Trump Reacts to Meryl Streep's Golden Globes Speech

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Trump called Streep "over-rated" and a "flunky" after Streep used a keynote speech at the Golden Globes to speak out against Trump's mocking of a disabled New York Times reporter.

Elias Ashe-Shoal
Polanski much
The man had a deformed hand! That was it. Why would they hire a mentally disabled man to be a reporter, who wouldn't have the ability to do that job! ABC fake as always.
Sro Revolution
ABÇ Fake News
Sro Revolution
Vthe Man
Easter European man here , got a question for the American public,, do you guys really give a shit about something that a 60-70 something year old multi milionaire woman has to say about the adversity regular people face? Heard her speech and I wanted to hurl a shoe at her, I won't argue that a lot of these actors are great actors, but give me a break... these people don't live in the real world, cmon 90% of the hollywood buff tough guys would curl up and cry if the electricity/water went out in their home for a day :), Learn how to change a lightbulb lady, then talk about changin the world
Sofia Lagerqvist
Donald Trump is a fucking bitch
Drump is such a piece of dog shit
FluffY PenguiN
meryl streep is a fucking good comedian
Biggie Nav
Trump is stupid 😂 remember those days when he used to get his ass kicked by Vince on wwe
Meryl Streep you are a fucking idiot!
I find great irony that she bashes Trump but played Margaret Thatcher, who's crusade against socialism is a mirror image of Trump's presidency and what he hopes to accomplish.
Josh Lucas
looking at some of the other comments, it turns out more people know the truth about the disabled reporter than i had thought
Rethorical Nemesis
overrated actress. leave politics for the adults please
Lol people saying boycott Hollywood.. next minute watching movies and listening to music ... that's like boycotting entertainment yeah let's see you do that
country bumpkin
fuck abc that reporter has one gimp hand that does not move. i ve seen several clips over the years of trump using that gesture. if abc could not come to that conclusion after investigating they are pathetic
country bumpkin
evil twin cunts hillary and meryl
She is not a good person. She was so heartbroken over the love of her life's death in 1978 that she married someone else six months later and moved into his apartment even sooner. She's a whore.
Hogman Go
Can this fucking asshole just pass quietly in the night. And believe me, when he does there'll be dancing in the streets.
Mary Young
trump is such a dickhead. making fun of the handicap people anyway. maybe someone would make fun of that fucking handicap kid of his he would change his way but I. doubt. he would
Ok you can call Streep whatever you want but overrated is not one of them. C'mon Donald.
trump is an ass god damn
Mateo Alvarez
You are fake news.
Gus Perez
Meryl Streep when did you start supporting pedophiles ?
Gus Perez
Have any of you degenerates wondered why in 2003 Meryl Streep gave a standing ovation to Roman Polanski at the Academy Awards ? Roman Polanski plead guilty in 1977 to rape of a 13 year old girl with drugs finding out before sentencing he would face jail and deportation he fled to France within hours of being sentenced . Meryl Streep has a problem with TRUMP but not a convicted pedophile ? Meryl Streep where is your sense of what is right and wrong ? What morals does a person have when they condone pedophiles ?
Has Meryl Streep ever been in a good movie lol?
Richard Head111
Meryl Streep is dead to me. What a poor loser.
Kamion Klarion
Meryl Streep using her platform to voice her ignorance.
Trump is like a school kid, calling Streep overrated is such a childish retort up there with "your mum smells"
By every measure Streep is a remarkable actress, More Oscar nominations than any other actor (male or female) and has the second most wins (male or female) ever with more nominations to come this season.
Now Trump could have said "I don't like her acting" he could have said "stick to acting and leave politics to the politicians" but to say she's overrated shows his limited intelligence
Lotte Yanson
Donald Trump is whining on Twitter over someone who doesn't know him attacking him by attacking someone who he doesn't know back. What do we call that? Oh yeah, HYPOCRISY!
Don Seagrave
jj Mayfield
Notice how many Trump supporters criticize something they're seeing with they're own eyes and call it fake news. It just proves they have nothing better to do then to type garbage on the internet; they're all white trash and an embarrassment to America. All you low lives do is live off of my tax dollars and then claim that it's someone else's fault our country is breaking into pieces. trump supporters it's your fault this country is breaking into pieces, your lazy, you leech off the government and then you elect presidents who are mentally unstable... You are the problem.
Michael Sieger
nothing like filthy rich, no-nothing actors cry about how they're so opressed in their 5,000 dollar dresses drinking champagne out of crystal glasses and licking caviar off each others asses
Allan Oli
This has been debunked liberals. You've been lied to time and time again by the left mainstream media. ABC = Always Broadcasting Crap
Joseph McDonald
legacy media is for recon purposes, to know what the latest FAKE NEWS is. RIP ABC
Jerome Aveiro
I can't stand Trump. Meryl is one of the greatest actresses of our times and idiot Trump called her "overrated ". He's so stupid and annoying.
mrhappyhead mrhappyhead
this is the woman that gave a standing ovation to the pedophile (convicted child molester) roman polanski who is on the run.
she is a witch.
Darkbolt melesk
no one gives a shit what holly wood thinks SHUT UP AND MAKE MOVIES! and no one gives a shit what ABC/CNN/FOX says either fuck you all lying shit bags you cause division and mistrust and should ALL be hung for treason and subverting our democracy! you are criminals and guilty of treason and the mass brain washing of people and strait up lying through your teeth DOWN with you all!
As an European and an avid arts supporter, I find the way Donald Trump responds to this disgusting. It's irresponsible of him - even coming from the perspective of reality shows, perhaps? - to boycott a speech given on an award ceremony to the performing arts. Please, give yourselves a second, and think about that.
If the United States and it's People still have any shred of respect to their Artists, please act like you do. You're spreading profanity and disgrace once again.
She can say what she wants, she's part of America's elite who do not care about the poor.
kenny kliff
Streep lied, and used very poor acting to convey her lie
Jlb B
I hope he starts tearing Hollywood down.....he needs to drain that swamp.
yeah right abc... you're fake news...
Oh no. Meryl got butthurt again and gives out another salty speech about it.
Ariane Arm
many of u here are so trump. sad. meryl streep is awesome ! and so was her speech! only a child flares back at everything that is said about him and that's what makes trump so immature! stop acting like an immature idiot trump, act your age please ! and lead this country. we need a man in there not a child!!! leave the tweets u are more than that now!
Meryl Streep is right trump did mocked a disabled person. with a disability.and he is a repulsive person. america is going to be in serious trouble with this this actress knows what she is talking about I think all of the stars in Hollywood should stand up and speak out
Nicolas Henshilwood
I believe what Meryl did was extremely brave and equally needed at the moment. I respect her and agree with her completely. She was so brave and yet so unhostile. She never mentioned Donald Trumps name once. And he immediately had to stand up for himself. He knows what he did but is too egotistical to offer and apology to the physically disabled reporter.
mark s
The old bag should shut up she is embarrassing. Trump is the best President America has ever had and I hope he stays in charge for 8 years
old monk
Trump is so immature to start such Twitter wars and he's the President??? doesn't he have anything productive to do??
SuCasa Inmobiliaria
I`m not American... really thought for a while you were smart people... DT will not only kill America.... will also kill the world, as Bush did!!!
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