zozza.perkins Personal
I love Lilly so much 😩😩😍😍
Mohamed Abdilahi
somehow lilly looks like camila cabello from the side view? just me?
george hand
great show tonight bounce jimmy love it dude
woah lily looks exactly like superwoman??
Ben Powner
Lilly Singh is so fine!!
omg she looks so beautiful i'm crying
pumpkin soup
aliza naikle
lili ....always love u....you r the proud of our India....superwomen forever
Sonika Kamble
When he said Wonder Woman i just started screaming, "Jimmy you had ONE JOB!!!"
Oh my gosh, this just makes me so happy.
Dalal Duhoky
Omg in the thumbnail lilly looks like deepika padukone
saddam hossain
So pretty!!!!!!!!😘❀❀❀
Cindy Liu
Her hair is so gorgeous
She looks so beautiful in this, omg.
Anbchrizthel Caan
I feel like they should do the Best Friends Box together
Donovan Stone
Didn't she used to be dark brown before this?
Just No
Guys, there's no such ''Superwoman'', it's her youtube channel lol, there are wonder woman, supergirl, power girl etc
Mackenzie Grant
Super woman isn't actually a superhero though ...
Mackenzie Grant
Super woman isn't actually a superhero though ...
I also said SALMON!!!!!!!!!!!!! screaming & jumping on bed 2:37
Noor Korayim
Lily is my Rapunzel
Cupcakes0284 AJ
I said salmon for fish!
Katherine Janelle
She should play jasmin when they make the movie
ashwani kumar singh
【Ariana Darcia】パンケーキ
It is weird that I jinxed together with them? xD
Stupendous Jia
Superwoman for President
Stupendous Jia
her hair is 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Samriddhi Stypayhorlikson
I am so disappointed he did not do "Ew" with herπŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Luckygirl 99
Yooooo I had a jinx with Lilly when she said mortal combat!!!!
Basam Alzobaidi
Suranda Anyinefa
planets, Jupiter? what how about Earth
Her dress looks blue on the thumbnail
Gosh I love her hair its SUPERLONG!!!
We AreOne
press like 157 times on 1:57 and u will see my reaction on math C
Eli Adel
i read jinx challenger and thought lilly plays league.... :C
J88 S
they had chemistry!!!
that look lilly gave him when they were on the superhero category thinking he was thinking of saying the same thing XD
sneha ranawat
hey SW u looking pretty in dis video
Style TV
Omg Lilly looks so damn pretty! And her personality is so charming!!!
Bhoova Cy
her hair though..
Eyy i said salmon too!
Nathan Pinpin
Wait, that's lilly? Man she looks like a steriotypical indian lady with a stylish modern dress.
Alexa Gold
Somehow i knew they were gonna say Jupiter
hum me
i love lilly so much😘
Nicole Isabel
this is probably the most intense jinx challenge ive watched so far
youtube addict
It doesn't even look like Lilly wow! Lilly looked fire πŸ”₯!
I think ryan higa should be on the tonight show
House of Healing
they need to hook up lol.. great couple
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