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Jimmy Neutron
I fucking love the pelicans
mary joy genobis
They should know how to pass the ball to korver lol
mnb hjbm
clevelands defense is a joke. Its like no one knows how to play god damn defense and they arent even playing hard minutes . like step your game up cleveland ; your defense would allow highschool students to put a fight against you.
Logan Logan
we will
NEEd A BIG, Lue!!!!!!! I know you see it
just realized Josh Smith is now playing garbage time.. smh poor guy
Who cares lol the cavs are still going to the playoffs
Mfanelo Mchunu
"Bums Gon Get Exposed" -KD
vote john schroder dot com state treasurer
Angelo B.
weak defense of cavaliers that's why they lose this game...
keideze thomas
Guys can you see cash nasty behind the cavs bench by that blond girl that his girlfriend
Nick Mizz
Fact: Tyronn Lue is not a good coach.
Nick Mizz
That Cavs defense is SHODDY
Roshea Grays
Dwade doing dunks and crossovers with a straight face 😂 his strong faceass
Dusean Buchanan
They will beat the warriors
Joki cro
I would love it if DC and AD won Championship
TY lue on suicide watch.
7:40 lol
Joshua Rivera
Looks like LeBron needs kire and not the other way around LoL
Madelyn R. Pilar
cavs is playing like Lazy shit
Alexion Agee
Y'all fucking weak c'mon y'all loosing to the weakest teams that's sad
啪 啪
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Gabe Mcgarry
was anyone else looking for cashnasty
Niggatron Jr
If you look close enough you will see cashnasty and his gf
Someone seriously needs to explain to me how the coach hasnt been thrown the fuck out the building. He's the worse coach ive ever seen. We all know the Lebron will take you to the finals all he needs is a coach that can make sure the defense is solid. Hes incapable of getting his team to stop 3 pointers. Hes totally useless. Please get rid of this midget im so tired of looking at him knowing that its him thats stopping them from winning the finals.
@4:40 did Thompson really just take a seat next to AD??😂😂😂
James Matthews
Hector Bucad
Cash and Ash behind the Cavs bench.
HOY Gising
As what I have said before, this team is nothing without Kyrie Irving. LOL
Misael Romolor
I hope the Cavs get things together
Robby G.
Irving was the underrated piece sorry Cleveland your run is over right now there is a team called 76ers that could best you Boston will be better and Milwaukee better hope Thomas gets healthy fast
Pope Francis
Cavaliers sucks. They wont reach finals this season tbh
Who came just to see cash and ashley
defense of cavs is a mess
Air Ayden
Did anyone see cash nasty behind the cavs bench
Xtreme Galaxy
Anybody noticed CashNasty
Fatrat lol
5:22 cash nasty behind cavs bench
Jonas Lim
Like if you are here to look for CashNasty behind the Cavs bench
richie untalan
What the hell happening in you cav? Ty Lue wats on your mind? You cannot blend the chemistry of your players. Too bad for cavs team 3 streak of loss
Thomas K
Came to see CashNasty
Bird Power
Swerve FC
D Wade's been washed ever since he started shooting during national anthems
James Matthews
to all haters just because we lose dosent mean all your bitch ass same old opinions are true lebron is old , cavs wont make it , cavs wont beat warriors shut tf up bitch !! we go every year and when we win the championship kill your self
Jerry Ejar
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Vox Waya
The Warriors and Cavs have had their struggles so far...but the Warriors are just built different.

You can say that it's because the Cavs are getting use to playing with new pieces...but so are the Warriors and one is a rookie.
Jon Ariel Hipolito
Pelicans has the two best big man in the league while Cavs lacks a good center.
Nagoya Futsal
So many empty seats with the Cavs in town... Do they wait for the NBA finals to show up??
Cash Carti
did anyone notice that K Lo's 3 was counted as a 2 at 6:14?
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