Taiterii Ananiz
Daniel cormier champion
hellincell steel cege
Austin Nash
DC the people’s champ
Samantha Cortez Coreas
Samantha Cortez Coreas
Samantha Cortez Coreas
Samantha Cortez Coreas
Dylan Fugate
Jon is such a faggot for cheating
ThatWasFun TV
Don't cry, Jon Jones is the lh champion of the world. No questions about it
Full camp Chad Mendes
Rogan tested positive for being a fucking retard
jeremy fischer
thats what you get for talkin all the shit DC
Lol baby back cry 🚼baby bitch
Pappii Taly
Its ok to cry DC!! Atleast you got KO by the greatest light heavy weigh of all times!!!
Tanto Jon Jones como Cormier son grandes, tienen un talento increible ambos. Pero la verdad el llorar asi frente a todos y en televisión se me hace super mal de su parte, bien se puto aguntar hasta estar en los vestidores. Te ves debil, das pena ajena y todos te ven con tristesa como si fueras un pobre jodido. Hasta CM Punk se aguanto las lagrimas cuando le patearon el trasero, simplemente das pesima imagen y mas cuando alguien mas te dio una paliza. Esperemos que se recupere de esta derrota.
will farwell
Honestly this makes me hate jon even more maybe he could beat daniel without PEDs but he didn't and now DCs wrecked
Why post this?
Samantha Cortez Coreas
thats what happens when you dont take steriods... pussy

- jon jones
Stian Azarov
Hahahaha UFC releases this? What a bunch of assholes
it was boring 😑, then fucking hilarious 😂 then kinda sad😐 then hilarious again 😅 damn
Dovydas Nu
U still champion dc !!
Beezy Montana
Biskits 1
you can feel the pain in his voice it's so sad
I remember when Rich Franklin lost to Anderson Silva in their rematch. Despite losing, Ace was gracious in defeat and urged the crowd to respect Silva going so far as saying he was good fighter and deserves their respect. When I see this reaction, it saddens me that DC can't do the same.
Gustavo hernandez
Jon steroids jones
bear suo
Boxing has GGG, MMA has JJJ, Jon Juiced Jones.
Samantha Cortez
Taco Cat
Samantha Cortez
cleophis metcalfe
I really can't stop LMAO o man crying like a b×+ch
cleophis metcalfe
I'm dead lol
Ryan Rothrock
I wanna give him a hug damn poor dude
angel the maitreya
This man is a great fighter. Probably one of the best we've ever witnessed. Keep it in the Octagon plz :)
Will be overturned because Jones was on steroids, that piece of shit
John Paglia
If you boo DC but cheer JBJ you're a fucking idiot
Soul of Cinnamon
"If you lose both times, I guess it ain't a rivalry" - USADA to Jon Jones
Casual Fanboi
wow Jon ruined this man's career and his career. Fucking bitch took steroids... I'm so disappointed.
nabil libre
Daniell Give me your though about this fight " I don't know man I thought Jons was not taking his drug again. but after this heavy kick I was not surprised, I guess there is rivalry against a cheater ?".
Matt Smith
What a fucking shame. Dude got his mental state ruined by a roid-raging cheater. Fucking pathetic.
That piece of shit skinny bone jones robbed this MAN of what should've been one of the greatest moments not only of his life,but his entire family's life, just to be greedy,selfish, arrogant,conniving,and worse of all cheating bitch and excuse of a man. D.C. We all know who the real champion is this bitch wouldn't step in the same room as you without cheating and taking the easy way out. Fuck john jones fuck Dana white..,Joe rogan your cool
FYJ 95
The greatest light heavyweight ever , fuck jon " roids " jones and anderson " the juicer " silva , this guy did it without steroids and he needs to be praised and respected for that .
Jake Smith
For everyone saying DC can't handle pain and he's a bitch... first of all, if that happened to you, you would be dead, and second of all, concussions can make you very emotional.
Abu Saho
As much as I was rooting for DC to lose, I think he should definitely have this fight declared a no contest now that Bones got busted once again.
Tupac Amaru
And now Jones tested positive for steroid use. What a f**king Joke, didn't like D.C. at first but have gained mad respect.
Life with PTSDee
Give the belt back to the true champion.
Kmz Mass
DC deserves to get his title back, I was a huge fan of JJ I believe he changed but nope he doesn't deserve it. You are undefeated DC just losing to a cheater.
Al Bums
DC is natural champion
Al Bums
This is even harder to watch knowing Jon cheated...
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