If Herobrine and Alexbrine got Married - Minecraft

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Herobrine was never good with the ladies, but after finally finding Alexbrine, someone who he can relate to... he knows it's time to take things to the next level. 

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Actors: UbicNick, creeper321448, shackhorn, luigieight, YelloArvis, Jak3DaD3str0yer_, JeffDaDerp, CrystalGalaxy, BONBON601, SgtBlockBuster, Hulk

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JackMaxJohn hello
That is so sad :(........how could u do that!....:(
Nykolas o
Armie Bunag
i see a secret hole in 0:52
Marie Monserrat Gomez
"now lets do married people things"
-herobrine 20-so and so
علي عبد مصطفى الربيعي
انا اكره الزواج 😠😠😠😠😠صدك 😠😠😠😠
Amari Jones
Alex Poo?!
Benny Merker
Fist comment and I'm proud
Benny Merker
Kevin Palisoc
3:04 stop it
Killer Bee
Whats the soundtrack in 0:25 ??
Allan Family
hero brien is so sad so is pink shep
this is not real OK life
ur eyes look weird thx u let's get married bruh XD
Stanley andres Morales hernandez
if rubies were added
Fal kok
make it now!
Fal kok
ExplodingTNT, please do If Crazyjay played minecraft please
Sakigaming96 Sakigamerz
1:03 well that escalated quickly.
alyaa balushi
Lol 2:29
selda gunendi
Anyone calls its alexbrine but its heroalex
ZixPlayz 14
do if ExplodingTNT fell love with Alex
hicham hicgam
3:24 plz name of music
Teresa Sanchez
omg this is so messed up😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kemica Gamer
ExplodingTnT DO If Herobrine Died
o.p lunala
at 3:04 found the massage she said I'm way prettier
Kiki Barkiah
what 😂😄😆😅☺
Christopher Trifaro
5:13 Purple Shep
Elżbieta Garbaty
LOL nie lubię slubu
Karmah Abu-Hammad
I miss this outro
Lela Mokhtar
if steve killed alexbrine and herobrine killed alex
Zoe Lay
epsloding tnt we alexrine sad herobrine
you should do a Q&N video with herobrine
Dear Fairilu Supreme Leader Lip Fairilu
If Pink Sheep become gay
Merlhyne Navarro
If murder mystery was added in minecraft
Lori Bernt
AngelicA Pena
Maodzx GMR123
don't worry herobrine i promise you'll get a girlfriend
guys :
1 like: 1% sure he ll get married
Iplay Roblox
poor herobrine 😢
Sarah Wright
If all players spawned in the end
sheena stars
darren Berry
If pink sheep and crustal sheep have a baby already
Rodolfo Saludez
if notch became notchbrine
Ava S
Poké1700 Yokai
poor herobrine...
Cayden Lightfoot
Why were there creepers with Justin Bieber a face on
Troy Rifqi Dyiandra
if exploding tnt plays bendy and the ink machine : )
Dragon Man
I felt so bad for Herobrine at the end, if that was me, I would take out my diamond gear and enchanted diamond sword, and kill, my mother, Alex, purple sheep, and I'm not worrying about my mom, they made a respawn button for a reason people😅
Master Herobrine
I think we all hate herobrine's mother
sneha chandra
hey exploding tnt its me surya
please do 'if Herobrine was good but steve was bad'llooll
Dfft Hhhg
elo wszystkim
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