Brad Pitt: Big Questions With Even Bigger Stars

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Netflix's "War Machine" star Brad Pitt cozies up by Stephen as they contemplate humanity's most puzzling uncertainties.

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Evelyn Yao
I hear the Han and leia theme
Evelyn Yao
"Haven't been out in a while" he sure hasn't
Evelyn Yao
53 and still hot
Carlos Arias
He's the best so far in this skit.
Bradimir Pittin :D
Sunny Bear
omg how cute is Brad's little smile after Stephen calls him Bradley Trooper at 02:54?? <3
Shit we all are Edward Norton!!!
What did Angelina do to him, he looks like a wino-hobo... just saying!.
wilson lee
That fight club reference :DDD
Dan Alvarez
Pitt is a horrible Improv actor. These kind of actors; the shy introspective dudes like Bale and Daniel Day Lewis are horrible at this kind of comedy. Not putting Pitt anywhere near the class of Day Lewis or Bale, but they're both kind of reserved, shy dudes.
Pitt jumped into the goofy, dummy, sensitive Pitt-character, but he screwed up several lines.
Actors who are not proficient in improv get into character but struggle to deliver the lines clearly because they lack the ability to be showmen, rather than screen actors. Pitt is a screen actor. He's used to being on camera.
Screen actors do scenes and the director yells cut. And you start over. Stage actors have to keep going, even if they fuck up.
Jose Daniel Bautista
what's being played in the background? does anyone know?
Lastly More
This is the best Big Questions With Even Bigger Stars segment.
Victoria Simpson
I love this clip!!! watched it 20 times!!! l give Stephen a solid 10. great cast with pitty pat!!! LMAO
auuugh god hilarious!
madhu sudan Pandey
brad always clears the crowd!!!!!!!!
Miss these. Coming from watching Harry Styles' interaction with James Corden, I'd love to see one of those with Styles.
Sonja Dawn
Brad Pitts production company is making a movie out of a book my friends Aunty wrote, it's very exciting!
Ibn Sina
RIP headphone users. Womyn went wild when Brad appeared
Denise R.
I love Brad Pitt's laugh.
Both men are 53 and they both look fine. I'm worried about him though. Put both men side by side and you can see how much thinner Brad is. Hope he's coping okay with his divorce and losing his children. He always seems like a man who wants a normal family. Seems like a cool guy. Been a fan for years.
Priyanker Rao
Did he just spoil fight club for me?
So the audience weren't seeing Brad Pitt before he was in frame?
Esteban Nunez
Unless your going to doctor? Well not necessarily, the other day I told my doctor I have anxiety, he told me I have Xanax, Welbutrin, Valium, Klonopin, what do you want? Seriously this is not a joke this happened for real. I was replied back with a 'I really don't know about medications at all.'
Dr. Rawls
Ugly Casanova
Breaking Brad?! I wouldn't mind him and Colbert cooking some drugs.
John Wesson
I like John but he should talk less.
Bon Kai
Aww. I thought he was going to say I want to go to the past to change my marriage with Angelina Jolie
Izabela Gomez
How is Brad Pitt still so good looking at 53 !!!
anna clast.......................a pleb. pathetic.
Anna Clast
He still looks so gorgeous. He is so funny and deep. He is a legend.
pssssssssssssst.............(brad wants to go to the past so he can strangle skeletor and break her hyoid bone watch her face turn blue dot dot dot....) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I am going to stop commenting........he is just too pathetic for words.
anything he does now... whether it be on Colbert ..or commenting in magazines..(RIPPING HIS PARENTS ?? in GQ for theirrevivalist Christian nature??) who hissed venom in his ear on that one. OH NO!!! YA THINK SO ???? hahahahahahaha I smell ink....and bones......... he looks absolutely weak/tired and played out...his life force has gone and he is just making the motions. o--mee gawd---------- war machine................I have to watch albeit thru my fingers......hahaha
and to the plebs that comment on certain celebrities .....quit giving accolades to certain (most) that don't fucking deserve it.pitt is king right now in this category. Weak sack of shit. Boo fucking hoo cunt wife regulates his kid visits. He married the cunt from hell ....stupid weak fuck.
I think brad should "TURN" gay. He would make a good subservient bitch/man/slave/...halfway there anyway.
Bye Brad.
omfg....really? when will arm pitt just FUCK OFF?Colbert-- " is beauty skin deep?"pitt--- " I don't know.. I have never taken my skin off."No shit arm pitt your cunt personified wife did it for you... balls and all you SKINLESS EUNUCH.And war machine looks multiple CRINGYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY........
taylor trash
he should have won for 12 monkeys
Arindam Chowdhury
Doesn't Brad Pitt look like Tom Selleck!?
Chris x2
Guys, you can like Brad without shitting on Angelina.
George Ag
Death after life....yeah Brad!!!!!!!!!!
AuroraS 92
Brad's laugh is the sweetest! :)
Avril Cannan
I just saw inglorious basterds again today and this is just hilarious 😂
Humans are basically good, think these two guys. Watch The Barbarian Invasions. :)
Dunia Ali
Love both men. So nice to see Brad!
Andres Islas
Go to this link, for a chance to win a Canon 80D
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