Kodak Black-Shoulda Woulda(Official Video) Produced By Young Shun

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Kodak Black-Shoulda Woulda Produced By Grammy Nominated Super Producer Young Shun

Johnny Utah
bitch looks out of place .....she fine as hell, but moves out of place
jose martinez
l love hit songs
dr noodle
some kid and his hot mom
Tevin Charles
my fave songer
Tamarion Roberson
Jack Melby
Yellow submarine i feel like the Beatles. Fire
Marco Rodriguez
free kodak black
J Martinez
shouldnt have violated your probation shouldve couldve wouldve
Mrs. Clayton
15 year old kodak lmao
This junk hard
Gene O.
Fire song
Shkai Brumfield
Shkai Brumfield
the house 🏨 o thing
Shkai Brumfield
the phone her 💯😍
Richard Maldonado
Eliann almonte
fire 😍
Alex Zgoda
He should be in jail he is a criminal
Face D
kodak pulled his teacher, and kept his mouth shut about relationship #shouldnta'wouldnta couldn'ta told, kodak neva fold
Carl CJ Johnson
Who's the chick??
Oracio Galvan
snap chat me that coochie
Oracio Galvan
bad bitches I really want it.
Oracio Galvan
straight hit it from the reurrr.
did kid went from looking like a normal looking kid to what he looks now. it's crazy if u see a before and after pic of this nigga.
Ramon Ruiz
Am i the only one who thinks he looks like bobby Shmurda
Bob City
looks st8 up like bobby shmurrda
raw he so so woke and livif
Account Now Staxx
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Sebastian Salapata
fuck kodak black
Frankie Davis
Magic Boi
Kodak looking like "G Dep" from Bad Boys Record.
dontee gray
Anthony Basile
Tunnel vision #1
Manuel Gonzalez
This nigga said "ouuuuu I shoulda did man" at 0:37
Young Mikemike20
going hard Kodak black
Jhon Melchor
He has always been given good videos, good directors, but his video performances were bad. He has improved a lot tho.
Jhon Melchor
She hella young idk what people talking about.. no dance moves tho, for sure
who s this car is cuz i ve seen it in a lot of videos
Juan Sanchez
Selfmade Bandz900
Rick Ross get Kodak u can teach him the way like meek
Mateja Weindorff
who else was here before it blew up?
NoFace NoCase
Why this nigga look like Bobby shmurda 😭😭
Delete Lol
White people never gunna understand the culture 🙄
brianna vinson
She bad af haha
Elizardo Macharigue
I'll fuck the ass cheeks , off that lady
Kay Nwk
. angel I w
Kurloz Soriano
Damn that girl I would've did lol
kris brobecker
wont touch kodack that bitch catch a charge hah
Teresa Tynes
Kodak Black 1000+
Mofeid yousif Hassan
he was looking better
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