Syd Warren
so, i watched how i met your mother on netflix and while on a trip to new york with my dad we wanted to see a show. he wanted to see present laughter, so we did!!! i was 3 feet away from her!!!!❤️❤️
Kate H
I have two middle names too so I feel her pain 😂
Drinking what?
Firstname Lastname
"It's kind of cheeky" "nice ...nice...nice"
Joachim Lothrik
"It's their 4th of July..." xP
I actually didn't realize she was in How I Met Your Mother, or the Avengers. Friends from College is great though.
Joey J
Colby jack cheese smuldering smulders smothered in smuldering colby cheese cheddar jack colby smulders
Chaise Vlogs
I loved her in how I met your mother
Mark Penick
Why would you want to use the F-word? It just makes no sense. The f word makes you sound unintelligent.
Eerik alexander
But um...
"Very *well*, thank you"
Grendel Sloth
She seems like a genuine and nice persons
she is an elf.
I don't know if it is a european thing but yeah some people have at least a second name.
I never got one...but in Croatia it isn't a huge thing to have 2 or 3 names heheh
Let's go to the MALL!!!!! Today😉 Robin sparkles we love u
Leslie Tovar
How does she keep getting more gorgeous??
Beth Johnson
What's that ceiling look like though?
That dress is awful
Mark Wong
I don't know if that was supposed to be an Eastern European accent, but that was terrible.
That Eflat Guy
Just when I thought I was no longer crushing on Cobie Smulders...Something about that smile is very disarming. swoon
Love COBIE she is so pretty! I wish when i reach her age, id be also fuckable like this woman here. AND HER HUSBAND is a funny Man!
sepehr ebneali
i usually never care about this kind of things but god thats a ugly dress
Levi Everaerts
My Dutch ass was waiting for some outrageous name and then it's just like "Literally everyone here has names like that."
Missing Username
Watched all of season one of Friends From College and I like it so far. Can't wait for season two.
Henry Clavo
Can you guys edit out the intro and go straight to the theme? Thanks
Afro Shinobi
She is so fine 😍. Used to watch HIMYM just for her lol
Kathy Dahl
I had high hopes for her new show, but I really didn't like it, and I feel bad about it. Does anyone here like it?
Baron Von Grijffenbourg
Smulders is a fairly common Dutch Surname.
Liv Tree
you could see the moment of regret on her face when she made that pun lmao love her
I'm so excited for this! Looks hilarious XD
Abhirut Gupta
Colbert didn't get the joke at the end? "It's fun to pretend to be somebody else, isn't it?"
all names are made up
I saw her in Present Laughter on Broadway. I think she was intimidated by Kevin Klein. She came off as shy.
she's perfection
Vini Bhatt
Cobie means Cabbage in my language
Kurtis G-Herbold
Went to her high school, can confirm the name
That clip wasn't very funny and it was awkward as hell at the ending where Stephen had to look excited about it but just couldn't.
D. H.
kids, in the summer of 2012 your aunt Robin joined the avengers.
Tati Jaye
"You can't say the f word three times in a sentence, nobody talks that way" Obviously she's never been to high school
Graeme Gunn
My full name is Alexander Graeme Martin Gunn, her's isn't really that bad at all.

What's the big deal?
When he said "the cbs" I got a Letterman flashback.
Arthur Jackson
That movie looks horrible...
Dani Bahamon
Good thing she wasn't cast for Wonder Woman
Neerlands bloed, hurray
Nostalgia Chubby
Cobie's dad was my dentist...I literally watched her grow up on the wall whilst I had my teeth drilled
chill mccool
i'm smultten
Doesn't she just seem like such a lovely person
(before the video) wow how boring does a conversation have to be that the big hook is talking about the person's name
(after the video) apparently. very.
Oh wow she is super charming. And apparently she doesn't age or something. I loved HIMYM but I know that was years ago and was expecting her to look at least a tiny bit older but NOPE. But wow the first couple of minutes of her talking and I was like AWWWWWWWWWW I like yoooouuuu. Maybe it's because she's Canadian. Haha.
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