Trump Reacts to Meryl Streep's Golden Globes Speech

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Trump called Streep "over-rated" and a "flunky" after Streep used a keynote speech at the Golden Globes to speak out against Trump's mocking of a disabled New York Times reporter.

Meryl didn't talk against ISIS killed people at marathon race, at night club, at Christmas market. Sure there are lots of things these celeb drugged heads could talk about. They take lots of drug, read one headline and they think they know it. When Trump confronted that handicapped journalist who wrote defamatory article about him but had never met or talked to Trump in person. His response was: " I don't remember what I wrote." There you go.
old monk
Trump is so immature to start such Twitter wars and he's the President??? doesn't he have anything productive to do??
SuCasa Inmobiliaria
I`m not American... really thought for a while you were smart people... DT will not only kill America.... will also kill the world, as Bush did!!!
Vance Corsey
Trump. What an asshole
Nate H.
She's talking about those blacks that tortured a disabled person, right?
Todd Johnson
I mean I don't see Donald as a saint far from it but she was out of order to use the golden globes as a stage to insult him randomly I mean if you wanna hate on him use Twitter don't do it in front of millions of TV viewers
"Because we're not dishonest media we're going to show a small clip out of context without any self awareness or journalistic integrity to swindle our audience into believing transparent, blatant lies which convinced the country to elect this man in the first place"

Yeah, great going ABC. Give them a few months and they'll start disabling comments because of the horrors of "internet trolls".
Damn the like to dislike ratio is almost 50/50
You had the worst performance of your life, and almost had an orgasm while doing it. Meryl, educate yourself, and stick to the truth! It could be just as satisfying, as distorting an old story.
The Wizard
Trump better pull it together and quit letting celebrities bait him like this. They're a mean bunch that plays dirty. I wish he'd call them out as a whole on their fascist bias and blacklisting of their Republican colleagues instead of engaging in these petty individual feuds.
Nicholas Baxter
ABC News, go and look at how Trump does that for almost anyone, including HIMSELF, when conveying that a person is flustered or lying or has no idea what they are talking about. ALSO, go look at the reporter in question, the disabled reporter does not move in the way Trump was moving while speaking about the said reporter. Everyone with a brain and the inclination to look closer at what twisted truths you try push can see through them. You guys really suck haha
Film Music Addict
As someone who is a hardcore movie buff and who has been watching movies my entire life i can tell you that Meryl Streep IS overrated, there are better actresses out there example Nicole Kidman, Laura Linney, Susan Sarandon, to name a few.
Film Music Addict
this isn't fake news, she actually said those stupid words.
Meryl Streep just another reason Hollywood is so past it.
Mary Young
cause Hes nothing but a stupid fucking clown in a suit. and its very sad that this clown is gonna run the country
Mary Young
you know I did not vote for stupid mother fucker. ok but all you stupid mothers fucker that did vote for that 2 face prick are just as bad as that stupid mother fucker. you think just because you voted for a very sick asshole think your better then anyone else but you know what you no better then me cause I put my clothes on the same fucking way you do one leg at a time but as for me. but since all of you that wants to put people down cause we did not vote for that fucker. and this is for the ones that did and think your better I hope and pray that all of you that did dies right alone with that sick mother fucker. cause I will not lose any sleep are shed any of my tears for him are any of you sorry mother fucker
Twin Mommy
Hollywood is so sadly out of touch. I didn't vote for Trump but even I know he isn't anti-immigrant. He is anti-illegal immigrant and against any immigrant that seeks to do us harm. Meryl Streep's lack of intelligence is shocking...I thought she was smarter than this. Truthfully, though, if Hollywood stopped producing entertainment it wouldn't be a big loss.
Guess what bitch? pizzagate is REAL and WE will not sit down and shut up until it is stopped and exposed!! ALL OF IT, THE FULL GLOBAL SCALE!
Ashish Bagade
Man...america is becoming very dangeorous state....a redneck nation with nuclear weapons and nuclear submarines...and an idiot in charge
Mölli Naattori
Trump is failure of lifetime.
chris Knödelschieber
tja was solß .. ihr wolltet euren eigenen hitler .. nun habt ihr ihn gewählt .. kommt damit klar .....
und eines ist schon mal klar , wenn der alles durchsetzt, was er gerne möchte ..... kommen die USA .. auf die liste der Länder,
bei denen die einreise und vom Urlaub dort eher abgeraten wird.

