤❤❤😍
Even Jesus Hates You
Saw her tits.
love Vanessa's voice so much and she's so pretty and jimmy of corse
Jonnah Dela Cruz
she'll be forever Gabriella Montez to me ♡
Ness Schtr
wonderful 😍😍😍😍so beautiful😍 I dream of friends cast singing the theme song
Katherine Jimenez
Im in love with her.
Sally Jasser
I'm a girl and I used to have such a huge crush on her
I thought she was having a wardrobe malfunction
Damn Jimmy! You can harmonize!! I am very impressed. Also man I miss Vanessa from HSM.
OMGurfaceisblown 69
she has a nice voice.
Ditto Ernando
Why i was thinking if she was monica?
Khalid Moussa
I have been looking for this girl ever since I watched bandslam and beastly. Out of all Hollywood disney actresses, she is the only one I have had and still the biggest crash on her. And now here is see her grown up woman. I wish I have a chance to tell her how I liked /still like her.
I feel so nostalgic right now
706 Rocko
Vanessa is hot!
Ramona Javier
she is so pretty and she still looks the same
Gerard Gonzales
They sound so great together! :)
How is she so beautiful
ruth tefera
Aww I miss friends
abby rose
My favorite harmonization was the "D.O.A" one 😍😍
Noor Tu
Vanessa is so adorable I love her omg
Peter Daniel
Miss Friends already as fuck!
they need to release this as an acoustic single!
James Galligan
That dress!
Himika Nahar
Vanessa please make more songs again :(
Thomas Martin
she looks better as she gets older just like wine oh she's a real Disney princess
Thomas Martin
goddess Vanessa
Thomas Martin
Vanessa is a queen
Smelly cat smelly cat what is Jimmy feeding you?
Krystal Santos
Wish Vanessa would just post singing videos because god her voice>> ):
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