Adonia Lyovtzsis
Loved it! Thanks for the laugh!
5:30 ...genuine laugh
Oli Rayner
I don't get the Ed Norton joke
Wesley Morton
"I didn't want to seem desperate" - too good
Clara Bonnet
Clara Bonnet
The first time I saw an incredible starry night was In Argentina tho.
Clara Bonnet
Whenever I was in Jordan if there was one good thing about life there was the sky at night. I have seen all kinds skies full of stars at night but by far in the desert of wadi Arabia she most impressive you even see the Milky Way.
Linda x
Brad's a hot daddy dayumm
Wonder why Brad is not helping with the investigation into Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington murders. The evidence is so clear. Jesse James (my family tree) best Brad movie ever.
what's in the box?
Z Campbell
It's just so cringeworthy
Bertilda Bean
his voice never changed..
Jerry K
Bradimir Pittin., hahahahah
Les nuits Andalouses
stivie C LOL
Rosalind Jennings
Brad Pitt was supposed to have gotten married just now; about a month ago, Owen Wilson got married. How come the celebrity magazines focus on people born in the 1960s or early 70s. How come everyone they keep focusing on is older?

Where are the younger stars to focus on? They have flown the coop
Y'all know Brad Pitt was high as fuck
The Best 1 next 2 Kermit tha FROG!!!
Manatee Man
I love how charming Pitt is, and how he just takes whatever TV appearances he wants because he just doesn't give a darn anymore.
Ana María Acosta González
my love forever
I know I've hit adulthood because I've understood all the jokes to a Stephen Colbert show.
ciera smith
Brad go and get your wife and kids back!!!
I wonder how much Vodka they had to pure in him:)
Caster TV
I don't know bills kind of picky about me watching movies
Caster TV
In the world of energy 1+1 does not equal to it becomes synergy
Caster TV
I'll get back to you on that one
Caster TV
Is it possible to describe infinity good question maybe
Caster TV
Can anybody truly know themselves well I mean it would take a lifetime and you're always a work in progress anyway and there's room for improvement to
Caster TV
Math is tricky it usually works however you need to have the right numbers otherwise it'll break down for example take your calendar of 365 days a year it is not correct it is 364
Caster TV
Humans are basically good or evil? I see evil, sorry Siri made a typo, I was saying humans well I can't speak for all of them but I know the evil ones had a lot of control over what they trained and taught to people to see, think and believe.
Caster TV
No comment on whether the clothes make the man. I already made a comment below
Caster TV
Beauty is not even skin deep it's what's on the inside that counts! The outside is just like the clothes you wear, it is just an extension of you and it changes!
Caster TV
Why do we can remember some of her dreams?!! I don't remember the helicopter?!! But I heard who was supposed to be on it!
Caster TV
Do you believe in life after death?!! Is that a trick question ?!!
Caster TV
What existed before the universe? An older version of the universe!
Sun Radio 2017
Jackie Lou Villa
my favorite....
yes Braddimir Pitting?

-yeah he kill it
Love Ju
Brad Pitt Boy Comentarista do Youtube
Deborah Waters
Cali Bra
Waste of my time
Justin Mielke
stephen: why is the sky blue?
me: because God is sexually frustrated
Pitt? Colbert is HUGE
William Taylor
I made 10 cents whem I was 3. Please stop.Steven Colber. Steven a void is real youlll be ashamed to no end, visual basic, gagamel laughed so hard spiders and all known organisms made mars one
bapho met
finally Brad Pitt
This is Brad Pitt from Burn After Reading :D
Brad Pitt should play Joel in a Last of Us film.
Brad Pitt, newest acquisition for the MGTOW gang
Sherrell Lopez
Brad(imir) Pitt(en)......hilarious :)
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