If Herobrine and Alexbrine got Married - Minecraft

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Herobrine was never good with the ladies, but after finally finding Alexbrine, someone who he can relate to... he knows it's time to take things to the next level. 

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Actors: UbicNick, creeper321448, shackhorn, luigieight, YelloArvis, Jak3DaD3str0yer_, JeffDaDerp, CrystalGalaxy, BONBON601, SgtBlockBuster, Hulk

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Scott Lim
I never knew there was a alexbrine
Blazing Dragon
If I was Alexbrine I would marry you Herobrine! UR my Minecraft role model!👊✌😆😎👍. Ur so🆒!
Silvija Bucaj Shehi
Alexbrine? Cool name! And my name is lorenc. My short name is lory
Zidane Yamashita
if herobrine got a sister
Sophie Sourn
I thought the one was mom
Sophie Sourn
TNT do if Mickey Mouse was your girlfriend lololololololol! Jk but do the thing
Osiel B
I saw DanTDM
Claire Ward
Poor herobrian
Vemal Prakash
Ionut Vasile Bondor
tis is funny and sad at de saim time 😉😉😉
Critter95 Plays
Is Alexbrine real? NVM about Herobrine , Lol bro
Alexa Teodora
hey this is justin bieber amd im girlfriend of a justin bieber!!!!!!!!!**
Epicwarlava Gaming And Viewing
Epicwarlava Gaming And Viewing
Elaine Shyra Gulifardo
Pls if herobrinr's name is stevebrine
Raquel Rocks
if Steve toke over minecraft
kylegamer133100022 m
Arma Yunardi Arma
Arma Yunardi Arma
If herobrine vs baby
Licegirl 84
baby herobraine
mangel m
MC Animator
ahahahhaha looolzzzz foot massage? haha
YTGamer OverYT
Herobrine Gay
Daffa Pratidina
Luba Stefanova
Айслу Кузбаева
фу ацтой
Quads Peveto
fuck you mom
Rubina Banghash
do if there were two Herobrine
Tedilyne Sustiguer
poor heronrine
Mj97.deadpool W.
I feel bad for Herobrine 😔
I'm awesome
you scene Dan TDM
Mary Cabarris
exploding tnt is a mouse
plz do if ender world and normal world switched places
Nicholas Lennox
Alixbrian is not a thing😳or is it?
dimitar stojceski
if steve and alexbrine got merried? pls
ColdPrincessCharlize in YouTube
I love it lol
Kirk Aldwin John Buenafe
if anime was in minecraft
Kirk Aldwin John Buenafe
Ryan Werts
Can you do if purple seep was a pro
Shymoon2016 AJ
If Pink Sheep lost his mustache!
Mc Peruna
Fauzan Habibie
Fauzan Habibie
aurora luna
herobrin do not feel sad at first
Keren Laisinima
Anna Tho
Lol they dont Have nose why She can Snell?
Tricia Di Ponio
That's mean to prank someone! That hurts someones feelings!!!! 😣
Fire Flames
do if notch had a gf
Brian Jacobs
Umm...I just saw a surgeon in the background of the wedding place.
The Oddest Channel in The Whole Youtube
But what if they made kids?
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