How To Care For Your Cermet

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Weirdest video I've ever made, I decided.  I know the actual video is only like a minute and a half but let me tell you it took me a hot fucking while to edit this thing.  Them shits be no joke with all den clip art and all dat etc and hey do you want to get on a school bus with me and take a trip to the zoo?  My mom signed my consent form so I totally can and if you want to later we can come back to my house and eat fruit roll ups and dunkaroos and those like cheese and cracker things that come in the little individual packages but that red fucking stick thing that you use to spread the cheese with is so weird and not that useful and not to mention I could do with about seven times more cheese up in this bitch because we all know that's why we came to this snack, not for these bullshit crackers we want that cheese.  And you're either going to give me more fucking cheese or I'm gonna open every package in this box and just do nothing but eat the shit out of all this damn cheese cuz I just CANNOT get enough of it.   It's not my problem that you people aren't smart enough to realize a better cheese to cracker ratio and it's not making me buy any more of them it's making me seek out better quantities of cheese to eat this fucking snack with and that is in fact taking business away from you, listen to your fucking customers and you know what, if there was like a ritz cracker with spreadable cheese thing hotline that i could call and complain about your cracker to cheese ratio i would call that fucking number every god damn day without a problem and leave messages until somebody fucking got back to me about this situation because it really is just so unacceptable.  Im just trying to get my snack on and the man keeps holding me down am I right?  

Man I haven't had those things in years.  What are you doing right now?  Bet you feel ten thousand percent less weird after you read my stream of consciousness.  THATS WHAT ITS LIKE IN HERE HALP ME IM TRAPPED.  

*spins around in computer chair and makes dolphin noises*


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Nadine Morgan
This video is great!!!!! 😂😂😂😂
OMG i just listed to the podcast explain the an Cermet and wondered if you ever got around to making the video! How did I miss these!
Suicidal african baboon
begins at 1:45.
"Mexican voice" I S C E R M E T G O I N G T O G R O W ?
i like watching your old videos cause your new ones are trash
Raion 247
My Cement isn't growing
Dilys Riley
brendon's forehead
pleeaze healp my an cement will not groaw
Sammi Selman
my 2 favorite words are paesh and cermet
Manda gurl
Jenna when I started watching u I saw this video but didn't watch it so I commented something with "Cermet" as the name lol
Katie A
i love how she put julien laughing at the end😂
Jenny Stevens
When your wondering if Julien found this hilarious or not and then you just here him cracking up at the end
Solo Warrior321
It hit you in your giggle dick? Umm?
I just fucking love it🛀
Maggie Peterson
Okay I've seen this video at least 50 times and only now just read the description and it made my night
Nikola Klaassen
BiBi Donuts
How To Care For Your Ad plsssss
Vørtex Wølf19
Italian greyhound don't grow as big as a greyhound or a whippet that's why they call them Italian greyhound because they're small
Cowgirl126 0
Haha, I don't even know where to begin with this vid!!! 🤣
PunkRock09 Raeghan
Cermet will grow someday
My new favourite video on the internet I found
Autumn Springborn
i've been calling italian greyhounds cermet dog or just cermet as if it's its own breed due to this video
Shelby Neff
I pulled a marbles and died during this video, every time I watch it I just burst out laughing
Beyonce Christ
1:44 is when you lern how to growr yur Cermet
Hannahgraceffa fan Tarr
you must water your cermet or it will not grow
Baby peash
Dubiously Crisp
"Thanks Obama" @ 3:02.
cermet don't leaves us
My an cermit grorwed too an muchha
Taylor Duck
this is my favorite video now
Rebecca Pollock-O'Brien
im am now not confused about the comments I read on peach's bath video
I'm off course going to tell you that this video is pure gold lol But I also wanted to tell you that that lip color is really working for you!! I think the dark plum color and the pale lilac in your hair are really complimenting each other! <3
beatrix the great
Yay now I can make my Cermet grow!
nolan ward
her cermet voice sounds like dexter from dexters laboratory
Copy Cat
baby peash
Der's a snek in mah boot
Look at the description... Holy heck.
why are they referred to as cermit?
Dark Absol
I literally almost vomited because I was drinking Starbucks and this was too funny but I dropped my strawberry smoothie and I was really sad
Nemø B
When you're pissed off about school 3 years later so you learn how to care for your cermet even though you have a cat
foxy23444 aj
i just realized kermet is an italian greyhound
Nicole Sinnott
these are the best
the accent is killing me 😂😂😂😂
Noon Noo
giggle dick
SarahPotato 361
So.... is Cermet going to grow?
Lily Houts
Sounds like dextar "DIDI!!!!!!"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dolan Beanzzz
Payton Reid
jacksfilms has sponsers you have concrete
I showed my dog this video (her name is Kermet) and she sat next to me and watched the whole video with me XD (Rip my baby)
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