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It's time for some extreme trick shots!
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Crazy Governor
ace of spades
Crazy Governor
Rekted Vlogs
Video with DemolitionRanch would be amazing.
Spott Kaka
Their videos must be fake bc they cant be good at almost everything
Black Wolf
You shoot very good batting.😁
Brayden Williams
Did anybody notice the illuminati cloud??!??!!
Brayden Williams
The card garret showed was ace of spades the card ty shot was ace of clubs.Nice try garret but it actually wasn't that hard
how rich are they?😮
HockeyBoss88 //Chicago Blackhawks
"And we got a fire."
What Kind of Gun did U Guys use?
Kent Chua
Sounds like you are on safari. Now you just need a lion to kill you
pro beast pro
his magic trick is the card turned different when they went to shoot it
Chattahoochee Native
when you realize the helicopter has dp logos on it 😐😮
Raimiel Castro
Last time ive watched dude perfect they have 12,000,000 subs now.....17,000,000 subs!
Jonathan Mateo
You did not shout the card you hit a bother one
Jay Gauger
Omg I love helicopters
Cpc 360
Cpc 360
It was a different cars
b bruso
He got another deck of cards
Lockedown Live Like A Lunatic
He switched the ace for th club
Satvik Saha
Oh my gosh I love helicopters!

u may ask why I said that

read the description
Garrett Gleckl
i wish i had those great guns
Ekul Sivad
I feel like Ty in a heli should be in Ghost Recon
ColeMic Smith
how are you guys so deadly accurate
Thug life 21
Wow, they turned full rednek
Artin ExtremeTeam
What if a burgler comes into theyre house? They would all grab a gun and............ ALOHOAKBAR
Rose Madeira
at 6:51 after the arrow went fully through then it exploded, which is not normal (I think)
byrin knox
One had spades and other clubs
Ryan Hosseinnejad
After shooting the top part of the card Garrett put it in his pocket upside down to show as if it was never harmed
Torben Engfeld
The Card by the "Splitting the card" Shoot was another ad the first one.
My youtub Channeool
Lisa Coll
dude perfect is number 1at everything
Lisa Coll
BreatheFootball Forever
any one who likes, comments and subscribes my channel i will sub him back
Lachlan VZ
Garret switched the cards
Thithi Vade
Ty the new Deadshot discovered
Conner Burbank
you are awsome
Brandon Nemon
I feel like gun trick shots would be the easiest to fake
Random Stuff
The mystery fruit is spaghetti squash
Qushoyyi Moto Garage
you guys better than navy
Finn Damhus
Don t do this
Home very funny i have a plane and a bow home 😂
Mercedes Wills
Jacob Senn
Rocky Da BULLY
Kristin Lynn
dudeperfect think there the best at evrything!!!!!!!!!!!Fyi
Matty The Gamer
you are using aimbot
I can't even afford a new football, but these guys have their own helicopter...
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