Stephen Finally Agrees With Donald Trump On Something

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The President and Stephen don't usually see eye-to-eye on things. Remember this day.

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Alice Kroeker
Stephen Colbert, please go to hell.
Emily Leavitt
"Just Say No!" Nancy Regan where are YOU?!? We Need YOU!!!
Emily Leavitt
It's okay Mr. Clean, I've had to clean up the messes made by my dad for years too!
Emily Leavitt
Ops... and Shalom!!!
Дебилы, блять...
Jonas Andersen
dosent the president have the highst clearence so when he say something clasifived he de-clasifives the infomation.
*cant spell ^^
Caspian Sea
CIA shares security classified information everyday with Russia counterparts. It is a common practice for decades. A no brainier. Russia is story is just a ruse. These people can only lie to ignorant folks. Remember Japan attacked US on pearl harbor killed 2335 and now they are our allies . German fought us on world war 1 and 2 and now they are our allies. Russia never killed Americans. All this crap is media fabricated stories for ratings. These people need to talk about improving Americans living conditions, the minimum wages, and healthcare
Ihate Mr. Wires
"Welcome to the Propaganda Show, I'm your host Stephen Goybert"
Bo Rerun
He's no Letterman
hendo jnr
you're such a puppet its sad...
K Chandra Prakash
You have such a limited knowledge Mr.stephen Colbert...I am so glad that you have picked such a brainless job.
George Lim
what's this lousy comedian here trying to be condescending to the President of the United States?
Samson Gerald
And he keeps getting away with it. Imagine if it's another president with name starting with O. This loud mouth orangutan would be calling for his head!
Mental Health Channel
Look ...American people put this joke in the White House...what did you expect
Travis Armstrong
Colbert should be thanking Trump for his career
Hayven Moses
What scares me is how many closet Trump supporters there are,everyone seems to hate him but some of these people voted for him.
Clara McClure
corrupt liberal medias fake news and messages are so disgusting. Only the idiot and corrupt, illegals will buy that.
Kimberley Mcneil
Omg poltergeist! And more. I really love you Colbert!
Colleen Hardesty
Mr Charles
you are such an ass. inform yourself before attempting to inform others.
Brian Eley
Imperfect Animal
I don't get all the political stuff he says but I think this guy is still pretty funny
Mike Peterkin
check out the trump burned portrait i did. handsy!
KhmerAmeric Mr T
Was Obama born in Kenya while Trump was born in South Africa!
Why do u always make fucking videos on President trump u fucking cunt!
Casper Koning
McMaster denied that any sources or methods of obtaining information were shared. Trump admitted to sharing information which is something completely different. You should know this. Sharing information doesn't have to be a bad thing if you don't disclose where you got it from.
Влад К
Забавно смотреть, как американских журнашлюх плющит от того, что выбрали не Хиллари. Плющит до сих пор.
An Ss
Remember the days when Colbert used to be moderatly funny? Who the fuck is writing this bland propagandizing garbage?
Eye Bicycle
it's amazing that noone has killed Colbert yet
Grooty Tam
Colbert is a fucking piece of garbage.His fans are fucking garbage.
Carl Gaudet
pile of shit!
Did anyone else hear him say Jim Comey at 3:47?
Vale Bene
Colbert is such an arrogant, pompous, unfunny assholes that I wish abortion were legal until the 3000th week
George Hein
When all these investigations are over and it's proved that Trump is not colluding with Russia, you liberals are going to look like the dumbest people in history who used mccarthyism to try to overthrow a legitimately elected President
President Trump
Late Night Show is #FakeNews
Imran Khan
You don't like it Stephen Colbert because we have aPresident catching you and elite globalists out.
Kyle Barbosa
how did this turn from a talk show to buzzfeed except two times worse
Brian K
Colbert you loser it was leaked by someone inside to frame trump he never shared anything classified and if he did he has the right to unclassified whatever he chooses. Why don't you talk about the murder of Seth Rich by the dnc for his leaking the emails to wikileakes, thereby debunking the entire Russian collusion/ election tampering/ hacking lie that Colbert is perpetuating. It's a distraction to cover up the murder. End of story.
mike mayer
all this guy talked about is Russian connection to trump.... that's been debunked several times. your own investigations fond nothing... wtf are you talking about Colbert?
Maher Sbenati
It's too bad Trump isn't on YouTube ... the comments section would have been 100 times more interesting if he shared his opinions here!
Akash Goodoree
Its good to see that President Trump supporters realise that commenting on here (Colberts Channel) only makes division.
Sazy Plew
I've been waiting for Trump's comment on Hillary to bite him in his ass...Now I hope those teeth not only sink deep, but take a sizable chunk!
Anonymous Rated
I prefer Trevor Noah. Trevor is actually a transgender to the many that are unaware of this. I knew him in Johannesburg before he transitioned into male. Its a breath of fresh air to us in the LGBT community to have a trans like Trevor growing in popularity.
Anonymous Rated
I prefer Trevor Noah. Trevor is actually a transgender to the many that are unaware of this. I knew him in Johannesburg before he transitioned into male. Its a breath of fresh air to us in the LGBT community to have a trans like Trevor growing in popularity.
Inv Great
Got tired from Russian spy accusation/jokes. It became tiresome long ago
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