The Shocking Case of O.J. Simpson

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Police Detective at the Ready
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adorable shiba inu dog outdoors
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Pocket knife black.
   vzwer/Getty Images
Nicole Brown Simpson Murder Scene
 Time & Life Pictures /Getty Images
Portrait of a young female doctor
JamieB/Getty Images
Portrait of businessman in office
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Map of Chicago, Illinois State in USA
omersukrugoksu/Getty Images
USA, California, Los Angeles, aerial view of 405 and 101 Freeways
Mike Powell/Getty Images
O.J. Simpson Attends Bail Hearing On Robbery Charges
Ethan Miller/Getty Images
O.J. Simpson Seeks Retrial In Las Vegas Court
Ethan Miller/Getty Images
O.J. Simpson File Photos
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Portrait of Japanese Akita over black background
Vladimir Godnik/Getty Images
Crime Scene Van
JSABBOTT/Getty Images
Close-Up Of Frozen Handprint On Window Glass
Erick Camara / EyeEm/Getty Images
Close-Up Of Hand Written German Letter
Tina Potocki / EyeEm/Getty Images
Smiling Hispanic doctor wearing stethoscope
Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Getty Images
Grimm - Season 6
NBC /Getty Images
Bloody Band-Aid
John Haynes/Getty Images
Detective Mark Fuhrman At O.J. Simpson Trial
AFP/Getty Images /Getty Images
Paper Tears Collection XXL
robynmac/Getty Images
Empty, new construction shopping center, strip mall at dusk.
Rawpixel/Getty Images
CNN World Headquarters...
John Greim /Getty Images
Underworld dealings
PeopleImages/Getty Images
Suave Spy
jameslee1/Getty Images
tough guy looking through steel bars
Gabe Palmer/Getty Images
Prosecutor Christopher Darden (R) asks aspiring sc
 POOL /Getty Images
People vs. O.J. Simpson Pre-Trial Hearing
Jim Smeal/Getty Images
Writing a diary
 lechatnoir/Getty Images
Medical chart
Creatas/Getty Images
Employee Time Card
emptyclouds/Getty Images
Beautiful Halo Diamond Stud earrings with reflection
Fruit_Cocktail/Getty Images
Group of multi-ethnic business people
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OJ Simpson Criminal Trial- Pre-Trial Hearing - January 12, 1995
Lee Celano /Getty Images
Female attorney addressing jury, elevated view
moodboard/Getty Images
prison bars
 SSSCCC/Getty Images
(YEARENDER 13) O.J. Simpson looks at a new pair of
Vince Bucci /Getty Images
Handcuffed Prisoner
Erika Kyte/Getty Images
Evidence in plastic bags
Paul Taylor/Getty Images
Blank black and white tube mockup, 3d rendering
AlexandrBognat/Getty Images
US passport seal
LKeskinen/Getty Images
dimdimich/Getty Images
Mustache and goatee beard isolated on white
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Former NFL Player O.J. Simpson
Richard Mackson /Getty Images
O.J. Simpson's House
Archive Photos /Getty Images
Retro phone
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High Heels Shoes
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Paper Evidence Bag
 VMarin/Getty Images
Set of fashionable man's accessories
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Govorov/Getty Images
Bliznetsov/Getty Images
Striped Wool Beanie
 LeventKonuk/Getty Images
Family of Ronald Goldman Holds Press Conference Following His Murder
Lee Celano/Getty Images
Los Angeles California Map
jamirae/Getty Images
1994 Premiere 'Naked Gun 33 1/3'
Archive Photos /Getty Images
Take off Airplane at Sunrise
knkakadiya_38/Getty Images
Brian 'Kato' Kaelin holds a pen which he used to d
 POOL /Getty Images
door bell
 lemonpink/Getty Images
Howling husky dog
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Black limo
 icholakov/Getty Images
Vector set of envelope
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ewrf efr
Anddd he was released out of prison already on oct 1 2017
Luke Holston cowboy from birth
Why'd they feel bad at the beginning?
Masha Malasha
What a about that one guy who planted the evidence maybe he killed Ron and his EX wife Because the glove was too small it could fit the LPD officer and he claimed over the fence that would explain the 6 foot 200 pound man maybe OJ really overslept
Whoever thinks he didn't do it must be a complete idiot. He beat his girlfriend, and when she started dating someone else (or so he though) he killed them both out of jealousy. The end, honestly.
