Xur, Agent of the Nine
You guys need to team up with demo ranch for a vid
Texas Farhaan
Flame Games
Does anyone know what rifle garret was shooting?
Gman 8525
Ty: Has vertical grip, uses tactical rail for grip
doge Master
Wath is the name de music?
Trae Stever
What was the gun the Garrett shot and the scope hit his hat
A man who can survive in a war or apocalipse.
Here A Monkey
This is reaalllyyy awesome
What is the sniper that garret uses?
Lyquan Warbrick
We got some low key robin hoods
Bernardo Meza
Wow guys that is some amazing skills
Rose Cortese
Ace of spades
TpA Alpaka
It wasn’t the same card as the one that was shot
Cyka blyat
Pistol thats a revolver
People Artists
Now America knows not to mess with dude perfect
KayGalaxy 3
AaronOG 420
You’ve got to MOVE!!!
Selfmade Rappers
With these guys we really gone win the war!
Mr Grey
Ace of spades
Numrah Nadeem
I got the magic trick garret
Numrah Nadeem
Dude perfect have their own heli wow that YouTube money
You replaced the Ace of Spades with another card.
Niilo Lehtimäki
I think thats honey melon
Wesley Loftin
You swapped the card
Maxin Tan
They are practically qualified to be a hitman or a soldier
Bunga Nisa
day of dude perfect👌👌👌💕💕💕
Stephen Ford
this music makes me want to kill myself. such dude bro.
Dane Venus
They should be soldiers
Kaleb Peterson
They switched cards
Garret switched the type of ace
Henry Stevanus
Did anyone else notice that Tyler almost did every shot
knify vlogs
Garet had the card behind his hand
Landon Quinney
Different card
Tyler Carolan
Ty have u been in the military because u r really good at aiming and stuff that marines or navy seals do
DruHenderson23 1235
He replaced the card with a different card
Willy J
There was a card behind his hand
The magic trick was, the first card they showed in the brace was the ace of spades, then the next frame when you see it getting shot it is the ace of clubs. Finally in Garret’s pocket is the ace of spades that was in the brace first!
Curtis Henry Lloyd
You had another pack in your pocket
Tyler Mays
Need hit markers on the long shots
Mr. Mustachio
The card trick is that he went from clubs to spades
Popson Kara
Ace card
Sean Anderson
A of clubs
brody vincent
Y'all are the worst on youtube
The Shield BoYz
I that real?
Xander Perdue
My name is Xander
Andrew Batayola
I am your biggest fan
Kneels 2 yards from pineapples which are thus shoot, "this is amazing!!!!"
jacob stewart
Changed the aces
Ford Klocke
An ace
ben witherspoon
the card was an ace
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