Who else is watching while he has over 55 million subs
YouTubers Doing Stuff
YouTubers Doing Stuff
This STILL makes me laugh xD
self aware
But peeds
Armin Gameplay HD
56 million subs
King of clickbait
Explain me
Emily Waslin
Nooooooooooooooo dont do it plz😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
That Amv Editor
What is hilarious is that this is the most watched video
Blue Dragon TV
who thinks pewdiepie is the best youtuber in the world subscribe me
Why can't we be friends?
Nur Saedah
Colin Grah
I'm so happy my friend my friend dislikes you but I don't like I don't know my friend doesn't like you but I do but she's very happy that your channels deleted or going to be doing
Wow he promises and doesent do it
Čovek Gamer
Veronica De Mitro
OMG 😱😱😱
Cris Cabantog
Wait this is 2017 where the time
Rubiksbros YT
don't delete pewdiepie then Justin beiber will be most subscribed
Cohaber_ Swan
If you were watching this vid and you believed this then ask this to yo self how was it uploaded
Yiğithan Bozkurt
You are clickbait orospu evladı ( Türkler S.a )
Viggo Ekedahl
The Breakfast Gamer
how bout you fake delete your channel at 60 mil I mean your almost there WINK WINK HINT HINT.
ChunkBroz Productions
need subs watch my videos
FaZe FanBoy
U fuqer you didnt
Mini Lim
Who can subsribe me?
Soccer CgiLife
Gimme some likes on this comment it might happened to someone u will never know
Soccer CgiLife
What an joke his no more subs wat the if,he, did it I will be sad actually
1 if he did it no more ps4
2 lost all of his subs
3 cupple fans sad because he deleted his channel
4 fans would hate him
Soccer CgiLife
What a sad video for him he was the most subs every
tony ni ketai
You shud have deleted pewdiepie and kept jack septiceye2
FunnyMadd Games
I just realised how badly Pewdiepie trolled the entire internet when this happened
Roben Ruel Dimapilis
what the f*** PewDiePie I almost thought you were deleting your videos I was pissed off because you I thought you were go to delete your videos super pissed off you sly f**** devil but you didint
Arad M Kia
Arad M Kia
Sk Ok
Vinayak Chauhan
tari maa ki chut
Buster EliteMC
This is probably why you are at 50 million subs and will basically never be the biggest
this was uploaded on my birthday
aang aja
long time no see pewds video when the beard is back i watch every day 4head
John L
If pewds is gonna delete his channel at 100M subs then just don't sub lmao
100 Subs on my channel and i will delete this channel...

jk lmao
Michael Peterson
Please delete your channel and get a real job. You have no social or political influence and nobody cares about your antics. If 56 million people cared about a "celebrity" or a politician they would be able to impact the world in a some way, however small. If you deleted your channel, your name would disappear from the Web in 5 days.
u pabo I pabo everybody pabo 바보
I love how he got 6 million in 7 months.
Bored Mexican
Worst lies ever made in history (Gone Wrong) 2017
Now I have to kill myself because he won't delete his shity channel
Eva Faline
Janice Wilkinson
Dillon the hacker was probably pissed about this
Rhaffy Gt
Thats how you congratulations yourself
Prakash Prasad
Nilber Silver Streak
Eat a fucking million cocks per second you muther fucking god damned son of a bitchin cunt ass faggot ass queer bait fucktard.................🇺🇸
bomb blast
Now this time do it for real
Fardeener 2004
Click bait
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