How To Care For Your Cermet

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Weirdest video I've ever made, I decided.  I know the actual video is only like a minute and a half but let me tell you it took me a hot fucking while to edit this thing.  Them shits be no joke with all den clip art and all dat etc and hey do you want to get on a school bus with me and take a trip to the zoo?  My mom signed my consent form so I totally can and if you want to later we can come back to my house and eat fruit roll ups and dunkaroos and those like cheese and cracker things that come in the little individual packages but that red fucking stick thing that you use to spread the cheese with is so weird and not that useful and not to mention I could do with about seven times more cheese up in this bitch because we all know that's why we came to this snack, not for these bullshit crackers we want that cheese.  And you're either going to give me more fucking cheese or I'm gonna open every package in this box and just do nothing but eat the shit out of all this damn cheese cuz I just CANNOT get enough of it.   It's not my problem that you people aren't smart enough to realize a better cheese to cracker ratio and it's not making me buy any more of them it's making me seek out better quantities of cheese to eat this fucking snack with and that is in fact taking business away from you, listen to your fucking customers and you know what, if there was like a ritz cracker with spreadable cheese thing hotline that i could call and complain about your cracker to cheese ratio i would call that fucking number every god damn day without a problem and leave messages until somebody fucking got back to me about this situation because it really is just so unacceptable.  Im just trying to get my snack on and the man keeps holding me down am I right?  

Man I haven't had those things in years.  What are you doing right now?  Bet you feel ten thousand percent less weird after you read my stream of consciousness.  THATS WHAT ITS LIKE IN HERE HALP ME IM TRAPPED.  

*spins around in computer chair and makes dolphin noises*


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Pinstetty Pischetti
The video starts at 1:45
Elisabeth Kayley
Hey guys, it would mean so much if you could go follow my fan account Cermetandpaeshneedtogroaw it would mean a lot thanks in advance❀️ on insta btw
Dancing Totodile
How to care for your Marpel
Sarah Morris
I love this video!
Rachel Dunmire
that was the funniest thing I have ever watchedπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Fangirl 0101
vid starts at 1:40 ;)
Gretchen Hewitt
I want a Cermet
Caitlin Shdhsh
I watched this video at 1am and I burst out laughing when you said peesh I don't know why but my neighbour literally text me telling me to keep the noise down oops
This is so funny I can't even eat and that will not help me grow!
Jaden Baker
i have one of this breed of dog and i followed these steps and thare actually having a good time
Hannah Wahl
I thought the video said cement. Oh well... πŸ˜…
Josephine Victoria Viuf Pedersen
More people loved this than the amount of people that live in my country - love it
Sophia Dawson
cermets mine: I want all da chicken so I can go back to the swamp haahhahahaa
Kamron Eytcheson
love youu
Hamilton-Veronica-Usnavi -
you care for him by getting rid of him and getting a jacksfilms dog
Luke McManus
Still watching these old videos best channel on yt
Vaneri - Koala
My favourite thing, in the whole wide world.

Hope ur an cermet will grow.
huntii ;-;
Yesterday i had some shit spaghetti, turns out those "hand made noodles" i got from my mom were fucking play dough. Food poisoning?
LibbyD_xxx X
Them pictures on Kermit and when peach fell I was dying xxx
Kayla Bartley
giggle dickπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Alexis Joyce
so now any time im talking about peaches i call it paesh. "mmm u smail lyk paeshes"
All in favor of renaming Italian Greyhounds Cermets say I
Tamsin Botha
I love this
Dino Beskovic
L-deezy Deloach
My an Cermet will not an grow becuz I let my an Cermet lik my an panties
Kelly Devine
Have you been watering your Cermit ?
Rocky Mountain Survival
Will my cermet grow?
Wow Moq has a pet fly called bames too
Cheyenne Lawson
this video cause my sister and I to unwillingly talk in the voice all the time to the point where we can't stop. fuck you jenna you beautiful lady you
Devontae Weaver
This was the greatest thing I've seen in a while. Guess I like weird shit lol
I want to who asked if cermet is going to grow
Chocolate Bunny
The fucking description
Avery and Emmy
Kermit/Cermit is so cute
Cat Chua
the repeated "greow" :)))
antonia navarro
an cermet!
Mahekun Linklater
Wat Da Breed Of Cermit?
Taylor Chitwood
Okay, so I really LOVE Jenna. I think she's hilarious, and 99.99% of the time she is completely funny and unoffensive to me. However... as a special education teacher who works with students who have severe disabilities, I'm disappointed with the flippant use of the word "retarded". I know it's supposed to be a funny video, but I've been working with people with disabilities for 15 years now (yes, I started very young), and I've seen firsthand how much it hurts them to hear this word used inappropriately. "Spread the word to end the word".
I'm triggered because the title says "cermet" but the thumbnail says "cermat"
Firecracker Games
I love cermets.
Yersa Draws
Is cermat goin 2 groo
Queen 567
will Cerment grow?? U must water Cerment
Dancer 5678
My cermet gotz a Zyt on its curndog and my mapeace poz zyt
Fox Fleur
cermet sounds like edups
Berlin Manor
I want a Cermet!! :O
Queen Missy
I still watch this from 2014
Bandy Brown
Isabella Sutton
I'm very concermet
Felim Mulligan
I laughed so hard and this caught me on my giggle day aswell !!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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