Xuan Ding
Category: Superheros

Lily: Eyyyyy

((Lily and Jimmy share a look))

Three... two... one...

Lily: Superwoman
Jimmy: Wonder woman

Me: You had one job.
Sam Raats
I was about to say "Nemo" tbh
Sam Raats
Reshma Vyawahare
she is looking so beautiful
omg 😍😍
Is anyone else playing along with them as they say it xD
When Lilly said sonic on video games, I did too xD
jimmy fallon annoys me. all his games and comments are so cutesy
Brielle D
Yes!! Superwoman!!!!
professer CJ
When he didn't say super women hahahaha
Ranjani murugesan
Did anyone else scream IRONMAN!!! 😂
How did he get the superhero one wrong?!
Elizabeth Ganuelas
This is just an excuse to hold hands with Lilly Singh . But who on earth wouldn't want to hold hands with Lilly. She's LILLY !!!!!!😄😍🦄
Liberty Barnum
For soup i would have said tomato.
Dede Rolle
My Lilly on my Jimmy show. Best combination
Phoebe McLuskie
I also said Jupiter
Darlyne Rivas Vids
Lol, she stared at him like you better say superwoman and then he says "wonderwoman"
Gonul O'Loughlin
Wonder Woman smooth Jimmy smooth
Anam Tariq.
is it normal when they said salmon i said it too
Zoe Burden
her hair looks like jasmines it's so gorgeous
Little Mixer
She's so pretty!
Seren Kalter
I was thinking...

Mario Cart
Iron Man
Guys, If Disney makes a life action movie of Aladin, WE ALL KNOW WHOSE JASMINE!!
SourPeaches _
I would have said Batman when in the first super hero round
Jungkook's girl
"team work makes the dream work" RM anyone?
Annabel Lin
Wonder Woman... honestly...
Cirilla Fiona
Omfg! This woman is fucking gorgeous. She has an amazing personality as well. Beauty with brains ofc
Siri sha's Travel Vlog
Super Woman ~ Wonder Woman (hahahahaha) Lilly Singh you sure are a Wonder Woman 👏👍
Ramona mendes phan lol
Lilly looks like she's 59 ( no offends )
Yasmine T
Shai-ann Baraoidan
Lilly even gave jimmy that look when he said superheroes
Lilly Singh
Am gonna play this game
visual7 and bangtanDAMNSONyeondan
Melissa Chen
What was the 3rd card cuz it just cut straight to 4 look at the card
Why Don't We Pizza
When is the lil' brown girl going to be on the show Jimmy Ki... Fallon?
Amanda Lee
Amanda Lee
Angel 101
I thought she was Shay Mitchell in the thumbnail
Clara Arnold
Who knew Lilly was gonna say Mario cart
The Kitchen Club
Super fun !
Elizabeth Cole
Her hair omg 😍
arushee jha
Her Hair.......
LOL this was funny and silly.
Savannah Stewart
FUCKING WONDER WOMAN?!!!! 😩😩😩😂😂😂😂😂🤷🏾
Italia Kpooper
Team work makes the dream work!
Nova Bower
Lilly was Heartbroken when he said Wonder Woman XD
Megan TheForce
Her hair is awesome :)
pizza queen
Everyone in the comments are taking about how lily looks like jasmine and I am here like in the thumbnail her dress look blue and in the video it's green??
Bora Isufi
the best show and the ellen show is good
Jenna Cangello
Lilly and I jinxed 2 times in the video games mortal combat and super sonic
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