Brad Pitt: Big Questions With Even Bigger Stars

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Netflix's "War Machine" star Brad Pitt cozies up by Stephen as they contemplate humanity's most puzzling uncertainties.

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Mo OnlyOneGod Harris
In the beginning...

While I was with TheProphet, some people from Bani Tamim came to him. TheProphet said, "O Bani Tamim! Accept The Good News!" They said, "You have given us the good news; now give us (something)." (After a while) some Yemenites entered, & he said to them, "O the people of Yemen! Accept the good news, as Bani Tamim have refused it. "

They said, "We accept it, for we have come to you to learn the Religion. So we ask you what the beginning of this universe was." TheProphet said: "There was The God & nothing else before Him & His Throne was over the water, & He then created the Heavens & the Earth & wrote everything in The Book."

Reference : Sahih al-Bukhari 7418
In-book reference : Book 97, Hadith 46
Narrated `Imran bin Hussain
Mo OnlyOneGod Harris
think deeply

And to The God belongs the dominion of the heavens & the earth, & The God has power over all things.

Verily! In the creation of the heavens & the earth, & in the alternation of night & day, there are indeed signs for men of understanding.

Those who remember The God (while) standing, sitting, & lying down on their sides, & think deeply about the creation of the heavens & the earth, (saying): "Our Lord! You have not created (all) this without purpose, glory to You! (Exalted be You above all that they associate with You as partners).
Morgan Sri
Duh! Islam existed first..then universe. While we're questioning..many are being killed by the creator..duh! allah....the master of universe!
Good shit!! LMAO!
Marley Pup
This is so stupid
Bradford and Stevesrino
'Why is there something rather then nothing?' 'I think it is so advertisers have something to put commercials in-between' haha XD
ryan seitz
woot! an 18 year old fight club reference!
samfeyo rozo
Zen Blossom Tea
my sims do this
haaahaaaa crackup
Zeus Cennet
By Will brad pit sana yıldızlar aylar galaxy renklendirici yedirirdim orada gökyüzüne osurudun yıldızlar çıkardı aya osurudun resmin çıkardı galaxy rengi siyah ya o rengi ışıklı osurarak değiştirirdin akilli kuru fasulye cennette yapardım amerika halkına sevgi dolu şakayla o yaşlıların suratına kelllerin kafasına seni osurtup yaşlıları gençleştiridin kellerin saçını çıkarırdın recep ivedik gibi osurtup gençleştiridin birazda osuruk tranferi o gençleşen ihtiyarlara kele verirdin onlarda karılarının suratına kellerin kafasına osurup saçını çıkarır gençleştirirdi hatta osuruğu parfüm gibi kokuturduk rüzgar çıkarırdık konuştururduk şarkı çaldırırdık ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ben şeytan milletini düşünen şeytan millet çok üzülmüş biraz gülsün istedim. 😀😁😂 amerika milleti osurmasını bilendir eğitimlidir bilgilidir ben jesus babası
Caitlin Elizabeth
What a load of bullshit..he hike to the top of a mountain in Tibet and he don’t know what happens after I kill a disappointment Brad
Caitlin Elizabeth
😱😱😱😱😱🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥is that Brad Pitt
Caitlin Elizabeth
I went to a psychic doctor and he say DiCaprio gonna fall into your lap
Sword Arm
New, more accurate title: Big Questions, little minds
Hama Walker
my legend
John Hogan
This was cool. And Bradimir Pittin.
I Brad Pitt Everything
Brad Pitters unite!
Christopher Aparicio
Bradimer pittin lol lmao
Brad Pitt sounds like Keanu Reeves here.
Adonia Lyovtzsis
Loved it! Thanks for the laugh!
5:30 ...genuine laugh
Oli Rayner
I don't get the Ed Norton joke
Wesley Morton
"I didn't want to seem desperate" - too good
Clara Bonnet
Clara Bonnet
The first time I saw an incredible starry night was In Argentina tho.
Clara Bonnet
Whenever I was in Jordan if there was one good thing about life there was the sky at night. I have seen all kinds skies full of stars at night but by far in the desert of wadi Arabia she most impressive you even see the Milky Way.
Linda x
Brad's a hot daddy dayumm
what's in the box?
Z Campbell
It's just so cringeworthy
Bertilda Bean
his voice never changed..
Jerry K
Bradimir Pittin., hahahahah
Les nuits Andalouses
stivie C LOL
Rosalind Jennings
Brad Pitt was supposed to have gotten married just now; about a month ago, Owen Wilson got married. How come the celebrity magazines focus on people born in the 1960s or early 70s. How come everyone they keep focusing on is older?

Where are the younger stars to focus on? They have flown the coop
Y'all know Brad Pitt was high as fuck
The Best 1 next 2 Kermit tha FROG!!!
Manatee Man
I love how charming Pitt is, and how he just takes whatever TV appearances he wants because he just doesn't give a darn anymore.
Ana María Acosta González
my love forever
I know I've hit adulthood because I've understood all the jokes to a Stephen Colbert show.
ciera smith
Brad go and get your wife and kids back!!!
I wonder how much Vodka they had to pure in him:)
Caster TV
I don't know bills kind of picky about me watching movies
Caster TV
In the world of energy 1+1 does not equal to it becomes synergy
Caster TV
I'll get back to you on that one
Caster TV
Is it possible to describe infinity good question maybe
Caster TV
Can anybody truly know themselves well I mean it would take a lifetime and you're always a work in progress anyway and there's room for improvement to
Caster TV
Math is tricky it usually works however you need to have the right numbers otherwise it'll break down for example take your calendar of 365 days a year it is not correct it is 364
Caster TV
Humans are basically good or evil? I see evil, sorry Siri made a typo, I was saying humans well I can't speak for all of them but I know the evil ones had a lot of control over what they trained and taught to people to see, think and believe.
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