SML Movie: Jeffy's Fidget Spinner!

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Mario buys Jeffy a fidget spinner so he will sop being annoying!

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I hope you guys enjoyed the video! This video idea was requested hundreds of times so I finally decided to do it! The SuperMarioLogan Movie is coming soon! It will be out in June! I will post a better update soon! Thank you guys for being such awesome fans! I am also going to be experimenting with new and old characters in upcoming SML videos. I want to give you guys more of a variety of characters! Post some comments if you have any suggestions for characters or ideas!
Jack Romero
I'm Jack and I'm addicted to rehab
Welcome to rehab addict!
Halo stefanik
How about this kind of videos small movie cool bolserJr
legofan 0198235
like the cat music
BabyKate the YouTuber
tatchi Da trainer
Do juniors Pokemon pack
Leashy Apps
Jeffy's. fidget cube
connor durst
Emily Allwood
connor cash
haroan and all kinds a drugs lol
White LightningHD 000
I like it I'd just tone the innapropiate stuff and swearing
Daylen Campbell
daddy... I have lots of suggestions for videos... but you won't read this comment so sorry
SubzeroLand OnlyfriendSponebob'Friends
SML Question Welll Gaming and phone and napping
fidget spinner and bike handle XD
kali Hasan
Jake Hall
i'm addicted to the Nintendo switch
The Gaming Blue ghost
Partyhard Turtles
Super Mario Logan out an age restriction on it in my school five years olds are watching this and I over heard in speech that there losing their ability to speak with a normal voice, and swearing
Hope Jorgensen
:)i love Jeff:$&$$$$$$$$$$$$
Anna Bui
I is addicted to watching JEFFYY!!!!!!
Phantom Hacker345
I am addicted by fidget cubes
creepy crawler6
im additced ro dabbing
YoItsBryce XD
I like turtels
Kyndra Artis
sml jeffys mom
Tito09 Pena
Video games
Stefano Abballe
Alchohal and smoking
Andrew Guttman
I am addicted to my iPad?
Javier Pardo
the nyan dog dog
i suggest that we do sml short about school plz put me in end credits i love your videos Logan!!!! 😅😉😘
YoSHigod Vlogs & gaming
Charles Pomeroy
Crying Lebron
Who else was low-key playing with a fidget spinner during the video
Mr.•ᴥ•Whiskers•ᴥ• ***********
Whats that song that he used for when the fidget commercial happened?
Mr.•ᴥ•Whiskers•ᴥ• ***********
Whats that song that he used for when the fidget commercial happened?
Endergamer 686
figit spinner!!!!
Endergamer 686
r figit spinners still cool?
0:01 replay over and over
Martina Martinez
jeffy is retarded
Mama Rick
jeffys fidget cube
Shivam gaming
Jeffy fidget cube! like if you want logan to do it
christian dennis
What am I addicted to? This.
Even though my first sml video was junior's summer vacation I'm not a crazy Jeffry fan boy and comment your first sml video also I've caught up on all the sml video since the beginning
Carol Murphy
Do Jeffys fidget cube and put me in the credits
Landen Kamin
jeffy lose's his pencil
Scrubbing bubbles foaming bleach
here's some replay buttons


like so it can stay at the top
bethany gordon
im addicted to my pet bird
Fam Perfect
A request for a new video: Jeffy goes back in time
Chasity Ermine
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