SML Movie: Jeffy's Fidget Spinner!

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Mario buys Jeffy a fidget spinner so he will sop being annoying!

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I hope you guys enjoyed the video! This video idea was requested hundreds of times so I finally decided to do it! The SuperMarioLogan Movie is coming soon! It will be out in June! I will post a better update soon! Thank you guys for being such awesome fans! I am also going to be experimenting with new and old characters in upcoming SML videos. I want to give you guys more of a variety of characters! Post some comments if you have any suggestions for characters or ideas!
roderick mckenzie
the buffer dots is a fidget spinner now
Mr.pumpking Gaming
Thalia Rubio
Cody Reed
Make one of Jeffy goes to White water
Shrek is love Shrek is life
Sml answer : drugs
Golden King
Henry Perez
Julian Curran
Railee Burchell
Mamma so dumb I like to slap them write up a sphinx
Clash Funny Royale
Clash Funny Royale
8-Bit Eyes Glass
Denis Pauna
Îs my frend FOR my îs S-o funny
Denis Pauna
I Love jeffrey
Tony Johnson
Y'all should make Jeffy's glasses
Mr ReMockz
Why don't jeffy just play with the cat piano in his room?
U should make a Jeffy goes to the beach
David Heimbecker
Mario:Jeffy stop it your being annoying!

Jeffy:jeFFy StOP iT YoUR BeING aNnOYiNG1!
Ken O'Mahony
Wait...this video about a fidget spinner got more than 10,000,000 views??

I thought fidget spinners wasn't Popular anymore??
george theodoridis
make a behind the scenes
Cam115566 Roblox
What am I adictive to.?

Jeffy duh
Jerry Miah
I'm addicted to go momma
Connor Huguenard
I'm addicted to herione
Make a jeffy becomes famous/ not like the rap put me in the end
I'm addicted to your videos
Ely Llacer
Fuck you spinner
XxSansfan12xX _
Jeffys: hair cut
Benjamin Coker
M. Jump jkhevebfhjhuvsejh htjg💾💾💔💗💖💘💝⚜🃏♦️♥️♣️♠️📢🎂🌺🌺
I can't believe a video this bad is so popular I mean ok it's alright but I think it could of been better don't call me a hater cause I'm not I LOVE SML but not everyone loves the same videos though
Bengerman Sledge
He so stupid fidgets have led it messes up ur brain let's mad is bad for u 😒😒😒
Kenny Halitzka
Ur mum
zac pomeroy
shooting my brother with nerf guns
Cubex Agar
juniors a bitch
John Cuevas
Mesion me on mi on your new video
Lui _231
Im addicted to coffe ice cream
Adele Ives
Best how
Ally Paz
Your mama
karina marquez
Sml idea jeffy's cozmo robot
Martin Lervoll Johansen
your mom! REKT
Angel Gualdaupe
you tube
Thomas Hennessey
OhhReplayz De best
FIDGET SPINNER?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??! lol
i want to suck jeffy off
guleanoor Ahmed
your vids
If u go on I phone and the loading screen is a figit spinner!!!!!!!! OMG
Mario bros
and can't stop
Mario bros
Do a vid of jeffy eating all the icecream
JetBlueChest PRO
I am addicted to call of duty mw2
And I got 2 fidget spinners light blue and platinum
my savior jeasus
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