Glen Rogers look into him and listen to his story- it's an Aahaa moment
Cthulhu Games
Someone could have easily read your license plate ryan you didnt blur it out
issa_bape_boi supreme
Chloe Dreamer
Ik out of all of this I'm really worried about the poor dog I can't imagine poor dog....
Aimee ;-;
The dog killed them
Even tho oj got away with it, I still think he did it. There's too much incriminating evidence. Welp nothing we can do
James Barlow
Ok so the glove had his blood on the hat had his hair etc on it but it's unsolved?!
Malinda L.C.
Do Caylee Anthony
scott stickller
Rodney King/Charlie Murphy
Jonbenet/Lady Gagme
Natalie Halloway/Chelsea Clinton
Joran Vandersloot/Steve-O/Yair Kaplan
Natalie Vanderstay/Melissa Gilbert
Sirhansirhan/Henry Winkler
Charles Manson/Dr. Bob Jacobs
Steve Jobs/John Lennon
David Koresh/Julian Lennon
Don Juan/ John Kleese
The list goes on and on...
Dallasgoldbug on Youtube
I know this isn't relevant but this happened mid 90s and TSA wasn't a thing until after 9/11
Niko Te Rangiita
Im not black im OJ
Margarett Clapper
OJ's son had motive too! Ron Goldman, who was much younger than Nicole, started as Jason's friend. Jason could have been upset at Ron for getting it on with his mom.
he's released now
Taylor Heartleaf
The body’s were found on my birthday😭
Meer Sindi
Flawless Sensation
June 13 is my birthday😦
RinTluangi Ralte
all we need is Sherlock
Ira Crooks
juice is loose
arthouse pictures
my question is, how did oj know nichole was murdered? maybe she was in a car crash, or committed suicide? unless the detective that called him said she was murdered, how did he know?
I don't think he didn't do it.
Asmr Leah
When you live next door to Nicole's old house
Caila Recif
OMG the glove fitting part... This isn’t Cinderella haha
Alma Bejtovic
Shalaka Apte
Why don't you do Caylee Anthony. Intrigues me. Please do that case
Christine Eastburn
I remember seeing OJs getaway on the news.
Five Kinds Of Crazy
And when O.J said he slept in and he took a shower what if "sleeping in" was the murder and he took a shower afterwards to clean the blood?
Nina Barella
O please. ... I mean look at the jury!! Of course he was not guilty!
Momen Munir
what if someone really hates Simpson and he does all that to make him suffer.
ruby craig
It irritates me that people didnt seem to realise that the gloves easily could of been the only ones available that OJ could of bought/used
He could still move his hands easily with them on
Luffy Monkey D
Can anyone tell me what's that camera thingy that Shane uses the one that has the phone attached
Benjamin Valentine
O.J did it solved.
Lupe Keef
Shane were you watching Voltron!?!?!? 😂
Sarah Ingram
I'm studying forensic science and we studied this case to show how not to collect evidence!
Amanda Irvin
TSA didn't exist then, he may have gotten by with a glued on mustache lol
Errold Tumaque
i like how nervous they are just parking outside the house in the beginning
compared to now where they're yelling to summon a demon on a bridge haha
Boochie Woochie
The Juice is loose!
Aditya mishra
Next, do on Scranton strangler.
bashom haith
I just wanna say that it's really weird that no one even took time to think if Ronald Goldman killed her and himself bc Nicole didn't love him like she loved OJ just something to think about
I was really wondering about this case, thank you for the video, very interesting
Alyson Merlin
Is there no postmortem Q&A for this one?
Colossus One
You can't even get the suicide note quote correct. Fucking buzzfeed, quoting a Kardashian instead of actually finding out the truth, typical.
Hellhounder 136
I want to see them do a vid about the Casey Anthony case
Dirk Diggler
OVERWHELMING = A word to describe the evidence against O.J.
Roman SAH
WAIT WAIT WAIT, If the evidence was 'placed' then how tf did OJs blood get on the stuff??!!
Bergr B
take your pens and notebook out people, time to crack the case.
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