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Liberty Justice
Peop,e were laughing
Kevin Gonza
alv =v
lasiufbas df
phil phil
She deserve to be caught by the snake.
Flutter Bize
Them damn snakes EWWWW! Snake wrangling obviously not these idiots forte. And that stupid girl went in for a kiss? One she won't forget. I loved the elephant wanting that motorbike! Vrooom baby!
Cooper Badoni
Who else notice the photo shop line in the top right corner while the elephant was doing it thing
This is insane!
Anthony Bell
I know that snake broke that lady arm wow!
Unicorn Gang
10:08 why would U WANNA KISS A RANDOM SNAKE 😵🙄🙄
6:55 when u are as dum as you look
Sheraz Khanniazi
Boo'Boo Kitty
1:55 um...did that guy ever get away from that cheetah? Looks like a cheetah to me...
But, damn! Like wtf, a cheetah doing in your house anyway??😕😕😂😂😂👌
บุญล้อม โคสูงเนิน
Subhajit Mukherjee
3:03 darja kuliye duk jaiyeha ha ha
anjana dilshani
Salman Memehood
grabbing that biitch by nose was the best part
Sam Geurdi
I saw more humans running up in a tree than a monkey in this video.
Ashok Naidu
Very will voide
Raularmando Venegasstuder
Xfrenb lourtwesa vtrughder noy mouich lodervsf treubc comrebc dertyuix oprtdse juydertcu bcgtruisderweid bnjhoyt detrionmgyvx
john crash
The last one when the snake bites the little girl the guy in the back look like he has smile on his face.........
Earth Inhabitant
Earth Inhabitant
Emem Akpaka
Hahahahaa the last girl got it hot from the snake
ali jomaa
0z, Ltd.
How can they laugh???
Fuckin' guy is doggy paddling across the river with an elephant behind him. Swim dude what are you doing
Michael FLood
kupal elephante yan
all the messiahs
dhiyy kgdg ,djk
Vicky Ray
The ending shot was hilarious!
Hum Tum
Farokh Persia
2/16 elephant vs Jackie Chun
svs channel snake catching fish in lake
Aishat Nauzo
ahahah the 2 guys running from the elephant was epic!...The slow motion of the guy running away from a worthy
Ayub Khan
guinuswas 0000
the anaconda and police reminds me of something smiliar happening to a girl at her house with her pet 3 men couldn't get it off so so one of them got a knife and to quote alot of movie people and real people "To kill a snake cut off it's Head" and they did
james cj
Humans and wild animals are not meant to stay near each other. If you get in trouble, fight for survival then either the animal dies or you may die.
ap xpandy
I think I'll just stay at home and watch these critters on youtube! So much safer! rofl!
Jnky Mcsknky
It looked like the motor cyclist had plenty time to turn his bike around BEFORE hightailing outta there... newsflash - You CAN'T out run an elephant if it decides to give chase.
that why i like the wildlife
wild animal with human, can become friend! lol i like it
creepy but exciting
Gomez Joe
She deserves it hahaha stupid woman
Life of Crocodile
Tasvvar Khan
Never leave your bike because that elephant could steal it.
stellvia hoenheim
Dumb Indians
stellvia hoenheim
Dumb Indians
Nena Schmassmann
juaguar attack what ever kind of animal it is oh its a lion🤓no what was it?
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