Kodak Black-Shoulda Woulda(Official Video) Produced By Young Shun

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Kodak Black-Shoulda Woulda Produced By Grammy Nominated Super Producer Young Shun

did kid went from looking like a normal looking kid to what he looks now. it's crazy if u see a before and after pic of this nigga.
Ramon Ruiz
Am i the only one who thinks he looks like bobby Shmurda
Bob City
looks st8 up like bobby shmurrda
raw he so so woke and livif
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Sebastian Salapata
fuck kodak black
Frankie Davis
Magic Boi
Kodak looking like "G Dep" from Bad Boys Record.
dontee gray
Anthony Basile
Tunnel vision #1
Manuel Gonzalez
This nigga said "ouuuuu I shoulda did man" at 0:37
Young Mikemike20
going hard Kodak black
Jhon Melchor
He has always been given good videos, good directors, but his video performances were bad. He has improved a lot tho.
Jhon Melchor
She hella young idk what people talking about.. no dance moves tho, for sure
who s this car is cuz i ve seen it in a lot of videos
Juan Sanchez
Selfmade Bandz900
Rick Ross get Kodak u can teach him the way like meek
Mateja Weindorff
who else was here before it blew up?
NoFace NoCase
Why this nigga look like Bobby shmurda 😭😭
Delete Lol
White people never gunna understand the culture 🙄
brianna vinson
She bad af haha
Elizardo Macharigue
I'll fuck the ass cheeks , off that lady
Kay Nwk
. angel I w
Kurloz Soriano
Damn that girl I would've did lol
kris brobecker
wont touch kodack that bitch catch a charge hah
Teresa Tynes
Kodak Black 1000+
Mofeid yousif Hassan
he was looking better
Shawn Oritz
short gay niggas can like kodak too he should more dudes in his videos for gay fans
Thugger Thugger
Lol that one jealous bitch deleted her comment haha
monte productions
collab coming soon don't sleep on ya boy
Joseph Francois
Zoe life or no life.
Joseph Francois
sexy lady
Mason Sterling
Awwwww baby Kodak 😂
that ass tho
Jaheim Daniels
Cazimiro Belancho
what's the girl in the sun dress name??
Rebel Gee
I only watched this to see that bitches butt
Marrion Whitter
Should did ab
Marrion Whitter
Should did
Joseph Francois
you should have cuz I would have
Caden Gumm
how did this not blow up
Meechaveli GS9
sniper gang
stevan Pena
Should. i fuck her
Rudy Reyes
here before it goes it viral
Was that his mom's friend from work smh
Jesus Serrato
straight up thought this was Lisa Ann😂
King Savage
shii dope asf
Scrub Gaming
Why he look 12 tho
Kobi Emmanuel
kodak for real
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