was, VW soll zollstrafen zahlen ? ... toyota honda and so on auch ? .... viel spass amerika ... wenn genau die arbeitgeber .. ganz aus den usa auswandern ....... evtl bauen die dann ja wieder mehr in old europe ihre autos :)
Trump was just doing a real impression of the guy. He wasn't being cruel. That's Trump. LOVE HIM! AMERICA=GREAT AGAIN.
Bruce Snow
Bill Smith
Course they didnt show trumps other speeches where he fleyd his hands around dishonest media
Debar Dogma
Women and their fake victimhood class and in gender bias is disgusting.
Jonathan Electrolux III
A healthy media should be reporting and debating on the number of people in the middle east and elsewhere in the world that have been made handicapped by US hegemony. Instead the focus is on the politically correct things that are said.
Colinvann Bohemen
there is nothing presidential about that man.he will continue to embarrass the nation and himself until impeached.
Michele Ellis
Feminist, bull-dog dykes. King Kong in bloomers.
Jon Juan
hypocritical Hollywood, fake news like this channel, corrupt DNC, and criminal Clinton's are the problem. Trump has flaws, but thank God for the right man at the right time.
scipscon Aircooled
Muslims? no!! but there were 5 Israeli Mossad agents filming and cheering the event from the NewJersy shore, it's on tape and they confirmed it in a Israeli talkshow on stateTV! 9/11 - IS = Greater Israel project,. and now I'm a anti-semite, Trump should re open the 9/11 investigation, We Will not forget what the Zionist did that day!! use your internet wisely!!! goodluck America!!!
scipscon Aircooled
Muslims? no!! but there were 5 Israeli Mossad agents filming and cheering the event from NewJersy, it's on tape and they confirmed it in a Israeli talkshow on stateTV! 9/11 - IS = Greater Israel project,. and now I'm a anti-semite, Trump should re open the 9/11 investigation, We Will not forget what the Zionist did that day!!
Solaг “Deity” D.
Cancer fake news
Steve Brule
pretty good fake crying, well I guess that is why she is an actor
Zoma Com
is he able to lead a country like America? I dont think so
I saw Vlad Puttin coming out of an internet cafe in downtown Los Angeles, He used
rubbels to TRY TO buy some crack off of me and then he scate boarded in to BLACK SUV
and gave me the middle finger while screaming TRUMP is my mother fuckin HOMEBOY !
Spordan Jeith
I'm gonna love the flood of liberal tears for the next 8 years. Trump 2020
Deutsch Land
She bought the award with this speech. An actress is an actress. Who belives in tears of an actress? And who thinks that an actress must be intelligent or honest or qualified to teach other people?
Brett Henning
streep has been living in her little bubble while the rest of america rots. she has no idea what she is talking about. what a fucking loser. also watch the full video, not what these media fucks show, then you can get full context without a political bias. if you come to the conclusion trump was being a dick, then you are an idiot.
Robert O.
Hollywood puts this average actress up on its shoulders and parades her around like a queen. Get over yourself, Streep.
freedom no rules
peter piper
the real issue is the dishonest media, don't care how trump got his point across, we know he just meant that THIS guy did him wrong, and he did. DISHONEST MEDIA, STAY ON TOPIC. still trying???? too funny
Were you stunned about hillary's negligence in benghazi?
Goran Trbojevic
fucking cow.
Sophie K
Hilarious, that she takes the time out to criticizing someone while getting her lifetime achievement award. It is like going to wedding and giving a speech about a funeral. There is time and place for all things.
N Moore
I find this really interesting that people thought he was mocking the reporter's physical disability - I didn't actually get that impression at all - in fact, I had never seen a photo or video of the reporter until after I saw this clip on You Tube. In fact, I thought Donald Trump looked more like he was imitating someone who was getting panicky because they couldn't defend what they'd said earlier. Even later when I saw a photo of the reporter I still thought it was a bit of a far cry to assume he was taking the mickey out of his disability.
Scuba Peutic
Isn't it obvious Trump was mocking the reporter? I mean he was flailing his arms and speaking exaggeratedly
What a pack of liars.
How come no one is addressing whether this reported did or didn't change his story?

And I can see why this is a WAY more important news story than the ACTUAL special needs man being kidnapped, cut, forced to drink from a toilet and other tortuous methods perpetrated by a group of anti-Trump liberals.
sandra n.
How the hell does a nation as this even succeed with such hate in their heart? I don't like that he has to mock someone or be a mean man who uses honesty if you are someone who enjoyed bullies and people who have hatred as their motive or use a representation of words as that to express themselves to prove a point then you are in on a sorry haul with this presidency. He doesn't show a clear understanding on many things ..I just keep hearing insults and rage so far out of this man.I'm not sure how you fix a nation or country with that demeanor.
Bridget Woodyard
Regardless of what is said about him, he is in a position where he does not have to respond every time someone says something about him that he does not like. I am sure Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan....and so on would have loved to respond to some things thrown at them, but because of the position they hold, that is not wise. When you are in that position, it is not about you and your feelings anymore. It is about what is in the best interest of those who have charged you with the position of President. Every thing that goes through your mind does not need to be spoken and every thing does not require a response. All he has to do is work, prove them wrong and make America great again as he promised. Stay off Twitter, stop holding press conferences about ridiculous things and actually do something that is going to be effective for the country that will benefit all people. Whether we voted for him or not, everyone PLEASE RESPECT that POSITION irregardless of how we feel about him.
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