Stephen Finally Agrees With Donald Trump On Something

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The President and Stephen don't usually see eye-to-eye on things. Remember this day.

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Last Dovahkiin
Love this show.
wandering spirit
Watching delusional and desperate liberals self implode on a daily basis is quite amusing. There
will be a lot of restless days and sleepless nights for the Democrats until the end of 2024. Now who
is laughing?
It is not niet it is net as a Russian it is so annoying please pronounce your Russian correctly it gets annoying
y'all do know that's treason right?
Sikyu 4977
....and at today, no evidence. aad all these idiots keep screaming "russia russia" you deserve to drown in debt, you morons
Xavier Reichel
3:18 That sentence ended with "terrorism and airline safety.'
Mr. Universe
What's the horror movie clip Stephen shows of the girl screaming "what's happening!"
Severus Snape
H R McMaster was in the room where it didn't happen
Bazooka Enterprises
nobody gives a shit about this fkn nerd
Lee Johnson
It's hard to believe Americans Elected a President that has never smoked pot.
Дмитрий Скороходов
He is not smart and not funny. I am really miss Jon Stewart.
KellyAnn McGregor
curb stomp this dumb ass f**** idiot
Scott Gustke
These people spew hate, they arent giving america anything else. Fake news and hate...lets try love
John Gilmour
Stephen "WHO"?
Gaurdian A-O
If the president has a conversation with the Russian ambassador he must be revealing highly sensitive information Lmao!!! ;D!!! Ridiculous We'll say this and never ever prove it, and people are so dumb they'll just believe it
Mat Nicholson
"We can't have a person in the Oval Office who doesn't understand the meaning of confidential or classified." He's right. We can't have Trump in there.
If he really felt that in order to be diplomatic he had to meet with the ambassador, have a polite, non-informative meeting at a restaurant, or invite him to a dinner and ask him about his family. There's not really any reason to give him info.
I don't miss Reagan.
A Spoonie Journey
Jefferson's side of the room where it happens
"I was in the room, it didn't happen"
Diane Winchester
It took me a while to realize that Colbert is actually a shill. Putin is a good man. He kicked out the Rothschilds, so there's no Jew-controlled banking in Russia. He helped established BRICS, which is a slap on the face to the US dollar which sucks out the life of other currencies. Religion, Orthodox Christianity and Islam, is not a whore in his country. It is treated with dignity. Notice how Christians and Muslims in Russia get along famously. So yeah, Colbert who pretends to be a believer, doesn't seem to recognize that. Its his smack talking about Putin that made me realize this guy is a sell out.
ss 47
computer generated laughter no audience
ss 47
Libtard Colbert
Trump: I get great intel. I have people brief me on great intel every day!

Russian Ambassador: You do? Do tell, comrade! Just give us what you were told and who told you!

Trump: Sure! They were the Israelis and...
this guy should be the president of the united states, because he seems way more inteligent than trump...
real american
I didn't watch...Was it that Colbert is a fag?
pretty bullet
Putin,,,Trumps man crush.
Robert Scott
Trump is a TRAITOR to our
Иван Гризли
Да какие нахуй там секреты, ничего секретного не сказал он
Siva P
Whose chin has its own smile!!!
Alice Kroeker
Stephen Colbert, please go to hell.
Emily Leavitt
"Just Say No!" Nancy Regan where are YOU?!? We Need YOU!!!
Emily Leavitt
It's okay Mr. Clean, I've had to clean up the messes made by my dad for years too!
Emily Leavitt
Ops... and Shalom!!!
Дебилы, блять...
Jonas Andersen
dosent the president have the highst clearence so when he say something clasifived he de-clasifives the infomation.
*cant spell ^^
Caspian Sea
CIA shares security classified information everyday with Russia counterparts. It is a common practice for decades. A no brainier. Russia is story is just a ruse. These people can only lie to ignorant folks. Remember Japan attacked US on pearl harbor killed 2335 and now they are our allies . German fought us on world war 1 and 2 and now they are our allies. Russia never killed Americans. All this crap is media fabricated stories for ratings. These people need to talk about improving Americans living conditions, the minimum wages, and healthcare
"Welcome to the Propaganda Show, I'm your host Stephen Goybert"
Bo Rerun
He's no Letterman
you're such a puppet its sad...
K Chandra Prakash
You have such a limited knowledge Mr.stephen Colbert...I am so glad that you have picked such a brainless job.
George Lim
what's this lousy comedian here trying to be condescending to the President of the United States?
Samson Gerald
And he keeps getting away with it. Imagine if it's another president with name starting with O. This loud mouth orangutan would be calling for his head!
Steve Mac
Look ...American people put this joke in the White House...what did you expect
Travis Armstrong
Colbert should be thanking Trump for his career
Hayven Moses
What scares me is how many closet Trump supporters there are,everyone seems to hate him but some of these people voted for him.
Clara McClure
corrupt liberal medias fake news and messages are so disgusting. Only the idiot and corrupt, illegals will buy that.
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