Kodak Black-Shoulda Woulda(Official Video) Produced By Young Shun

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Kodak Black-Shoulda Woulda Produced By Grammy Nominated Super Producer Young Shun

elite duelist
look i love every aspect of this guy. He's such an interesting character hahahahaha
Regiane Abreu
Brasil Kodak Black Tomos junto
Idk how this hasnā€™t blown up yet
John Gotti
Spend Bands
Mackenzie Reed
He was hot af
mario patterson
Bitch bad af
Sam Brooks
she is fine
mark anderson
Who is watching this in 2017 ?
Well many singers are using Authentic views d o t com to get views
Rocio Pina
best rapper alive
Fast Day
Rusty Shackleford
2,222,222nd view. yea hell yea
Eazy-E Kodak Black
Ayyyye Young Kodak Was a Legend he still is but he needs to get his mind back to grindin not making not so good shit cause he is stacked Now
Whats her name
Beat is aite but the lyrics are garbage
Sam Tarpeh
Paul Medina
Dam that bitch is stupid baaaad
Wavy Don
he look like lil boosie lol over
money ent
i thought this was the first song that was go blow up
Antonio swiss
Fuck that who is the lady ?
shorty look like virgo peridot
Precious Stewart
These beats kodak need to fuck with again
Cody Nevels
Sorry about this comment fucking up 420 comments but had to say sick 420 comments
Trust YouMe
HON Solo
beat to fire
Claude Akel
Remember when kodak black said that he was better than 2pac and biggie
That's what's he meant
Jordan Liddicoat
This is the most slept on Kodak song by far this is one of his best
she bad tho šŸ’Æ
The Tiger
why your black and you have a white girl with you that's racist
gaming cub
the ass is at 1:07 thank me later
Johnny Utah
bitch looks out of place .....she fine as hell, but moves out of place
jose martinez
l love hit songs
dr noodle
some kid and his hot mom
Tevin Charles
my fave songer
Tamarion Roberson
Jack Melby
Yellow submarine i feel like the Beatles. Fire
Marco Rodriguez
free kodak black
J Martinez
shouldnt have violated your probation shouldve couldve wouldve
This junk hard
Gene O.
Fire song
Shkai Brumfield
Shkai Brumfield
the house šŸØ o thing
Shkai Brumfield
the phone her šŸ’ÆšŸ˜
Richard Maldonado
Eliann almonte
fire šŸ˜
Alex Zgoda
He should be in jail he is a criminal
Face D
kodak pulled his teacher, and kept his mouth shut about relationship #shouldnta'wouldnta couldn'ta told, kodak neva fold
Carl CJ Johnson
Who's the chick??
Oracio Galvan
snap chat me that coochie
Oracio Galvan
bad bitches I really want it.
Oracio Galvan
straight hit it from the reurrr.
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